I thought I knew what broke was. I’ve been homeless before. Living in a shack. Me, my love, and a cat. One electrical outlet. One water pump. No toilet. An electric blanket. No air or heat. No carpet. Cravks in the walls. In the middle of one of NC’s coldest winters. But now I have graduated highschool. My love and I share a bed together once again. We are in love and happy. But we are broke. I just washed clothes by hand twice now. We’ve basically only eaten food from our places of work for a couple weeks. The only edible things I have are lunch meat, Mac n cheese, and canned veggies. We have so many dishes that need to be washed. And our roomate cares about nothing but pot and craft beer. He won’t even share toilet paper. I’m out of conditioner and body wash, and tampons. And all we have ran on everyday since I don’t know when, is bowlpacks, movies, and less than 8 hours of sleep a night. My new job, (an italian pizza joint)that I just quit KFC for, hasn’t called to tell me my schedule. I’ve apartment shopped for weeks.
But I have a home. Running water. Heat and air. Working phone. Full tank of gas. I have $1.28 in my bank account.

Enjoy the little things I guess.