A Piedmontese Expression for Something Amazing (2011 redux) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
First of all, I will not in any way explain what this is…I prefer to keep this as abstract as possible for you to figure it out which won’t be too hard.

Although when I first produced this work back in 2008 when it was taken, like almost every photograph I shot until 2010, the finished photograph was far more oversaturated like so many of my work at that time with the red and the blues in its brightest colours. Like its designer Marcello Gandini’s follow up, the Diablo, I did what Chrysler’s design team did to his design, castrated it to make it more humanly acceptable, I know I would had liked that but I grew to accept that my photograph can look good without it being oversaturated.

Had it been completely unsaturated as most people like ordinary photographs to be, I feel it would be not in the spirit of what the car really is, hence why I left it saturated.

Taken during the Supercar Sunday show at Heritage Motor Centre in 2008.

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