Wished Here (1/1)

Summary: Killian goes to the Wish World to find and rescue Emma. (A reimagining of 6x10.) On AO3.
Rating: T
Word Count: ~5000

I did the thing. Sorry if there’s any glaring mistakes here, since this was a quick one.


“Genie of the lamp, I wish for Killian Jones to be sent to the same place as Emma Swan.”

They’d discussed the plan ahead of time, all agreeing that they needed Regina to stay in Storybrooke while the Evil Queen was still threatening the town. Her magic would be invaluable to the team and they couldn’t risk everyone’s lives in case it took more time than expected to get Emma home. David needed to stay with Snow and it was too dangerous for Henry, so ultimately they all had agreed that Killian would be the one to go.

He watched in smug satisfaction as the Evil Queen’s eyes widened, mouth falling agape as Aladdin, in his elaborate Genie garments, smirked and raised his hand.

“Your wish is my command, Master.”

In an instant, he went from standing in the middle of Regina’s gaudy office to stumbling around across dirt and moss, feeling slightly nauseated from the whoosh of magic that took him to… what appeared to be the Enchanted Forest.

Upon a cursory glance of the surrounding woods, he found no evidence of Emma or anyone one else in the vicinity. With a sigh and an indignant grumble, he picked a direction and started walking, weighing the possible consequences of outright calling her name aloud and quickly determining that it was probably not the best idea. He would find her. But he had no idea what that bloody wish had done to her, what kind of twisted version of reality he was traipsing through.

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Taj Mahal 

Lomochrome Purple - Minolta Dynax 5000i 

Agra, India 

February 2015

- Chloe

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Morning ride

Kodak Gold - Minolta Dynax 5000i 

Bhaktapur, Nepal

February 2015

- Chloe

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