500000 subscribers

Congratulations to Wade!

Whew, so many milestones lately. First Mark’s, then Jack’s, and now Wade’s. That’s awesome, guys! It makes me so happy to see these incredible people reach places like this in their lives.

To lordminion: You’re an absolutely amazing human being, and I am so grateful for everything you’ve done thus far; not only regarding YouTube, but just everything in general. Despite the fact that you’ve faced a lot of adversity and tribulations throughout your life, you came out of those situations strong and courageous. You’ve supported your friends endlessly through the years, encouraging them to keep going even when they are at their lowest point. To your fanbase and community, you are relentlessly kind and genuinely thankful. Everything they give to you, you give back; whether it be through making content, hosting frequent fan meet-ups, or donating to charity, you always find a way to give to the community. What you do is amazing, and I hope you will continue to grow with your channel and your community in order to help people in the incredible way you’ve helped me.

From the bottom of my heart, Wade Barnes, thank you. ♥


We made a vlog to update everyone!! Thank you for Half a million subs!!