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I’m living in this horrible dystopian world where the evening news reports 5 incidents of murder in a row with 12 victims, half of whom were killed by police in “drug related incidents” and the other half grandmas or mothers or random citizens who who were shot while accompanying their kids who, for all intents and purposes, were beloved neighbours

Happy New Year Philippines

Why is this happening to my country and why does nobody on this useless site care

My Ravenclaw post can get 50000+ notes but my post asking people to care about people on the street being murdered by the dozen every week in my country gets two likes and no reblogs

Y'all are great

Watermelon and Pink Flower

Sin Saimdang

16th century

Sin Saimdang is a rarity in Korean history. Although she lived in the 16th century, she was an artist and a poet. Above is one of her famous paintings. Sin Saimdang, who was also the mother of a famous Confucian scholar, is honored in Korea with her image on the 50000 Won note.

From the Kangnung City Museum.