Okay so I uploaded my new YouTube video and it’s doing so good it’s my most viewed video and it almost has 5000 views but BITCH ITS SO EMBARRASSING LMFAO it’s me reacting to LWYMMD AND IN LIKE CRYKNG IN IT KENSKSMS


Hiii. I would like to ask a favor from everyone. If it’s alright with you and if you have time to spare, please watch this video. It’s my friend’s project and he needs to get 5000 views to have a full mark. Please let us help him. Thank you so very much. It would mean a lot if you could help.

Thank you and may you all have a wonderful day :)

  • Super Cool Music Synchronized Art Video that I was super excited to put out after a few months of planning and 2 weeks of work: 1000 views
  • Crappy 40 second update video thrown together last minute: 5000 views
  • Me: T_T