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Homestuck Tips for First Time Readers:

  • Act 3 is when it starts getting good during your first read
  • The pesterlogs are long, but they’re important
  • The Midnight Crew intermission is also important, but not enjoyable the first time you read it, especially if you have trouble following circular time travel plots.  It’s much funnier the second time around, I promise
  • The Exiles are not enjoyable the first time.  They grow on you, don’t worry (and they’re funnier during Read #2)
  • When you reach Act 5 and meet the trolls, you may become irrationally angry that you just got used to the 4 kids and now you have to meet and like 12 more characters?  Fuck this and fuck you Hussie I’m not reading this comic anymore these feelings are normal and expected
  • Take your time with the interactive games, they’re full of easter eggs that are plot relevant
  • Sometimes Hussie just fucks with you
  • Have fun and go at your own pace
  • smug thinkpiece writer: “the internet is about the sound bite, the tweet, tiny fragments of information that only take two or three seconds to consume”
  • me, thinking back to the 5000-word tumblr post i scrolled past yesterday where two classicists, three high schoolers, and a witch all got in a very pointless argument about hades and persephone or shakespeare or something: uh,

i hope all gay people have a great day!!

i hope all lesbians have a great day!!

i hope all bisexuals have a great day!!

i hope all pansexuals have a great day!!

i hope all trans men have a great day!!

i hope all trans women have a great day!!

i hope all nonbinary people ave a great day!!

i hope every member of the lgbt community has a great day!!

on the one hand i want lance and shiro to have a nice heart to heart talk with lance telling shiro about how much he looks up to him and how much he wishes shiro would take him more seriously as a paladin and as a member of team voltron

but on the other i just want lance to be like

This is a glass "murrine“ made by artist Loren Stump. Each color in the piece was carefully layered to create this "loaf” which was then sliced. Each slice sold for $5000.