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inch of skin


author: the_ragnarok
rating: pg13
length: 8272
author’s summary: In his interviews, Pete Wentz likes to joke about the soulmark. He went on a talk show once with his right wrist bared to show a temporary Care Bear tattoo. There was kind of a media uproar about it, which is the only reason Patrick knows this—he doesn’t even follow media for musicians he likes. He’s not going to do it for a pop-punk teen heartthrob who sold his soul to MTV.

soulbond au!!!! everyone’s got a soulmark to match their soulmate and pete wentz’s a sellout popstar who likes to tease his fans. patrick’s a high schooler who Does Not Care. Epistolary love story. 


Okay, I’m going to do bell commissions, since Brewster doesn’t pay me enough for Tom’s renos!!

For one mayor, character, villager or NPC, it’s 100 000 bells.

For a mayor + villager, it’s 300 000 bells, plus 5000 for an extra character. You can have a mayor + villager, two villagers, two NPCS, a group… it’s essentially up to you.

And for your entire town– so mayor, any extra characters and your villagers (plus an Isabelle if you’d like), is 3 million

If you’d like to commission me, please message me with the details. And if you aren’t thinking about commissioning me, a signal boost would be lovely!! 

All the commission slots are now filled, but I will reopen them in a few weeks!

I am happy to announce that FYeahVBO just hit 5000 followers! It means a lot to me that so many people care about what started off as just a lil tummy appreciation blog. I definitely feel a sense of community here, and every appreciative message I get from y'all warms my heart and means so much to me. I try to keep this a very safe and positive space, and I’m glad that comes across to y'all.

Visible Belly Outline is now a thing that multiple plus size bloggers have written about and showed off in their own blogs and articles. I hope that the spread of VBO to larger platforms like theirs means that more fat people are being exposed to positive representations of our bellies, our bulges and lumps that are not traditionally celebrated or seen as beautiful. I hope that the idea of not hiding ourselves remains central to body positive discourse as we move forward.

I also hope that everyone knows they are welcome to submit their own VBO pictures & stories at any time! I love getting submissions and it makes my job as a moderator much easier, and I love seeing your beautiful faces!

Love y'all! -Amethyst

don’t get me wrong i Love greg but it makes me so upset thinking abt what happened w rose. if i was in a 5000+ plus relationship with a powerful woman i helped lead a literal rebellion + war w and some guy w the longest mullet in the world and no sense of boundaries came in and wooed my girlfriend despite knowing abt our relationship i would be inconsolably upset for the next several millenia

Room Mates?

Room Mates?

                                                        (Sam x Reader)


I had not long arrived at my motel, thankful that I had pre-booked it last week. There was some sort of show happening in town, while it wasn’t a huge town there was still a good 5000 plus people. I grabbed my duffle and headed into my room, it wasn’t much (that was being generous) I had 2 small double beds. No kitchen, no sofa. But a small table and 4 chairs. There was hardly any room to move. But it was a bed.

My phone whistled to indicate a new message. ARGH. Don’t you hate it when there’s a case and no accommodation. Sam sent, we had been messaging the past few weeks. Sending really bad jokes we found online, funny gifs and pictures, general chat. Sidney, Montana? I replied, my phone whistled again. Seriously how did you know that? He replied surprised. I sent him a pic of me on a bed, Sucker. I captioned. Next thing I knew my phone broke out into a tune of Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard.
‘Helllooooo’ I answered
‘You got a room.’ Was Sam response, it was a statement not a question. ‘And in town.’ His voice perked up at the realisation of his second comment
‘Possibly, maybe. Well it’s more like a cupboard, but there’s a bathroom and a bed so I’m good.’
‘How many beds?’ he asked curiously.
‘Why?’ I asked cautiously.
‘Just wondering how you’d feel about roommates?’ I pulled a face.
‘Awkward.’ I replied, pulling a face. ‘Especially you two.’ I laughed.
‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ he asked offended.
‘Well for starters there’s Dean and his lady friends.’ I explained.
‘Fair call. What if I promised that there was no lady friends while we stayed with you?’ I sighed.
‘Argh, Fine. Under one condition.’ I stated.
‘Anything.’ I could hear him smiling.
‘Can you stop off somewhere on your way and grab me some decent, pj’s?’ I asked, slightly embarrassed.
‘What?’ he questioned, I knew he was just as embarrassed and I ended up rambling,
‘I’m not a nude sleeper, it’s just my pjs are well almost nothing. Sorta show a lot. Not really appropriate, it will help make it less awkward and well it’s not something you boys want to see or anything.’ I took a breath and heard him mumble something about being wrong.
‘Sorry?’ I asked
‘No worries. I’ll organise something.’ I gave him my location and hung up. Well, crap.

The boys showed up about 45 minutes later, Sam engulfed me in a hug.
‘Good to see you.’ He smiled.
‘You too.’ I grinned.
‘We owe you Y/N.’ Dean said entering my room. ‘Wow you weren’t kidding about a cupboard.’ I shook my head.
‘What you here for?’ I asked
‘Werewolf.’ Sam said sitting their bags down.
‘And you didn’t think to pre-book a room?’ I asked, ‘Cos like the month since the last death was no warning at all.’ I added sarcastically. ‘Or the ones before that’ I slammed my mouth shut and biting both my lips. Both boys looked at me, one of those shut up, point out the obvious bitch faces. I shifted nervously.
‘Imma gonna shut up.’ I said sitting down. Sam laughed and Dean grumbled something.
‘In all fairness she’s got a point.’
‘Shut up Sammy.’ Dean snapped.
‘So what do we know so far?’ I asked.
‘All victims are female, all in their 20’s and all taken from or been too a club in town.’ Sam said, I watched Dean look at me.
‘No.’ I said, shaking my head.
‘You fit the description.’
‘No I don’t.’ I said quickly, flipping open a file Sam had got out. Looking at the newspaper clipping of the pervious victim. Well crap, I did.
‘Well, actually Y/N, you kinda do.’ Sam said
‘Shut up Sammy.’ I said. ‘I don’t do bait.’ I replied.
‘Why not?’ Dean asked, offended and annoyed.
‘Last hunter I did it for got distracted and never showed.’ I exclaimed rather harshly. Sam’s face changed to anger.
‘That won’t happen with us.’ He said gruffly, protectiveness in his voice.
‘Besides clubs mean mini skirts, tight dresses and horrible clothes I can’t fight in.’ I sulked. ‘It’s really not my style.’ I added quickly.
‘We will be there, and we will do the fighting. I promise.’ Sam tried to reassure me.
‘You sure we can’t just sit back and shoot him from a distance?’ I asked, pouting.
‘This will be easier, safer and quicker.’ Dean pointed out. I groaned, ‘There’s a good girl.’ Dean said happily. ‘Now where’s my pie?’ he raided the shopping bags he brought in.
‘Do you need to go shopping for clothes?’ Sam asked, I shook my head. He raised an eyebrow.
‘I’m dumb enough to already have that sort of rubbish outfit handy.’ I mumbled. Sam got up to get his laptop and squeezed my shoulder. Research tonight, hunt tomorrow.

I rang the club, claiming to be FBI wanting to see if they had a copy of the video footage. Thankfully they were able to get me a copy. I went to pick it up, and drove back to the motel. Dean’s car was gone and my room was unlocked. I found Sam sitting on the bed reading a book.
‘I forgot to ask how your vamp hunt went earlier this week.’ He commented.
‘Five member nest, they weren’t happy finding out their buddies were off their heads.’ I grinned at the cheesy pun.
‘That was bad.’ He laughed.
‘Well and truly but unavoidable.’ I chuckled. I grabbed my laptop and sat down to view the security film.
‘Did you get out ok?’ he asked, ‘Obviously you are ok. But not hurt too bad?’ He asked.
‘A few bumps, bruises and stitches but hey I’ve had worse.’ He looked concerned. ‘I’ll be fine.’ It didn’t help him any. ‘I have to change the dressing later once I showered but seriously it is fine.’ I took my jacket off and lifted my tank top to show him my side. He gasped, I looked down ‘Huh. The bruising had gotten worse since the fight, and the dressing needs changing. But I’ll live.’ I pulled my shirt down and sat at the table.
‘Is that the security footage?’ Sam asked, I nodded.
‘We are lucky enough to get 6 months’ worth to check out. How much fun is that?’ I said with false enthusiasm.
‘Want to watch it over here. I’ll help you go through it.’ I looked at him hesitantly, not sure if I could handle sitting that close. He gave me a weird look and I caved, walking over I sat next to him. I could feel the heat coming off his body. The bed was that small that our arms were touching, it made me blush.