5000 chickens

bosstoaster  asked:

For requests: Can I get Shiro sick fic? :3c

Was struggling with ideas for a fic but my brain was quite happy to throw headcanons at me so here you go:


Shiro doesn’t admit that he’s sick for ages because really it’s not that big a deal! He’s had worse! He can so handle this!

Until he can’t.

He collapses in the middle of a training session and the castle almost explodes because oh no Shiro’s sick! And what is this illness? We never had anything like that on Altea!

Pidge has a notebook full of notes for a lecture for when Shiro is better. Because seriously Shiro? Not telling them he’s sick? He’s going to regret that later.

Keith isn’t all that experienced with taking care of sick people but he knows that staying hydrated is a thing and so is keeping warm so here Shiro have 50 blankets!

Lance has more experience with taking care of sick people but it’s usually his younger siblings so he’s all gentle voice and hair stroking and Shiro is like ‘Um, Lance but I’m not actually a kid? Actually never mind, the hair stroking is nice…’

Hunk makes about 5000 gallons of chicken soup and they end up eating it for weeks after but hey, Hunk’s cooking is great and at least it’s not food goo.

Allura does her best but she’s mostly preoccupied with trying to keep the Paladins in line while Shiro is down. But she manages to dig up some pretty awesome teas that make Shiro’s sore throat feel better so she’s definitely in his good books.

Coran ends up being the best at taking care of Shiro which isn’t all that surprising because it’s pretty much his job to care for them all. He keeps his voice at just the right level so that he doesn’t make Shiro’s headache any worse, takes some of the 50 blankets away when Keith isn’t in the room so he doesn’t overheat, makes sure Shiro takes medicine when he needs to even though it tastes horrible and doesn’t even blink when Shiro panics in a fever induced nightmare or starts hallucinating Haggar.

Allura is the most relieved when Shiro is better because Quiznak these Paladins are hard work!

Pidge’s lecture lasts almost a full hour. She learned best from her parents after all. Shiro can tell. It feels almost exactly like a dressing down from Commander Holt.

Shiro never hides it when he’s sick ever again.