Let’s talk about Natasha Romanoff.
Let’s talk about her NOT being Hydra.
About the fact that a notoriously skilled ex-KGB agent joined SHIELD, and Hydra decided not to recruit her.
Something about her behavior before or immediately after she defected to SHIELD tipped them off that she wouldn’t join Hydra if they revealed themselves to her, that there was nothing they could offer her that she wanted more than she wanted to join SHIELD.
Let’s talk about how from the first days of her redemption arc this ruthless assassin displayed morals that told Hydra they couldn’t take her in, and skills that showed they couldn’t take her out.
Marvel still hasn’t given us a Black Widow prequel to show us why, but Natasha Romanoff wasn’t Hydra and I think we should talk about that.

Do you ever go to your fridge because you’re hungry, but once you open it you just stare inside and want none of it? You open your pantry but still nothing appeals to you. Maybe someone even comes and suggests something, and even though you don’t know what you want, you still know that everything they said isn’t right. So you just stand around confused and hungry for no reason.

That’s what it’s like to be an asexual with a sex drive.

  • me, while writing: oh god this is awful. no one can ever see this. i'm just writing this so i can get practice, these words are too stupid to ever show a soul.
  • me, rereading my writing: actually you know what? this is pretty good. i'm enjoying reading this and i'm willing to believe someone else could too
  • me, while writing again: oh god this is awful. no one can ever see this. i'm jus-