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Let’s talk about Natasha Romanoff.
Let’s talk about her NOT being Hydra.
About the fact that a notoriously skilled ex-KGB agent joined SHIELD, and Hydra decided not to recruit her.
Something about her behavior before or immediately after she defected to SHIELD tipped them off that she wouldn’t join Hydra if they revealed themselves to her, that there was nothing they could offer her that she wanted more than she wanted to join SHIELD.
Let’s talk about how from the first days of her redemption arc this ruthless assassin displayed morals that told Hydra they couldn’t take her in, and skills that showed they couldn’t take her out.
Marvel still hasn’t given us a Black Widow prequel to show us why, but Natasha Romanoff wasn’t Hydra and I think we should talk about that.

hey! so yesterday I went to Relay for Life, an event where middle schools raise money for cancer research and all the schools meet up and walk around one of the school’s tracks! so I was sitting on the grass playing we don’t believe what’s on tv by twenty one pilots and suddenly, a girl came up to me and said “IS THAT TWENTY ONE PILOTS” so we both freaked out and she got like 15 of her friends to come over!! we played a ukulele duet kinda thing to car radio and had so many people singing it was amazing honestly. I met so many new friends. this is exactly what Tyler and Josh would’ve wanted. their music brought together a bunch of people to connect so easily. it’s amazing how close I feel to these people even though I’ve know them for a day. thank you to twenty one pilots for bringing us all together |-/ stillstreet twentyonepilots