• Hawkeye ART PRINT 10 x 8 inches
  • Winter Soldier ART PRINT 10 x 8 inches


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  • Multiple reblogs count.
  • I will ship anywhere.
  • You must be willing to give me your address.
  • Must reply to my message within 24hrs after the end date.

1st Place:

  •  first choice between the prints

2nd Place:

  • second choice

The Giveaway ends on September 8th

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Should have figured 🙄 how about cr1tikal/anyone In Funhaus

So there were two Cr1tikal requests and this was literally everything we could find.

Cr1tikal/Adam K.

Baby Boy by daniels

Summary: It was just a joke. But then it maybe wasn’t. R

WC: 499 - WIP

Cr1tikal/Matt P.

Office Hours by daniels

Summary: New places mean anxiety but Peake is the eye of the storm. PG

WC: 1,408 - WIP


*screams* 500 followers???!!

Oh my goodness…

Originally posted by shawnasgonnagif

Guys, we did it! 

I still can’t believe 500+ of you guys are following me; it’s amazing! We’re growing so fast!!

All the likes, reblogs, and comments keep this blog going, so thank you all for all of your continued support!

In celebration, I’m happy to announce I’ll open SPN headcanon requests until September 23rd. 

Here’s the rules:

-Send in a character, and I’ll write up a little headcanon for them.

-I’ll do just about anything, nsfw, sfw, whatever you want! Please do specify what you want, though.

Since I suck at explaining things, I’ll give an example of a request.

Dean, sfw. 

Then, I’d respond with something like: Dean loves cuddling, especially being the big spoon. He loves to feel you safe in his arms.


-Send in your own headcanons though ask, and I’ll respond to them. 

I’d love to hear you own headcanons!!!

I just want to thank all of you who have supported this blog since Day 1. I’ve had the blog for only a few months, but I’ve met so many amazing people. You guys are amazing!

I’d like to thank @trinityjadec, @msgrungie, @prob8850, @poemwriter98, @its-my-perky-nipples, @skybinx-blog, and @torn-and-frayed. You have all been so kind to me, and I just wanted to thank you for that! It truly means a lot to me.

As always, stay awesome, my friends. <3

500 followers event

((!!! thank you all so much holy shit

((the last followers event i had was 200 so clearly i need to keep the hell up with this shit

((school just started so idk how well ill be at keeping up with the asks but ill try my best

((sO for the event here are the options

trollstuck - If you keep up with my RP blog, you know that I just got a trollstuck! olive blood! magic anon, which is v cool and exciting. However, it’s not really getting used much over there. But I’d love to flush it out more here, if people are interested. (though, note, if it doesn’t win, you’re always free to go over to my RP blog and spam questions there)

kidswap - I’m always a slut for Strider-to-Lalonde kidswaps. D Lalonde is something I’d love to plot out more and give more thought to. The snarky author with terrible books struggling to raise his future-scientist little bro.

young D - Some of my friends have already heard some of my headcanons for D’s past. I have D’s childhood pretty damn figured out. So, if enough people are interested, I’ll let you all ask teen!D questions. Think of the rebellious fucker who’s always got headphones around his neck and will climb to the top of the school roof just because you said he couldn’t.

kid takeover - Ask any of the little Striders any question you want about them, their social lives, or their family. Reasonably self-explanatory.

Miss Lalonde - During this event, we’ll flip things around and you can ask the Lalondes any question you want, particularly Alpha Mom. Alpha Mom’s known D since they were young, so it’d be the perfect time to learn a lot of things about him he’d never say.

Other - Any other event you can think of! Just shoot me an ask.