“All of my close childhood friends died because of the bomb… so I wanted to write a fantasy with the atomic bomb as a theme.” -  Nobuhiko Obayashi

“Having the atomic bomb as a theme is a serious endeavour - even more so if you were born in Hiroshima in 1938. And yet, if you’ve seen Obayashi’s ‘House’ what you probably remember is the silliness - like the head of the hungry girl who takes one final bite, or the skeleton dance sequence, or the hungry piano. What you might not recall is any serious engagement with the atomic bomb. There’s the World War II backstory that the main character shares with their friends which involves the girl’s aunt who they are about to visit. The aunt loses her only true love in the war. The younger sister, who’s the main character’s mother, gets married. A photo is taken, a flash of light, and then an explosion of the atomic bomb which is on the screen for just two seconds. During the explosion, we hear one of the girls describe it as ‘cotton candy.’ Afterwards there is no more mention or footage of the bomb. In the entire film we only have these two seconds.
“The film consists of two halves. The first half establishes the lightness of a new generation, born after the bomb. In a number of interviews, Obayashi has stated his desire to offer a sense of the bomb’s impact on the younger generation. The second half of the film is primarily dedicated to the non-sensical destruction of the girls. If we were to find the exact centre of this film, we would land on what I consider to be the most significant and telling scene. We see the convergence of identities played out in the mirrors: between two generations; between the past and the present; between the dead and the living. 
“Part of the absurdity of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima was its codename, Little Boy. Of course the greater absurdity was the scale of the destruction that happened in an instant - a flash of light, a whole population gone. Tim O’Brien writes that some things are so horrific that truth isn’t sufficient for the truth. The only way to convey it is with fiction so outlandish that it approximates the absurdity of true horror.
“In the film, [the cat] Snowflake signals impending doom with a flash of light in her eyes. The first time we see Snowflake’s eyes flash green is when a photo is taken. Seen in this light, the atomic bomb is everywhere in this film.” - Kogonada (Trick or Truth)

ハウス | Hausu | House (1977) dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi

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Hey, I was wondering if you could do a peter x reader and the reader is the child of two SHIELD agents so she’s also like an agent in training so one day her and peter meet while she’s with her parents to help the Avengers and he’s impressed by her skills, fighting, and flexibility.but they don’t realize they go to the same school together till the next day in gym class when they both sit out. And then lovey dovey stuff happens.

Ahh I’m so sorry this took forever. I had class today and I finally got some free time right now. Anyways, here’s 1.1K words to make up for it, hopefully.

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“So how did you and uncle Peter meet?” a nine year old Morgan asks, looking up at the two of you. A smile plasters on Peter’s face as you turn to look at him. Sharing a knowing glance.

“If we’re being honest, it’s like we met twice,”

It was a cold winter day in middle of nowhere North Carolina. There was a mission being held along with the Avengers to take down what was known as the Hydra 2.0. Everyone knew they were up against something big and they would need as many hands on deck. Tony gathered Peter, the Avengers, Ant-Man, and so many other heroes. While Phil got his top SHIELD agents, among them were Y/N’s parents.

“It’s your day.” the young girl’s mother says, a soft frown on stretching along her lips, scared for her child’s life.

“Really?” you ask, excitement lacing your voice. Your father gave you a confused look, why were you so excited? “I’ve been training for how many years now? My parents, two of the best agents and I can finally kick ass? Hell yeah I’m in.” you say.

Admittedly, you were scared as hell. Fear of the unknown hitting you at an all time high. However, you have been training for so many year, the excitement of finally being able to join in on a mission was taking over as well. Your parents briefly look at each other, nodding before handing you your uniform. All black stealth clothing with black combat boots.

“Holy crap I’m gonna look hot in this.” you joke, staring at the uniform in your hands. Your father rolls his eyes, waving a dismissive hand.

“Be ready in ten or we leave without you.” he says, walking out the door.

The day could not go any faster and as the time went on, you grew nervous. Your parents informed you about the mission on the way to the new Hydra compound. Hearing everything all while being in the car with all those other SHIELD agents suddenly made it all too real. You were really about to take on your first mission. Eventually, though, you found yourself walking behind your parent, head held high. The compound was a good 50 feet away and the two groups became one, with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers leading the way inside, your parents behind them. Upon infiltrating the compound, you see a man in a blue and red suit with some gold mixed in. His body language says terrified but he manages to keep his composure. You catch him glancing over in your direction many times and it makes something in you want to show off.

“We gotta split up,” Tony explains. Your parents and Tony begin to select who goes with who and at the end, it seems like your parents and Tony are apprehensive of their next words. However, they nod at each other and continue. “Agent L/N and-” your mother starts, letting Tony take over.

“Underoos. You’ll take the second to last floor. Underoos, Infiltrate from the outside.” Tony commands. The man who you now know as ‘Underoos’ nods, looking briefly at you and beginning the walk outside. Your parents kiss your cheek and bid you good luck before leaving.

The whole building was taken down in a matter of half and hour. You and this Underoos dude worked really well as partners and he immediately gained your trust despite not knowing who he is. but he is working with the Avengers, so he must have been trustworthy all along. You kicked ass, making sure to not have to use your gun as much as possible. Eventually, the fight was over and Hydra members were being taken into custody.

On the way home, your parents praised you on your work, hearing that you managed to save Underoos’ ass multiple times. He praised you, his light voice imprinting itself in your mind. However, any further connecting was brought to an end, as it was time to head back home.

The next day, you went to school, tired and sore. You were bruised all over your abdomen and on your legs, so your parents got SHIELD’s own doctor to write a fake note to get your out of PE as you were only beginning to recover from it all. You have your face buried in textbooks and notebooks, making up all assignments you didn’t get to finish because of the mission. However, senioritis is hitting you and at this point you don’t even think you should continue. You have one earbud in, the sound of some rock band playing in one ear. A sneeze escapes your lips, the jolt causing you to look up.

“Bless you.” a high-pitched voice asks you. Your eyes widen as you respond with a simple thank you. You turn to look over and see a boy that looked so familiar. Or at least his figure looks familiar. And that voice?

“U-underoos?” you ask quietly. His cheeks tinge red, a chuckle escaping his lips.

“Agent Y/N.” he confirms.

“Peter, y-you’re S-”

“Shh don’t say it out loud, but…yes.” he says. He scoots closer in the bleachers, sitting next to you. He looks up to notice Ned is already eyeing his friend smugly. He nudges MJ who turns and sees the boy talking up a storm, looking just as excited as the girl next to him.

“You were amazing yesterday. And you saved my ass countless times.” he says, his eyes only growing wider. You chuckle, shaking your head.

“It was in my training. And I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if I ever let someone get hurt on a mission with me.” you admit. He nods, a gleam in his eyes.

“Is it too soon to say that I’m in love with you?” he jokes, a giggle escaping his lips. You shake your head, waving a dismissive hand at him.

“Not at all, I am a pretty cool agent after all,” you say, adding a chuckle at the end. “But wow your suit and your combat skills were amazing.”

“Well, Mr. Stark did make the suit for me and put in all sorts of combat modes in it. But you were so kickass! The way you jumped on one of the guys and how you punched him once and he was out? Amazing. The way you knocked two guys out at once? Holy heck was that cool. I might not be joking when I say I’m in love.” he says, his tone filled with excitement. It made your heart rate pick up. Suddenly your hands are sweaty and your face flushes. The room feels hotter and you’re suddenly just as nervous as you were before the mission, maybe even more.

“Hey, Peter. Wanna hang out after school? We could maybe talk more about this. In privacy, ya know?” you ask him. His eyes gaze into yours, a glimmer of happiness in them.

“Yeah, I’d really like that.” he says.

“We started dating three months later and we’ve been together since. We’ll be celebrating five years in a week.” you tell the young girl. Tony suddenly walks in, a giant smile plastered on his face.

“Enough about your young romance. Leave my impressionable kid alone.” Tony jokes, leading his daughter towards his lab.

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Hey I finished my cosplay of Jäger!! :DDD

I’m really happy how it turned out! Can’t wait to make more in the future!!

Bonus -

A young Jagger contemplates existence and -

A 100% serious ela thing I had hidden on my phone

this guy at work used 250 GB of data this past month (and we have a shared data pool of 300 GB for like 100+ people) so my boss and I were completely shook. And so i pulled up his data usage for this week (which started three days ago lmao) and he’s already used another 70 GB… 

I have an unlimited data plan on my personal phone and i am consistently below 0.5 GB a month and that’s with me playing apps and looking things up and using maps all the time while on data. In our phone policy it says try to be on wifi as much as possible to minimize data usage you should be below 1.5 GB a month like everyone else and we’ll be fine. But this guy straight up using more data than i go through in 11 fucking years in 3 days like what the fuck you be doing on that phone??

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๐Ÿฆ„ 4 and 14 because these deep questions need some love - also, congratulations!

Hiii! Thank you so much for the ask (I was really sure no one was going to do it)

4. If you knew you’d die tomorrow what would you do? (beside panicking)

Well, I asked for it didn’t I? With these hard questions. I guess I’d try to say to all my friends and my family that I love them and spend some quality time with the people I care about. I probably would say something to the person I like. And get some stuff off my bucket list. Do things for one last time: visit my home(s) both in Italy and in the UK. Go to the seaside. Send love to everyone that changed me.

14. What’s the meaning of life?

To me, the meaning of life is living a comfortable and happy life. That’s what you should aspire to. At least that’s what I do. The meaning of life to me can be found in the small things, in the relationships you form and the meaning you make for yourself. What I look for in life is love, serenity, a family and work that I enjoy doing.

What about you  André (going to call you by name cause we mutual=we friends to me)? What’s your answer to these deep questions?

Also… un’altra persona italiana! Vai. Che bello. Ci si sente un po’ persi con tutti questi post in inglese :)