Character outfit meme
  • Three different casual outfits 
  • Night out at a club 
  • Night out at a fancy restaurant 
  • Pajamas 
  • Underwear 
  • Swimming 
  • Exercising 
  • At a wedding (whether their own or a friend’s) 
  • A very cold day 
  • A very hot day 
  • Fantasy AU (or college AU if that doesn’t apply)
  • Free space!

Okay just wait one minute….Have I read correctly that there are actually some people out there in this world who are *chokes* upset….that Katie got promoted as Series regular?? Do such people exist?? What the flying fuck…

Explain this to me, what is it that people are so upset over? 

Do you detest a strong, independent, intelligent and powerful woman such as Lena Luthor? You know…Lena…who’s in her 20s and is the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company with a view towards righting the wrongs her family did despite the fact that she’s a Luthor and in the face of countless naysayers waiting for her to fail…

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Maybe it’s her undeniable and unquestionable loyalty towards and support of Kara/Supergirl? 

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Or maybe you didn’t appreciate it when Lena basically destroyed any chance at having any sort of relationship with her snake of her mother (which she desperately desired) by literally turning her no good ass over to the police for the benefit of Kara and the alien population?

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Was it when Lena literally stared death in the face a million times like a bad ass all while remaining true to her cause and her friends and not once did she figure oh well let me join Cadmus and you know…save my life…

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Perhaps you have an aversion to this literal Goddess and her perfect face because honestly, who wouldn’t want to see this gorgeousness on their screen all the damn time? Who?

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So go on….someone please enlighten me as to the reasonableness in expressing any emotion other than pure ecstasy over Katie McGrath being promoted…go on…I’m waiting and I’m eager to learn 

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Produce 101 Group Battle Results
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Avengers' fans:</b> WE GOT 400<p/><b>Justice League's fans:</b> 500 POOOOINTS<p/><b>'Mansae' Team 1:</b> /wins with overall score of 600+/ <b>SURPRISE</b><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

gmw social media + clique six college feat. lucaya & riarkle (requested by anon)

how is it that I make a post saying that I think the Native Americans should be represented as Alfred and Matthew and somehow you guys start to lecture me about how their white because they were founded by white people. America wasn't ‘founded’ by white people. people lived here thousands of years before that. It was already a place with a history… just because white people decided to come to American and murder everyone doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a country before that. YOU CAN’T FUCKING FOUND A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE ALREADY LIVE! A lot of people, over 500 tribes with different views and customs, they had wars and different religions, OVER 18 MILLION PEOPLE! Sure the Europeans didn’t know it existed but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fucking place. Like you said. The countries are representations of the people who live there. Native Americans have lived here for over 12,000 years. Much longer than Europeans. They have culture and religions, like 1000 different languages, they have stories and folklore, THEY ARE A PEOPLE! like wtf?

With that logic everyone in hetalia should be white because a white person stumbled upon it sooner or later. India would be fucking white! because a white person sailed to India…