Make sure to check out the subreddit and wiki of Infinity Train!
Infinity Train has grown so large that it now has its own Wiki (infinity-train.wikia.com), and the subreddit for Infinity Train now has more than 200 subscribers! Be sure to check both of them out! I am so happy that so much support is going towards Infinity Train. It has only been a day, and this petition is now the second most popular change.org petition of the week! Let's get it to #1!

So just learned there’s a petition with over 10,000 supporters for CN to make their new pilot Infinity Train into a full show! The pilot has already surpassed 500,000 views in less than a week.

Please sign this petition! Thank you!!

The views on VIXX’s MV are so low. A whole month for 1,970,000 views for The Closer???? More than a week for 500,000 views for Milky Way???? Why is this happening?? Instead of making this year a great year for the boys who’ve worked so hard for us, this is what we’re giving them? And some Kstarlights are boycotting the albums because they claim Jellyfish did not credit N and his friend for the choreography (I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but do you boycott the boys’ hard work for the company’s mistake????), boys weren’t invited to big ass awards, they’re not getting what they deserve for great albums and great concepts. Is this how we show our love and appreciation to them???? 

If you truly love and appreciate VIXX then please show them that. Grant them awards, give them more views, vote for them, do everything you can to make them realize that all their efforts on a great trilogy are not in vain. Make them realize that even if some stupid fans attack them over everything and nothing, you’re still there. Show them that regardless of what fake fans say about them, you still trust them. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand how they feel when they’ve been working all year long only to watch the Awards from home. Try to imagine how they felt seeing their fellow artists, newer, younger artists get awards they’ve been craving and working their asses off for. 

Don’t read this and go ‘aw.’ It is not enough. Don’t read it and get excited and vote for an hour and then forget about them. Don’t read this and reblog it and tag is as ‘my babies deserve better,’ DO SOMETHING!

Our boys are so underrated. We are a relatively small fandom, we have problems every now and then, but no fandom is free from issues and troubles, no fandom started big. 

So please, do something. Vote, stream the MV, send love and support to the boys. Do Anything!   

Prompt Challenge: Day 49

Gotta love the improper use of quotation marks. Write a story based off one of the pictures below. 500 word count minimum.

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This prompt is for February 18th. The deadline for your submission is March 5, 2017.

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When the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture was established in 2003, it had no collection. Since then, museum leaders have acquired approximately 40,000 objects, of which some 3,500 will be on view. They document the tragedy and triumph of the African American experience, from the Colonial era of slavery to the election of the nation’s first African American president.

Read more here: 36 of the most emotionally and historically resonant treasures in the collection that no visitor should miss.


Congratulations Imfact on reaching 1million views on Lollipop. 🎉🎊🎉🎈

It might have almost been a year since you guys debut and you might not have got the views and the recognition you guys deserve. But you made it to 1 million before 1 year and us IFs are so proud of you, even if you get 500,000 views or 5 million views. We will stay by your side!!.
Congratulations on getting 1 million views Imfact 💗

Prompt Challenge: Day 44

Research the little ghost town of Bodie, CA. Write a submission based on/inspired by your findings. 500 word minimum.

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more ovw news… this is a q&a session hosted by pc gamer. notes of interest include the possibility of future args, reinhardt not being pharahs dad (although i think thats thoroughly debunked by now), and whether or not jeff kaplan could be a future hero. its only got ~500 views rn so im guessing not a lot of folks have seen it yet.

So Here’s What’s Interesting

Here’s the trailer for the Ghostbuster’s movie, right? So, it’s been out since March 3rd of this year and has since gained almost 31,500,000 views and almost 770,800 dislikes. It’s safe to say, most people hate it, it’s the most disliked movie trailer in the history of YouTube. Feminists attribute this to the overwhelming misogyny of the internet and believe that it’s just all the men that make up the fan base hating it simply because it has women in it.

Now here’s the trailer for the newest Call of Duty game, Infinite Warfare. It’s only been out since since May 2nd and already has almost 14,800,000 views and almost 1,400,000 dislikes. That almost double the amount of dislikes the Ghostbusters trailer has, and it’s only been out a week, compared to the Ghostbusters’ 2 months of being on the internet. It’s safe to say, the overwhelming majority of people who saw the trailer, hated it.

So where am I going with this? There’s no one coming out of the woodwork attributing this to misandrist women who hate to see a game full of men, or trying to show some political correlation with why the Call of Duty game is hated so much. Because we all know why: the trailer is terrible, and it’s just fans of a series showing that they hate the direction the developers are going in with a game they love. No ifs, ands or buts about it. So why is the Ghostbusters trailer being used to push the feminist agenda? It pales in comparison to the hate the Call of Duty one is getting.

There’s no “blatant sexism”, no “misogyny”, and no hate simply because the main characters are female. The Ghostbusters trailer is just flat out terrible. And, just like with Call of Duty, the fans of the original Ghostbusters hate the direction this new one is going in. It’s not funny, it doesn’t look as cool as the original and it wreaks of “agenda pushing”. Fans, especially in “geek culture” are very vocal when something they love is being abused. Don’t try to speak for them with a feminist lens on and call them all sexist and misogynist. How many of those people who disliked the video were women? All you see is that a lot of people disliked a movie with an all female cast, and assume “well, I believe mostly men watched the original, so the people who hate the new one must all be men!” All you have to go on are numbers, yet so many people are convinced that the reason people dislike the Ghostbusters trailer is because they’re all woman-hating men beyond the shadow of a doubt.

I’m probably going out on a limb here, but by that logic, all the people who hate the Call of Duty trailer must be all man-hating women.