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Bill Nye acknowledged and validated pansexuality on his new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World.

Even though I don’t particularly like the “regardless of” definition of pansexuality, I’ve seen quite a few people who are really happy about this and that is so important to me.

So, endless shoutouts to Bill Nye for acknowledging and validating people who very rarely feel seen and valid.

  • dapcrafts 2015: haha squareflakes! don't cry, craft!!
  • dapcrafts 2016: glitterfaces!!
  • #protip !!!!
  • dapcrafts 2017: welcome to hell today we're sacrificing phil

bi charlize theron fucking people up was exactly what i needed this morning 

dan: 2017 will be the year for life stuff

phil: it’ll be more chill but there will still be exciting things happening 

phils calendar: turned to may 

louise: picking a dress for an upcoming wedding 

pj: talking about weddings being thrown into plans