500 portraits

I have a face, but a face is not what I am. Behind it lies a mind, which you do not see but which looks out on you. This face, which you see but I do not, is a medium I own to express something of what I am. Or so it seems till I turn to the mirror. Then, my face may seem to own me; to confront me as a condition to which I am bound.
—  Julian Bell, Introduction of 500 Self Portraits
starqueene replied to your post “starqueene replied to your post “I AM TERRIBLE AT 1 VS 1 I JUST WANT…”

Omg same. Somehow I always end up losing and it’s awful lmao. And nooo I don’t ;v; my psn is also starqueene do u recognize me?? :oo I’m super unobservant of people’s names so I might have saw u and just not noticed lmao. we also might not be playing together bc of level tho?? I’m around 310 at the moment. (Unfortunately I would be ~500 by now but I lost access to my original psn ;;;;;;;;;;; a true tragedy.,,,.)

oh i’ve played against you before!!! im like around level 260-270 but ive played against people of all levels (currently im playing with silver portraits and 500 players a lot idk if that means im good or they’re bad lmao) but yeah i remember seeing your name bc while playing i was like ‘that names familiar’ but i just thought that meant i played with you at one point i didnt think i was following you lol. its great that we’re both dva mains tho she’s so much fun to play as!