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I love Mammillaria cuties :D These little babes are growing in one of the Smith Building greenhouses at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. The first is Mammillaria tesopacensis. The second didn’t have a label I noticed!

Expect many more pictures from my day trip down south! I took ~500…Boyce is my fave arb/garden in AZ. 

Draco Malfoy aesthetic.

anonymous asked:

Best/your favourite songs???

Ommgggg dude I have like 500 fave songs 😹 my faves ATM tho r like

Do da da -green day
House of fire - Alice cooper
Train in vain - the clash
Holidays in the sun - sex pistols
Aneurysm - nirvana
Kids in the dark - all time low
Friends and enemies - biffy clyro

So yes that’s my random faves atm 😹😹💖✨


Thor was angry with us. He beat his anvil and the waves grew ever taller. Soaked the boats, and one went down, heavy with water. We saw it, and heard the cries of the men hauled down into the deep. And then, at first light, we saw another had vanished. Storm wrecked, the men all drowned.


500 Follower Celebration!

Fave this post ( you MUST be a follower) and I’ll pick a random for a free commission drawing like the one’s pictured once I reach 500 followers. I reserve the right to refuse a subject, fyi, but aside from a few no-no’s (Ex: no Destiel, no NSFW) I’m open to your suggestions :)

Hurry up, time’s a wasting!

500 follower fic rec

ok first of all thank you all so so so so much for 500 followers. i literally hit 400 followers 3 days ago like im not even kidding you. so to celebrate this lovely day i have compiled a fuck ton of fics that i thoroughly enjoyed. some are Bellarke and some are Clexa and some are in the process of being updated. so here we go! fics may be mentioned twice or there may be overlaps but idc just go with it

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I wanted to do a Christmas follow forever, but I got kind of lazy, so here I am now. 2015 was an interesting year for me and it had its own ups and downs. That’s when I got into K-Pop, discovered many beautiful groups and artists, bought my first album, but most importantly - met so many wonderful friends. I’m so happy that I got to know a lot of lovely people and I can proudly call them my friends. So I just wanted to thank you for being here, for talking to me, for making my days brighter and for being amazing! Of course, there are people that I don’t know that much about yet, but I love every single one of my followers and mutuals, so don’t hesitate to talk to me, I promise that I’m very friendly and gentle. To finish off this message I’m going to wish you all happiness and love, I really hope 2016 will be a great year for you and others.

mutuals*/friends ;; (*I may not talk to some of you that often or at all, but I want you to know that I really appreciate you and I love your blogs, so keep being awesome and I really hope we can talk someday)

@myuungeun; @snovmin; @kim-taehyxung; @aichiin; @chantilys@sunggyuwonho; @gxtjxngin; @minjv (+ @wendeu); @yoonghope; @almafic; @aquaseulgi; @jamkook; @jihanie; @beuii@choromgs; @syuub; @jimbooty; @eternalsvt; @pcyoongi; @princessboazi; @biasbuddies; @seulge; @bomitv; @tantaelize; @girllgroups; @gdraghon; @chamyeols; @hyejihoon; @seoulgi; @lucif3rjon3s; @b1txh; @b1by; @88kb; @seoksjn; @jooyhns; @sandeulism; @kaileus; @jeonn@aestjimin; @osenhu; @thegoldenmakbae; @jangsdongwoo; @9205x@seriouslygaypop@suholdmedown; @kunpimuak; @ahh-choo; @sanapai; @baejisoos; @taemnts; @ohchoa

other blogs that I really love ;;

@seojisoos; @aesthobi; @nutellk; @taecheol; @momokeu; @milkseulgi; @zitaoq; @maerinah;  @akame-jpg; @hobiscuits; @bangthebae; @jimineh; @jeonhoseok; @jellyvelvets; @jeonsshi; @eoxdus; @jongbootay; @femaleidols; @wenseulri; @joyaes; @wen-rene; @ohsehunnybun; @kamikoy; @kaiption; @sehtyle; @asleepykid; @oshmilks; @seulginims; @byeolks; @kool-lay; @got7@goldenhyung; @oilait; @peacharu; @cataerpie;

I love all of you, thank you for making my dash a great place! ♡

So earlier today I hit 500 followers which I never thought I would reach when I made this account.
I wanted to do a small follow forever to thank you all because I’ve made some really great friends on here ❤️

Firstly, my best friend itscupcakecal - Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, you always know how to make me laugh and I can guarantee having a great time with you. We may have only become really good friends over the past few years but we’ve already shared so many great moments and created so many memories; I love you so much ❤️

Everyone here I will follow forever and even if we haven’t spoken, I still love you guys:
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And finally, connorfranta and troyesivan, I love you guys


Hello everyone!!! Two weeks ago, I decided I was going to make a faves page for reaching 500 and have since reached 600!!! 🐰

Today I finally decided on my faves after much deliberation! That being said, if you did not make the list, it does not mean I don’t like your blog!! I have followed most of you that “entered” anyway!


🍓 artkindle
🍐 artpointe
🍓 avocadokido
🍐 beegogh
🍓 bohther
🍐 cherrei
🍓 cloudgirhl
🍐 @cloudmonets
🍓 cloudypaint
🍐 @comheta
🍓 dewhy
🍐 earthkiddo
🍓 eggstheticc
🍐 freckledelf
🍓 frootnymph
🍐 fruitelf
🍓 gauguin-kid
🍐 @goghsgrl
🍓 je-ll-o
🍐 @kidgogh
🍓 matisse-o
🍐 milky-monet
🍓 monetfreak
🍐 painhtbud
🍓 peachine
🍐 peachlii
🍓 peachpufs
🍐 @planhty
🍓 plantion
🍐 rephases
🍓 sallowness
🍐 vegetableh
🍓 xsour

CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE IT!!! LETS BE PALS (and even if you didn’t let’s be pals!!!) 🐝

It wouldn’t let me tag some blogs unfortunately! 🐰 (If you want to ask me about why you aren’t on the list, please feel free to send me a message - not anon!!)(Also if I didn’t follow you, just ask me to check out your blog!!!)

HELLO MY LITTLE DAISIES! I hit 1k followers beginning of this year and I know this is long overdue because I had to focus on college (sorry). Anyway, I’ve finally completed college, so this tumblr awards is in celebration of me reaching 1k followers and completing A-levels! ^^


  • mbf me (oswinism)
  • reblog this (likes are for bookmarking)
  • ends 24th of June; results will be announced shortly after
  • must reach 50 notes (or I’ll crawl into a rabbit hole and cry)
  • 1 winner & 1-2 runners-up depending on notes
  • everyone who enters will automatically receive a promo in groups of 10 after 24th of June


  • Best URL
  • Best Icon
  • Best Theme
  • Best Doctor Who
  • Best Sherlock
  • Best Multifandom
  • Best Harry Potter/Game of Thrones/Once Upon A Time/Marvel/Tolkien **
  • Best Original Content 
  • Best Overall
  • Best Underdog (must have less than 500 followers) ***
  • Cheryl’s Fave

** Depends on number of entries

*** Submit a screenshot of your number of followers to me


Winners will receive

  • a follow back from me
  • a screenshot promo automatically every weekend + unlimited promos upon request until the end of August
  • a spot on my updates tab until the end of August
  • a graphic/icon upon request
  • my eternal love and friendship  (っ^▿^)っ ❤

Runners-up will receive

  • a follow back from me
  • 5 screenshot promos upon request until the end of August
  • a spot on my updates tab until the end of August
  • my eternal love and friendship  (っ^▿^)っ ❤