500 dollar bill


Hey guys, it’s been a rough week for me. I got out of my toxic household and was safe w my friends for three days. My mom called their mom crying which then led to me going home. I thought that my mom would actually be open to the fact that I’m trans. I was wrong I was so incredibly wrong. She told me “I’ll do anything for you, but I won’t go against what god says, if you were meant to be a boy god would’ve made you a boy you can’t choose your gender I’m sorry but that is not happening”. So I told her I can’t stay here anymore. I’m looking for a job but I currently have no money to move out. It wouldn’t be a problem if my sister could provide me with a place but I don’t think she will. She has a full house already. I’m stuck and I’m scared and the worst part is, my mom is playing it off like it never happened. If I move out I have to pay for my car insurance which is upwards of 500 dollars, my phone bill, and I have to get a new debit card. Donating to my PayPal is useless because my mom controls my account. There is an LGBT center close to where I live and that was a last resort. But it’s looking like my only option. I have a few Amazon wishlists of things that I want and need. I’ll probably link them in a later post though, once I figure out a place to stay. Same goes for if you want to send me physical cash. If you can’t provide anything, reblogs are appreciated, and so are kind words. I’m stuck rn.

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Five things you’ll find in my bag (4-y.o. backpack that’s falling apart…):
1. chemistry textbooks, lab manual
2. copy of howl’s moving castle book (steadily making my way through it!)
3. loose sheets of paper, worksheets everywhere
4. bottles of water that I never throw away
5. my lunch boxes ;O

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:
1. 5 jars with happy spider friends inside
2. wall decorations: kuroshit + totoro + fisheye placebo posters, couple of Hetalia bromides (ブロマイド not the chemical element), pictures of Jesus + Father Trương Bửu Diệp, pictures of me, some art from friends — a fake obama 500 dollar bill and a silk screen paper poster.
3. my glass tables! plus two rolling chairs
4. My single twin mattress bed on the floor
5. digital piano that I never have time to use

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:
1. dance with someone I like, whoever it might be
2. drive a car into the ocean and not die in the process
3. hug everyone without consequences
4. buy cool expensive clothes (but I’m stingy and don’t understand street fashion well enough)
5. grow many plants in my room and all my future homes

Five things that make me happy:
1. lots of sleep
2. hot ramyeon and tea
3. reading nice books
4. drowning in surround sound music
5. not being rushed into life

Five things I’m currently into:
1. manhwa
2. writing really long and unnecessary fanfiction
3. the inevitable fall of capitalism
4. drawing
5. sleeping

Five things on my to do list:
1. cut ties with bad ppl in my life and live peacefully
2. take all the art classes and improve until I can draw nicer fanworks 
3. work out to lose weight and get some muscle! after five years of putting it off
4. properly learn Korean, German, and Russian… maybe rekindle my lost Spanish and work on tuning the Vietnamese 
5. someday eat black bean noodles

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Collide | Rucas AU

Prompt: Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
A/N: It’s cheesy but I love writing AU’s. Hope it’s okay! xo (also note there’s A LOT of dialogue. Sorry in advance.)

Part 1 - “Tell me your story.”

I wake up to the sound of jeopardy blasting from the t.v. out in the living room. It was already noon but I work the night shifts so for me it might as well have been 6 in the morning. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I shuffle into the common area and watch as my roommate, Isadora, fills out paperwork while absentmindedly answering the questions from the outdated show. ‘According to C.S. Lewis, it was bordered on the east by the Eastern Ocean and on the north by the River Shribble.’ I glance over at her and without hesitation she answers, ‘What is Narnia.’

“Izzy, does that have to be so loud?” I ask making my way over to the kitchen.

“Sorry. It helps me concentrate.” She turns down the volume and returns to her papers.

“A lot of homework?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” She pulls out a huge stack of papers and slams them down on our coffee table.

“Well good luck with that.” I grab some water and head back to my room.

“You’re working tonight, right?” I hear her call from the other room. “Don’t wait up, I’ll be with Farkle.”

I nod my head even though she can’t see me and plop back down on my bed. My day doesn’t start until its dark outside.

It’s a Wednesday night so the bar is pretty slow. We have our regulars who are always here and a couple of girls who say they’re having a bachelorette party. Although the bride to be doesn’t seem to be having that much fun.

Since it’s a slow night and it doesn’t appear to be picking up I send the other two bartenders home and tell them I’ll lock up the place when I leave. I’ve gotten pretty chummy with the owner.

I started working here when I was a freshmen in college. I wasn’t 21 yet so I had to get paid under the table but she said I was a ray of sunshine so she took a chance on me. I’m 23 now and have been working here ever since.

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Hello friends! I was recently charged with a $500 dollar dental bill that I have to pay for out of pocket… so yeah… I could use some cash to pay for that. BUT HEY, if you want to help, you can maybe check out my redbubble store? I sell gaming shirts and other merch, and sales help pay my dental expenses! You can also help by reblogging this post, or even purchasing something! 

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rosezeee  asked:

Do you know the story of Nanny of the Maroons?

I sure have. I did a post about her a while back on my other blog. Black Women have been THE  greatest, shrewd women militarist for a loooong time. I have to wonder tho did a lot of this occur because the men were to cowardly to stand up. At least she’s given acknowledgement for her sacrifices and contributions, unlike many sistas today:

Nanny is known as one of the earliest leaders of slave resistance in the Americas, and one of few women in that role. She is celebrated in Jamaica and abroad.

need a little help.

i hate to ask this. i hate to ask for people’s help again but i’m absolutely stuck here. i have well over 500 dollars in bills that need to be payed by the 4th of next month and i just got a letter about a 445 dollar bill that’s due on the third that they tell me is already late, which i never was informed of before. i don’t really know what else to do but to ask for help so i don’t go under any more than i already am. i’m more than willing to draw something for you guys or whatever you’d like me to do to pay you back if you decide to help me out. even if you reblog this for me i’ll draw you some little doodle or something you want. if you want to donate my paypal is loopgroopgal@yahoo.com and i’ll do whatever i cant to prove that any money sent my way is going directly to my bills and making sure i can stay afloat if it makes you all feel any better.

i just really need your help and i know i’ve asked and said this before but i’m just in a really scary and dire situation that could land me in worse of a situation than i am now. thanks for your time.