Safety Harbor Ultra 50

Bolt-action magazine fed upper for the AR-15 lower, although the one pictured does not have the standard magwell. This particular example is a bit unique in that its chambered in .510 DTC. The cartridge is similar to the 50 BMG but was developed to be used in countries where gun owners are not allowed to have calibers that are actively fielded by military forces. The .510 DTC is supposedly legal in California but due to the constant changes to that state’s gun laws, it may not be legal for long. (GRH)


Today’s training Bullets and Vehicles. We worked on everything from firing from the vehicle, exiting and engaging multiple targets from cover using the vehicle, shooting through the windshield both into and out and the effects of multiple calibers on different areas of cover on the vehicle. Really a great day with lots of practical skill building and real world testing. Of course everyone’s favorite part was sending rounds into the car with a .50 BMG.

@sigsauerinc if you ever get the chance the Sig Sauer Academy is a great place to train. They offer courses ranging from absolute beginner through high level trained professionals. Top notch facility with experienced instructors.