Professor Tom: Chapter 3

Summary: This wasn’t the first time a student had fallen for him. Hell, it wasn’t the first time this year. But something etched deep in his bones told him that this time, it was different.

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A/N: It’s almost 1:30 in the morning and I have class in like 5 ½ hours. Enjoy my suffering. As always, please please please tell me what you think! I need suggestions for how this story moves forward/what you want to see happen. Thanks for the support, I can’t believe I’ve only had this blog for 2 days and I’ve already gotten such a positive response! Y’all rock!

“So, can anyone tell me what the three main themes of this book are?” Tom knows that he’s being far too expectant to ask a question of this caliber to his class the period before lunch. Nobody paid attention, everyone’s focus was on their phones or the food the dining hall would be serving or whatever grist the rumor mill was feeding off of. Grist, that’s a good word to put on the exam. He made a mental note to put it on a post-it and stick it to a drawer on his desk. He sighed out of his nose slightly.

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