I don’t know why and i don’t know how, but ‘Crazy in love’ came to my mind and the first thing that I thought about was this kiss from the Gullruten kiss cam and I thought I had to make a video 🙈😂 so here it is, enjoy. 💚💜

Crazy In Love

Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Reader catches the eye of a curious Poe Dameron.

Warnings: Oral smut, Unprotected Smut (please use protection though aghh), cursing

A/N: This is inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey version of Crazy in Love by Beyoncé. Yes, I know shame on me for these thoughts.

I do not own anything!!!

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Works Everytime (Star Lord Reader Insert)

Anon Request: Could I please have a s,tut with y/n and peter quill having a pickup line contest until it starts getting touchy feely. (Ps could you please add a hand job for giggles c: I love your work btw

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), hand job for giggles, tiny bit of dirty talk, peter calls reader a slut (but only once it’s okay)

Words: 1906

all these pick up lines are extremely cheesy and i want to die but enjoy lol


“Did you sit in a pile of sugar? ‘Cause you have a sweet ass,” Peter comments, still pacing around the bunk like a mad person while you’re sat crisscross on his bed. Surprisingly, it’s not his worst one yet.

“Well, you’re slowly getting better,” you tell him, not looking up from his old, beat up Rubik’s cube that you’re struggling to solve.

For the past few days, Quill has been “testing” his infamous pick-up lines on you. They were all extremely lame and you’re honestly quite amazed that they worked on anyone ever.

It all goes back to when you guys were hitting up the local bar. Peter was doing his usual business of being completely skeevy. He’d spotted a girl he’d found particularly attractive and, keep in mind that these were from his tellings, apparently she was eyeing him pretty hard too. However, when he’d finally gone up to her and delved into his inner library of lines, she threw a drink in his face. You felt more bad that you weren’t there to see it rather than for the man himself. Although, you didn’t hesitate to bust out laughing when he came up to you drenched in pungent alcohol with a tiny, pink umbrella stuck in his hair and a sour expression.

Peter tried his luck again a day or so later and, while there were no tossing of drinks, he was deafeningly bitched out by a girl to the point where he physically had to leave the bar so she would stop. That was pretty awesome too.

Only thing was, it had completely crushed the deep faith he had in himself to be able to pick up chicks. That combined with him being sex-deprived was making him 10x more annoying and bitchy than usual. He would rant about how he swore he was cursed or something, but you reminded him that not every woman is always dumb and/or drunk enough to fall for his shit. Yet, that didn’t satisfy him and back in reality, he was still being just a tiny bit deranged.

“That’s bullshit. These are golden, like, you should really be writing these down,” he declares, half serious about his statement.

“Uh-huh, anyways…” You’re more focused on completing the cube to care about this whole situation. Any other person would be able to move on with their life but, for men with an ego like Peter’s, this was an utter travesty.

“I’m serious, (Y/N), these are great.”


“What?” he asks incredulously, “You think you could do better?”

“Honestly? Yes.” Anything you could churn out would be better than what he’s delivering.

“Alright, go ahead. Hit me with one,” he eggs you on. Since Quill is obviously hellbent on not letting this go, you toss the cube to the side. You pause for a moment before meeting his eyes in what you hoped resembled a sexy gaze.

“Are you a racehorse? ‘Cause when I ride you, you’ll always finish first.” You want to cringe at your own words, but you remain confident.

“Not bad for a rookie,” he shrugs, moving to sit next to you on the bed. “But, (Y/N), lemme ask you a question: do you have a mirror in your pocket?”

“I don’t think so, why?” you say sarcastically, indulging him. Peter leans in close, his face only inches from yours. He lowers his eyes sinfully and lets his voice drop an octave as he speaks.

“Because I see myself in your pants.” There something in the air that shifts and tells you to push it further, so you let your hand rest high on his upper thigh, feeling his body heat radiating through his pant leg. His eyebrow quirks and his stare is hard, almost entirely not blinking. Your faces are incredibly close to the point where you suddenly have the urge to feel his mouth on yours. However, you’re more desperate to win this little contest.

“What are you doing tonight? Besides me?”

“Your clothes would look even better on my floor,” he shoots back.

“I wish you were soap so I could feel you all over me,” you remark slyly.

“Babe, are you an elevator? ‘Cause I want to go down on you.”

This back and forth goes on for a little longer until you decide to kick it up a notch. Your warm hand drifts slowly from his thigh to his slight bulge, letting your hand massage it gently. He maintains eye contact, but his eyes flutter slightly and you feel a puff of air fan against your face from his soft exhale. Your eyes automatically follow his tongue as it swipes at the corner of his mouth.

“Are you the delivery man?” you whisper, snapping the button open on his pants and dragging the zipper down slowly. Your fingers trace the v-line that’s etched into his hips before letting them slip past the waistband of his boxers, ultimately closing them around his undeniably hard cock. “Cause I think you have a package for me.”

Peter barely has time to smirk at your stupid words because you’ve begun stroking him mildly. Freeing him from his pants and underwear, you run your thumb over his tip, collecting the glistening pearl of pre-cum as a lubricant. His chest heaves up and down at a steady pace, his muscles clearly defined through the fabric of his shirt.

“You dirty cheater,” he says with a breathy chuckle. You bite down on your bottom lip, doing your best to hide your satisfaction. The light, almost whiny curses that fall from his lips are foreign and new to you. It wasn’t like you’d never heard him say “fuck” before, but it was either in an angry or joking tone. The way he muttered it under his breath followed by a low grunt spoke a thousand more words and they all said sex. “Shit, (Y/N).”

Picking up the speed, he groans and throws his head back. You take the opportunity to kiss his neck, leaving small bites and licks on his skin. With your free hand, you run your fingers through his hair and watch his fists clench in the sheets beneath you, his knuckles almost white and his eyebrows knit together. He’s a panting mess and, within moments, you feel him thicken in your palm. His jaw clenches and a grunt erupts from the back of his throat. Hot, stickiness coats the back of your hand and wrist and you feel yourself grow heated at the sight of him so unraveled.  

The hand of his that isn’t tangled in the sheets is balled in the fabric of your shirt that covers your lower back. When he finally relaxes, he slumps back against the bed with his cheeks a lovely shade of crimson. You kiss his jaw sweetly, get up to grab a random piece of cloth off the floor to wipe the sign of his pleasure off your skin. In some way, you feel victorious and smirk to yourself as the image of him coming undone replays in your mind. But that feeling of triumph is replaced with a slight fear as your hips are rapidly gripped and you’re thrown onto the bed like a football through a field goal.

“You wanna play nasty, huh?” Peter asks, gritting the words through his teeth as he tears through your layers. Your cotton shorts are ripped past your thighs so fast it leaves a bit of a burning sensation. He’s quick to remove your panties as well, the action taking mere seconds and spreads your legs aggressively. There’s something about his primal assertiveness that drives you 50 shades of crazy and you shiver as the cool air hits your core.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” he mutters more to himself than you, for you can barely hear the words.

With one final, sinful wink, he buries his face between your legs. Your back immediately arches off the mattress as you take a sharp intake of breath. His tongue rolls against your core like a wave crashing against the shore, then slips it inside your heat forcing you to pull at your own messed hair. All you can manage are incoherent whimpers and whines and you could swear your eyes almost cross. His own devilish eyes meet yours, holding your gaze until you give up to throw your head against the pillow. It feels incredible, your body already beginning to twitch. Your legs threaten to close but he’s stronger and holds them in place, letting his fingers dig deep into your skin in order to do so.

“Fuck, just like that… Oh my God,” you groan, licking your lips.

Peter works you over a little longer until your body tightens, then you shudder all together. A warmth runs through your veins and an explosion is set off in your lower stomach. But he isn’t done with you yet.

Quill deftly pushes two fingers inside your wetness, filling you to his knuckle and wraps his lips around your clit. Your hips threaten to buck upwards, but he somehow manages to hold you still. Curling another finger inside you, he holds your leg up over his shoulder to get a better angle on your g-spot and strokes it with each pump of his fingers. You come again, a lot quicker than last time and you can’t help thinking ‘damn, he’s good.’

“You like that? Like me fucking you with my fingers?” he asks, knowing the answer by your pleasantly contorted expression. “Bet you want my cock instead.” You nod, letting your nails dig into his shoulder and your fingers pull at his hair.

Your calling his name over and over like it’s a damn prayer. Even though you probably should, you don’t care who hears it. Because now, you’re working on your third orgasm. Your body’s a quivering mess and every nerve ending feels like it’s on fire. And- oh! There it is again!

He helps you ride it out, letting you roll yourself against his face and you’re breathless once you’ve returned from your high. Your body feels like goo, as if you could melt right into the mattress. You don’t feel Quill slide up next to you until you feel his lips press against the corner of your jaw and, without looking at him, you can feel that his cockiness is back in full effect.

“Little slut likes her pussy eaten, huh? How many times did you come, baby?” he asks, arrogance dripping with each word. His grin is especially evident against your skin and you almost want to smack it off of him. But, for some reason, you’re grinning too.

“Shut up,” you order breathlessly whilst trying to manage the mass of mess that is your hair.  His hands wander under your shirt, trailing up to cup your breast. If it was even possible, he grins even wider when he feels you have no bra on and rolls your sensitive nipple between his fingers. Your back raises ever so slightly as he pulls at the soft bud, heat threatening to pool between your legs once more.

“C’mon, tell me.”

“Three,” you answer, you voice much more breathier and whiny than you anticipated. “You happy now, Star Lord?”

“Mhmm, told you those lines are golden,” he brags, not too long after sucking a deep mark on the spot below your ear that you know someone will blatantly point out later. “Works everytime.”


Crazy in Love - 50 Shades

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Do you like to dominate a bottom? Until you own them? Not like 50 shades crazy and shit, but enough to show them you are in charge.

Simple yes lol and I also want to try some of that 50 shades of grey shit too

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H2OVanoss||50 Shades Crazy (part one)

(This is a completely random prompt. Don’t judge me. I threw things together and hoped it worked so I made this.)

Chapter 2

Vanoss came over to Delirious’ house that day. They were celebrating the day when they had started gaming together. It was just them in his house in Los Santos. The traffic had somewhat died down that day, so it wasn’t as annoyingly loud outside.

They were on the couch recording some videos for their fans which would take hours of editing later on from all the shit they were doing. They played games from back in the trolling days of Call of Duty to GTA V and even some random Gmod and horror games to have fun with.

It brought back loads of nostalgia for the two sitting on the couch. Both even showed off the first montages they made to each other with pride.

Vanoss pulled out his camera and started vlogging, leaving his masked friend out as he was very respectful towards his privacy.

“Hey guys, I’m at this pigsty also known as Delirious’ house-”
“Hey, this is not a pigsty!” Delirious interrupted. “Cartoonz just didn’t clean up…”
“Whatever, this is going to be a one time thing,” Vanoss continued and looked back at the camera. “And now let’s give a house tou-”
“No, you’re not giving a house tour. HE’S NOT GIVING A HOUSE TOUR!” Delirious yelled loud enough the camera probably heard more crackling than an actual voice.
“That’s a headphone warning for my subs.”
“Sure,” Delirious started laughing.
“Hey can we at least see your eyes?”
“Come on.”

They went back and forth until Vanoss gave up and went to the kitchen, still vlogging, and grabbed a can of beer from the fridge.

Eventually, as the day went on, they were exhausted and decided to crash together in the living room. The couch was transformed into a bed and they had a perfect spot in front of the TV.

While it ran through night time episodes, they were on their phones checking through social media.

“Hey, thanks for having me over,” Vanoss piped up from their quiet session.
“No problem. As long as Marcel isn’t home from his vacation, he doesn’t have to tease me while you’re over.”
“Aw, you’re just a chicken.”
“I am not a chicken.”
“Yeah you are.”
“No, I’m not!”
“Oh, that’s right. You’re a jackass.”
“Lame joke, Night Owl.”
“You’re the one with the lame clown jokes,” he said with a chuckle.
“They weren’t even mine!”
“How am I supposed to believe that?”

Vanoss kept pushing Delirious until they were wrestling on the creaking bed. It ended up with Delirious pinning Vanoss to the bed, both laughing and catching their breath.

Vanoss stared up at Delirious as his face lowered and got closer to his. Their foreheads touched, then their noses, until their lips pressed gently against each other.

Vanoss could feel his warm breath against his skin, but turned away with hesitation. Delirious cleared his throat and climbed off of him, taking his spot on the right.

“Sorry,” Vanoss murmured.
“It’s fine,” Delirious replied in a soft voice that cracked slightly. “I, um, forgot…”
“I did, too…” Vanoss watched as Delirious’ large figure lay down onto the bed with a sigh. He frowned and lay down, his hands behind his head on the pillow. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t. He knew that Delirious understood the situation. They were both on the down low, trying not to push so much on the fact they liked each other but couldn’t admit it.

But Delirious’ gang leader was a dick. And Vanoss’ pushy girlfriend wasn’t any help, either. They were pretty much Romeo and Juliet, but Romeo and Romeo. And on a more deadly level. They could barely get away with hanging out for the first few days after Vanoss started dating Rachel. And soon after Delirious’ leader found out about Vanoss being his best friend, he would keep a tight leash until he felt comfortable with him. In this case, he just got lucky. Not many people could get away with what they could.

Vanoss soon fell asleep. Delirious was still awake, though. When he heard Vanoss’ snore, confirming he was asleep, he leaned over and kissed his cheek. “This fucking sucks…” he said softly against his hair and wrapped an arm around his waist, finally able to sleep with a smile.

Vanoss awoke to the light seeping into the room. He felt someone’s arm around him and followed the arm up to see the inked bicep of Delirious. ‘Oh god…’ He was in a bit of a panic. ‘His hand is waaaay too low…’ Vanoss wasn’t in the best position right now. He had a little- or big- problem in his boxers and slipped out of Delirious’ hold and into the bathroom to release his tension.

Delirious had woken up when he heard noises coming from his bathroom. He knew those noises well and smirked to himself. 'Wasn’t smart enough to run upstairs at least?’

He lay there, watching the bathroom door until Vanoss came out with a flushed face. When he made eye contact with him, Vanoss jumped and his face turned red.

“W-what…were you awake the whole time?!”
“No, I woke up when you started moaning in the bathroom like a horny dog.”
“Oh…wait, no that’s still bad! You…you are not telling anyone about this!”
“As if I didn’t know already…”
“How long have you known?!”
“Long enough,” he said with a laugh. Vanoss rolled his eyes and sighed. His phone buzzed on the table and he checked his new text message, looking to Delirious afterwards.

“Is it Rachel?” Delirious asked as he stood from the bed and stretched out. Vanoss was distracted by his ink and his muscles and finally answered.
“Yeah, it was her. She’s bitching about me not showing up last night when we already talked about me hanging over here,” he said with a scowl.
“Dude…you need to leave her. She’s not doing you any good.” Delirious leaned against the kitchen counter next to the living room and cocked an eyebrow at Vanoss.
“I know, but you know I also can’t leave her just yet.”
“Yeah, yeah, you go and do whatever she’s always bitching you to do.”
“As if you do any better.”
“Hey, this is a job for me. You’re just doing it for a fake rich bitch.”

Vanoss and Delirious glared at each other until Delirious turned away and grabbed them bowls of cereal. “I don’t wanna argue with you right now. Get yourself over here.”

Vanoss sighed and tossed his phone on the bed before he went to sit down with Delirious at the table.

“Hey, look, sorry I burst out on you. I know you’re in a dangerous place.”
“It’s fine,” Delirious said with a smile. “I enjoy antagonizing you.”
“You’re a dick,” Vanoss said with a laugh.
“I thought I was a jackass.”
“You’re that, too.”

They finished their food, cleaned up the bed and stood at the door. Delirious hugged Vanoss as he made his way out and waved him goodbye. “Don’t die out there,” he said with a smile.
“You know me, Night Owl doesn’t die.”

Delirious watched as Vanoss drove away and went to his computer. He went onto a secret site and logged in, receiving a mess of code and hidden messages.

He got up, threw his jacket on, got the paint on his face, and grabbed the mask off the table before walking out the door. He didn’t bother taking the car when the hideout was close by. He looked around to make sure no one was watching or following him before hopping over a fence and moving a few pallets aside to reveal a pipe. He climbed down and moved everything back to cover the hole and dropped down to the floor.

He finally made his way to the main room and saw the different members sitting or standing around and nodded to each of them as he passed by, making his way to their boss, or better known, his brother.

“What’s up Marcel?”
“Johnathan, come here.”
“We got something to do today?” he asked as he made his way up to where Marcel was sitting.
“Yep. We have a new lead on a break in the code.”
“The code? As in the one of the giant bank downtown?”
“The one and only. And we might be able to get in now.”
“When do we head out?”
“Tomorrow night.”
“So soon?”
“Yeah. I think we’re ready for this. By the end of tonight we should have the equipment necessary to get in. You’re doing the dirty job of actually getting the money.”
“Nothing I can’t handle,” Delirious said confidently, his hand in a victorious fist to his chest.
“Good.” Marcel smiled at him and ran his fingers through Delirious’ hair. “If anything or anyone gets in the way, you know what to do.”
“Precisely. And if a friend turns?”
“The cell.”
“For sure. Okay, little bro, go over to Cartoonz. He’s got something for you.”
“Okay!” Delirious smiled and headed to his other brother’s room.

“Cartoonz?” he called out as he stepped into the room with a small bounce.
“Oh, hey, Delirious. Come 'ere. I got a new toy for you.”
“Oh, what is it?”
“I wasn’t supposed to give this to you until the heist, but I thought you’d like to see them.” He reached under his desk and pulled out a medicine bottle. He carefully uncapped the top and pulled out what looked like just a lump of clay.
“What the fuck is that? A bomb?”
“Better. These are mobile sticky bombs.”
“Really? What’s so special?”
“This one has a bigger explosion in a tiny bottle. What isn’t to love? I have several more containers and each fill about three of these bad boys. You could kill anyone within a 3 foot radius of this thing. Or you can just blow shit up.”
“That’s fucking awesome!”
“Hey,” Cartoonz gently swatted his hand when he tried to reach for it. “Not here. You can play with these tomorrow.”
“Fine,” Delirious said with a roll of his eyes, about to walk out of the door.
“Wait,” Cartoonz called, turning in his chair.
“What?” Delirious turned his head to look at his bearded brother.
“Don’t let Marcel get to you. He’s been a little stressed lately and you know he’s just overprotective of you, especially around Vanoss.”
“I know. I’m cutting him some slack. It ain’t his fault he’s like this. He just cares,” Delirious smiled. “Alright, I’m out. Gonna grab some food.”
“Okay. See you tomorrow.”

Delirious walked out and let things run through his mind as he walked around to find a restaurant that satisfied him.

Vanoss wasn’t doing so hot in his end. His “girlfriend” was out of the house, probably banging some douche on the street for money or drugs even though she could easily buy some herself. He found a note on the table about a new heist of his own.

“Doesn’t she have enough money already…she has me stealing for her while she’s out on the streets with some bum…or maybe she’s paying at a bar…who knows…” Vanoss sat at his computer, going to check the files she sent him. “I wonder what Delirious is doing? Maybe he’s getting food…the man always complains…”

Vanoss finished reading through the files and groaned, leaning back in his chair. “I don’t want to go to that stupid bank…too much damn security. She’s crazy.” He decided to take a walk outside and see what he could grab to eat himself.

After searching for a little bit, he decided to call up Delirious. He was probably having an easier time finding food than he was.

“Hello?” Delirious’ voice sounded from the end. There was a lot of background noise and the sound of conversations taking place. He smirked when he heard a soft crunch.
“You’re eating lunch without me?”
“Oh, well shit, I didn’t know you wanted to eat together,” he laughed.

'Oh, damn that laugh,’ Vanoss thought, smiling.

“Well, where are you? I wanna come over.”
“Uh…I’m at…hey!”
“What? Hey? Is that the name of the place?”
“No, I mean, turn your head, you bozo.”

Vanoss did as he was told and peered through the window of the café that just happened to be beside him. “Dude I probably look crazy doing this.”
“You look fucking hilarious. Just get inside, you’ll see me.” Delirious cackled again before hanging up.

Vanoss made his way into the café and looked over the heads until he spotted his blue jacketed friend, his mask resting just above his face so he could eat. He walked over and tapped his shoulder before sitting down, receiving a menu from a waitress that passed by. Delirious had looked up at him and grinned, a drop of syrup dripping down the corner of his mouth causing Vanoss to smirk.

“What?” his blue friend asked..
“You got something on your face.”
“Well, yeah, I have face paint on.”
“No, I mean there’s some syrup…”
“Yeah, I know, I’m messing with ya.” Delirious licked the syrup and gently pat a tissue around his mouth as he leaned back in his seat, arm on the backrest. “So…are you gonna keep staring at me or are you gonna order something?” he asked, chuckling.
“W…What? Oh, right, yeah, food, that’s why I’m here.” Vanoss mentally slapped himself and looked through the menu, eyeing the fries and a milkshake. A waitress came by and took his order before he rested both elbows on the table and put his hands together. “So…how was your…morning going?”
“It was alright. I got a new…um…heist to do…” Delirious leaned in close and kept his voice low, his mask falling perfectly over his face, his eyes shining with excitement. “Tomorrow night, I can’t wait!” he exclaimed, though softly, his voice low.

'Tomorrow?’ Vanoss thought. The files his girlfriend had left him for his heist was for tomorrow night, also. It couldn’t possibly…

“And guess what?” Delirious asked in an excited whisper. “It’s a break in the big bad bank downtown! We’re getting our guys in there! And Cartoonz got me some new shit to use, it’s gonna be fucking great!”
“Right. Wait. Which bank?” Vanoss had nearly blanked with what he was hearing.
“The big one downtown. We got a break in the code that I’ve been telling you about. But, as I also mentioned before, someone had broken in and might have stolen something important from our files. We’re tracking them now, and we’re looking for anyone related to them. We get to choose whether we take them as prisoner…or execute!” He grinned, a fiery look in his gray blue eyes.

Vanoss thought he paled under his gaze. His girlfriend had the same details for the heist in the papers he downloaded. That means he would be running into a solo suicide mission.

'Just let them do the work and sneak in..’ Vanoss thought in a panic. 'Don’t run into any of them. You heard Delirious…they were gonna…they were gonna…’

“Holy fuck,” he said, covering his mouth suddenly, eyes wide. “Did I just say that out loud?” he asked, nervously laughing.
“Uh…yeah…you alright? Was my heist information too hot to handle? Maybe I’ll just keep them all secret now.”
“No, no, no, it’s fine. Everything’s fine. Seriously,” he laughed again, feeling himself heat up under his jacket, unzipping it a little.
“Oooo…kay..? But, why are you so-”
“Oh, my food’s here, good,” Vanoss said quickly, taking his plate close to him and sipping at the milkshake, smiling at Delirious.
“And I thought I was always the food person,” Delirious said with a laugh, seeming to forget his question. Vanoss just smiled, stuffing fries into his mouth.
“No, no, Evan,” Delirious shook his head. “Must I really have to do this?” He took a fry and dipped it into the milkshake, holding it out to Vanoss.
“Are you serious? You’re making me eat that?”
“No, I’m gonna eat it,” he said bluntly, throwing it into his mouth. “Now you’re gonna eat one.”
“Oh ho…I don’t think so.” Vanoss shook his head, eating another fry.
“Oh, you are,” Delirious insisted. He grabbed another one, dipping it into the shake. He reached out to put in his mouth, but Vanoss backed up and leaned against the back of his chair, shaking his head and pursing his lips. Delirious gave a challenging stare before suddenly leaning over and waving it in front of him. Vanoss couldn’t back up any further and got some of the milkshake on his face from the fry smearing against him.
“I said no-” Vanoss had realized his mistake when the fry was dropped into his mouth and he fell over in the chair, people turning their heads to see what happened. His face reddened, but he didn’t care about the stares. He was embarrassed from Delirious’ loud cackles and he glared at him as he got up.

Delirious grinned after a few moments and sat there dipping fries into his milkshake and leaving them there.

“You’re an asshole,” Vanoss said as he settled back down, dusting himself off.
“I know,” he replied, a cocky attitude shining through his eyes. Vanoss rolled his own and took the several fries out, eating them anyways. He actually liked the taste. It wasn’t so bad.

The two hung out all day, walking around the city and through stores. They went through alleys and into the outskirts to explore around before heading back when it approached evening.

They neared Delirious’ house, but Vanoss knew his crazy girlfriend would want him back home prepping for the heist, even if she wasn’t there.

'And probably sucking someone off,’ he thought with a roll of his eyes. And with that thought, he remembered Delirious and his gang would be there, causing him to stress. He didn’t say anything, but it did bother him immensely.

“Hey,” Delirious’ voice broke through his thoughts.
“Wish me luck tomorrow?”
“You betcha,” Vanoss said, chuckling softly.
“Awesome. I don’t need to go back to the prison cell. It’ll just cost them more money to repair the place when I break out,” he laughed.
“I can just bail you. I’m sure of it.”
“Nah, you’d blow me out of there, too.”
Vanoss paused for a moment and nodded his head. “You know what? You’re right.” He grinned and looked up at the gray blue eyes that seemed to shine in the dim street lights.

'Fuck,’ he thought, realizing how cute he looked up close like this in front of the house. He felt like they were in one of those cheesy rom-com movies, where they would kiss and-

“Alright, I’ll be out tomorrow then. Don’t get yourself into…too much trouble,” Delirious said with a smile as he went to unlock his door.
“Yeah, I…wait, Delirious.”
“Wha-” Vanoss quickly lifted the mask and pressed a light kiss onto his lips. He thought he would’ve resisted, but he didn’t. Instead he stood there and held his body close, their kiss lasting long enough until their lungs were screaming for air.

Vanoss pulled back, his face as red as his jacket. Delirious just had a grin on his as he pulled the mask back down.

“You know we can’t talk about that,” Vanoss said quickly.
“I know.” Delirious smirked. “Bye, Evan.”
“Bye…” Vanoss watched as the door closed in front of him, the man in blue now gone from sight. He placed his fingers against his lips and smiled, making his way back home.

When Vanoss reached his house, he knew he would be in a load of trouble if his girlfriend found out about the kissing incident. She was so territorial despite being a total slut.

He stripped off his clothes until he was left in a black tank top and boxer briefs, heading into the weapon vault to gather his needed weapons and get ready for the big heist of the century.

Or more so, his biggest fuck up.

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Got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Your love’s got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Your touch’s got me lookin’ so crazy right now
Got me hoping, you page me right now
Your kiss’s got me hoping, you save me right now
Lookin’ so crazy, your love’s got me lookin’
Got me lookin’ so crazy, your love

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Ich schaue und starre so tief in deine Augen
Ich berühre dich mehr und mehr jedes Mal
Wenn du gehst, flehe ich dich an zu bleiben
Rufe deinen Namen zwei, drei Mal nacheinander
Es ist so witzig für mich, zu versuchen zu erklären
Wie ich mich fühle und daran ist mein Stolz schuld

Ja, ich verstehe es immer noch nicht,
wie deine Liebe es nur schafft, das zu tun, was niemand sonst kann

Du lässt mich jetzt so verrückt aussehen
Deine Liebe lässt mich jetzt so verrückt aussehen
Du lässt mich jetzt so verrückt aussehen Deine Berührung lässt mich jetzt so verrückt aussehen
Du lässt mich hoffen, dass du dich jetzt bei mir meldest
Dein Kuss lässt mich hoffen, dass du mich jetzt rettest
Ich seh’ so verrückt aus, deine Liebe lässt mich..
Du lässt mich so verrückt aussehen

—  Crazy in love - 50 Shades of Grey