50 Days Of General Hospital

Day 2: Favorite Female - Samantha Mccall-Morgan

“Most people live their lives in denial…You almost have to. If you would actually get caught up in everything that could go wrong or the accidents that could happen or the ways that you or someone you loved could get hurt, you would be paralyzed…You’d probably lock yourself in a room and be unable to move. So I think that we’ve got to hope for the best…We’ve got to just stay in our day-to-day and not worry about what might go wrong, not worry about the worst, because most of the time, the worst isn’t going to happen. Most of the time when we cross the street, we’re not — not going to get hit by a bus.”


50 Days of GH

Day 5: your favorite friendship

Ethan and Kristina

Kristina was always kind of an entitled brat, which I loved her for, and Ethan was always the kid who never had anything and he grounded her in a way I don’t think anyone could have. Hell, in one of the most soap opera plots of soap opera plots, he didn’t even get that mad at her when she said he was the one beating on her. They had a wonderful friendship… though I admit I wished for something more to happen ;)

50 Days of GH: Day 1 - Your OTP

so i’m guessing SaLiz doesn’t count

GV Lucky Spencer and Samantha McCall

“I am not gonna be killed, not just when I’ve found the one I want to be with”

“No, Cam knows you’re my girlfriend, he-what?”

“You just called me your girlfriend!”

Not the most common OTP out there, I know.  As short lived as they were, I still miss them dearly. 

They were smoking hot, let’s start there.  GV and KM had sizzling chemistry that no one else has come close to. Period. 

Lucky brought out the Sam I had grown to love.  The funny, spunky, adrenaline junkie that was first brought on.  I feel like Sam’s been watered down and is no where near the character she was when she was with Lucky.  She was able to have fun.  Novel concept I know.
 Not to mention Lucky was able to express his Spencer adventure gene.  Go watch the trip to Mexico.  Seriously.

Lucky was an officer of the law and Sam loved to break it, which made for interesting stories.  The good girl/bad boy has been done to death, but bad girl/good guy is always refreshing enough to catch my interest.

It was shortlived but I loved every.second.of.it.

This was the Sam McCall I loved.  Her and Lucky together were perfect<3 (or more accurately, they weren’t, which is what I loved)

50 Days Of General Hospital

Day 3 - Favorite Male - Jason Morgan

“You know, sometimes people choose things that make everything different from what it was. People aren’t perfect. Sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes they get angry. But you still love them. Because if they’re yours, they matter more than anything.”


50 Days of GH Challenge:

Day 6: your favorite family

The Davis Girls

Alexis - the down to earth, snarky, always  ready to roll her eyes at you mother of three wonderful and well developed children. A normal presence in a land of extreme.

Molly Lansing-Davis - Skilled writer, lover of arts, recent rock goddess. Molly is smart and silly and a hopeless romantic. Always willing to see the best in people and basically the biggest nerd in Port Charles - next to Spinelli. 

Sam McCall Morgan - Strong willed, Independent, and a calming influence on the angry people in her life, Sam is conflicted and contradictory and complex. 

Kristina Davis - while I prefer Lexi as Kristina, regardless of the Kristina I was always a fan. She’s the least together of the Davis girls - prone to anger and making rush decisions she didn’t quite think out properly, Kristina was always flawed. BUT she tries to do the right thing and be a good person, she just has some trouble with it. It makes me really like watching her (Bring back Lexi)