50 fave

anonymous asked:

50, was it? Fave film?

Tough one..
Comedy: 21 jump street, white chicks, all the hangovers
Chick flick: 13 going on 30

221bae asked:

6, 30, 36, 50 :)

6) already answered bby

30) meaning behind your URL?
Lyrics from an Ani DiFranco song (Both Hands). She gay af and I listened to it when I was tryna figure myself out

36) fave food?
Mozzarella sticks

50) fave movie?
Um um I suck at this question I have seven the runaways, girl interrupted, mean girls, anything with female protagonists idk

Thanks Jules ❤️

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All about me (• 3•)

Name: Keyanii (key- on- ee) Age: Thirteen
Where do you live?: Southern California

Fave in 5sos: Michael Gordon Clifford

Fave 5sos song: it changes from time from time but, Long Way Home

Ever met anyone in 5sos?: Pft nah I wish

Going to any ROWYSO shows?: I’m planning to go to the one in Irvine.

What kind of music do you like?: Rock, punk, Disney?, 50s music, 80s music.

Fave member in 1D: Niall

Going to any OTRA shows?: nah

Dream Vacation: Spain or Australia

Fave hair color on Halsey: blue with the yellow streak, and purple

Fave Halsey song: ghost

What is ur aesthetic?: colorful hair on pale people. Fairy lights. Lanterns. Old books. Dark lipstick. Pastel hair.

Fun fact about yourself: I like to draw and write. I have really long hair.

renrush asked:

ooh yay i love adventure time lumpy space princess is such an icon she's my fave. 45 50 59

Yes lsp is the greatest by far
45: no not really because I skate and I get through a lot of shoes I don’t really get to like them
50: well YouTube, tumblr obvs and any bb gun website because I really wanna get into it

I don't care if your fave has 50 Grammy's performed for the queen of england and been on 200 magazine covers sold billions of records if the bitch can't sing she can sit tf down

sometimes i’ll see fanart from twitter with like 10k notes on here and then i’ll go look at the original and it only has 50 faves and 20 rt’s :\

sexual-congressman asked:

2, 4, 24, 25, 39, 50

2- Ever been in love?
4- How tall are you?
~ about 5'10"
24- Turn on?
25- Turn off?
39- Do you have a crush?
~ I’m gonna say technically yes, my bf!
50- fave movie?
~ I’ve got a top 3 for ya (no order) any LOTR, Beauty and the Beast, and Willow!

Thank you :)

pistachew asked:

9,16,24,50 :)

fave show: PREIMVAL i lvoe it so much i smiss this hsow

fave quote: that oen from squall in ffv8 at eh end of disc oen i can’t do it from the topof my head but is’t a super long monologue when thye’re wlaking after first getting to the city and stuff

turn on: what deonst turn me on thb. i am always horny.

fav emovie: phanto fo the opera!!