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Quietus Chapter 50 - (Another) Sneak Peek

So you all seemed to enjoy the last sneak peek…




Sakura threw a glance back over her shoulder to find a massive wave of water heading straight toward her. It was sizzling with electricity. Her heart rammed against her rib-cage as sickening realisation dawned upon her. If it touched her, she’d die. She needed to get to higher ground! But the water was already cascading down faster than her worn-out legs could carry her, and there was no way she could climb high enough before the torrent was absorbed by the earth.  

A hand suddenly clamped tightly around her left arm, its hold as unbreakable as steel. In a single jerk, Sakura was yanked forcefully backwards. She tripped over a vine and lost her footing, her eyes turning up just in time to clash with blazing crimson. Her heart thundered chaotically, its beat as erratic as the multitude of panicked thoughts that hurtled through her mind. Before she could even attempt to recover, she felt an arm close around her waist, her feet leave the ground, and the next thing she was conscious of was her back slamming roughly against the trunk of a tree. The air fractured cleanly in her lungs and stars swam momentarily across her vision. When the haze cleared, she met a baleful glare, finding Sasuke’s eyes narrowing hatefully at her. His hand was closed around her throat in a firm – but not painful – hold.

The cold fury Sakura saw glinting within those striking, blood-shot irises was enough to freeze the blood in her veins. It finally made the reality of her situation hit home, of what would inevitably happen to her when Sasuke finally got his hands on her without hindrance.

But he just saved me, she thought dazedly. He took me off the ground, away from the water. Why?

Somehow his unexpected gesture was even more frightening than his wrath.

“Why?” Sakura’s voice shook unsteadily, as Sasuke’s grip on her throat tightened slightly. “Why are you helping me?!” she cried angrily. “After everything I’ve done to you-!” Her words choked off, the air fleeing her lungs. Fresh tears blurred her vision as she continued to stare into his eyes. They weren’t just furious, she recognised.

They were exhausted. Disorientated from the venom she could clearly see was still ravaging his bloodstream. Fighting to remain focused.

He was hurt.

“Sasuke-” she began hoarsely.

Shut up,” the death deity began to hiss, his barely-composed tone revealing the true extent of his underlying ire, and Sakura wondered why he would bother getting her to safety when everything about his expression and tone suggested that he was about to sever her life right there and then. “You’re-”

The whistling sound of a blade slicing through the air caused the Death God to tense and abandon what he had been about to say. With a snarl, he shoved Sakura to the side, seconds before the trunk she’d been thrown against was splintered by an alarmingly broad sword. Sasuke skidded back, his eyes training fleetingly onto Sakura, who had managed to land safely on a lower branch, before turning furiously onto the person who dared to intervene.

Suigetsu, who had caught up to them again, flashed a mischievous grin, hoisting his sword back onto his right shoulder as he landed in front of Sakura.

“I know they say women like it rough, but you just go overboard, don’t you?” he mocked. “I don’t think Pinky over here appreciates the way you handle her.”

Sasuke’s withering glower was full of such contempt and malice, Sakura was certain that any mortal man would surely have shrivelled into a pulp on the spot. Suigetsu, however, looked unperturbed. Like he was relishing every second spent provoking the Underworld’s ruler.

“Move,” Sasuke uttered frostily, as he swung down to join them on the same branch.


The wait is almost over my friends…