Nidorina’s gonna want more than just visibility for her salon after what this modeling shoot has put her feet through. She won’t walk right for weeks. Who knows, she might be the person who gets this terrible idea to stick.

Saw this on the bus shelter as I ran an errand today. The idea for the pic came up instantly. You can thank Mixed Nuts for my associating cities, fashion, and hot dogs with assorted AU characters forever.

BOSS No.5: Mark Denton

BOSS No.5: Mark Denton

DAVE: Why advertising?

MARK: It all happened by accident. I was quite good at drawing as a kid and my Uncle had gone to Art School and had ended up as as a Silversmith.
The Dentons weren’t that imaginative (they all worked in the Family Scrap business) so ‘good at drawing’ meant that I should go to Art School too.
My Mum thought I could get a job as one of those people who paint the patterns on the…

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