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can u link me to all of your imagines?? Thanks!!

Darry Jealous Imagine

How You Annoy Him - Preference

Darry Imagine - You Lose Your Virginity To Him

Dallys Little Sister / Part One / Part Two

Dally Hits You - Short Imagine

Sodapop Double Take Imagine / Part One / Part Two

TwoBit Imagine - Thats my Girl

Dally Imagine - Not so Bad Boy

Dally Vampire imagine

Darry imagine - Getting Caught Under the Covers

Dallas Party Imagine

Johnny Proposes

Sodapop Imagine - Sacredy Pants

Sodapop Getting jumped by a Soc.

He shows off his muscles to impress you

Picture Imagines

Meeting the guys

What you get him for christmas

Prom dresses

Dance dresses

Favorite outfit on you (Curvy)

Where and how you had your first kiss/how he kisses you

How you have sex

His favorite outfit on you (50’s)

His favorite hairstyle 

His favorite feature

How he hugs you

Your favorite thing to do together

How you make him feel better

His favorite picture of you  |  (Black)  |  (White)  |

His favorite PJ’s on you

The (Modern) TV show you watch together

How/Where he proposes

Your favorite movie

What he gets you for Christmas

Your wedding dress

The food you cook him when he is sad

The sweet you make that he loves

Your honeymoon destination

How he takes care of you when you’re on your period

How you make out

What he thinks you look sexiest in

What Halloween costume you share

What pet he buys you


Took me forever!