50's verse

Time and again we all get disappointed with our spouses, our parents and our children. They don’t understand, they don’t always reciprocate our love or hurt us with words. David was betrayed by His son, despised by his wife Michal , almost stoned by his friends and he himself committed adultery. But he knew the perfect love of his God. “Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You.” (Psalm. 63:3) . But you see, we are all flawed people. None of us can really love perfectly. Only God can. He is love. His love alone can completely satisfy our every need.


Some YYS (Yandere YS) angst for you all!
This scene came out of a(n incredibly WHACK) RP with @11daysofhell and @nayeonniekim where a marriage proposal makes YYS scared and run tf away. Normal YS then goes to him to help him come to terms with whatever is going on in his messed up head. Yeah both YS and YYS coexist together in this AU don’t ask YYS getting character development? Lololol

im watching the oilers leafs game and they were showing davo skating by the leafs bench and the commentator was like ‘and the maple leafs chirping connor mcdavid, and mcdavid chirping back’ and all i can picture is davo skating past and marns shouting like ‘you’ve got the prettiest eyes davo’ and connor just turning to him like ‘WHAT THE FUCK MARNS’

Antis: You shouldn’t ship that! It’s wrong! We have proofs! You’re gross and you should be ashamed or yourself and you should–

Me, you, and everybody really:

Poor creators. They want us to get along but that falls in deaf ears because you cares less for it over NUMBERS.

Fandom is supposed to be fun place to explore new possibilities other than what canon gives you.

Fandom isn’t your safe space, you control what you want or don’t want to see yourself, not policing people to do your way. Actually, that’s how internet works.

There are always be shitty people in fandoms. ALWAYS. Trust me I know, kiddos. I’ve been in fandoms for years and years even before Tumblr (this place is hell, really) and you will always encounter those creatures, in some they’re rare but bites, some spawns like plague & kill their fandom host. It’s probably what you want, isn’t it VLD antis? With ‘that kind’ of creators?

And haters, please do some little research before calling people names because for people who really understand those terms, you look just plain stupid.

Grow up and explore new possibilities. What if I’m in their shoes? What would my action did to them? What makes them think that way? Their upbringing? Their experiences? Their culture and the place they live? World doesn’t revolve around your petty little heads. You’ll be happier when you understand that.

Fiction is fiction. Just because I enjoy FPS doesn’t mean I enjoy shooting people in the heads.

Why you cares so much over people, which are strangers, which you know are wrong, which plain ignorant about others wellbeing, tell you what to do? They do it for selfish reasons, you know it. So please give yourself a privilege to be selfish too.

Peace and I’m out.

In honor of the musical crossover, like this for a musical theatre style starter this week we’re all part of the Music Meister’s production. 


“Whether we turn to the dark or to the kiss of another;

Let us know this for leavetaking,

That I may not be heavy upon you,

That you may blind me no more.” 

~ Leave-Taking by Louise Bogan

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my in*ie is up and running now (kinda) but idk what im doin and im not gonna post in the tags so my dash is kinda slower than i’d like so if anybody wants to write w me on there, like this or im me and i’ll send you the link?