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My Mary and @wwwjam ‘s Mary are both at the purgatory mall where there are no backgrounds. Jam’s Mary has become hot and bothered at the ghostly unshaded apparitions of two hot juicy boys…

Okay, so I really just don’t take kindly to running a fanart deficit, and Jam keeps heaping great pictures of my darlings at me, so I mean hey it’s fun for everyone.

My Mary is quite literally an 80′s girl, but I think jam’s Mary wears it better. Even though straight bangs weren’t really a thing back then. (at least not in America)

Anyways I know how you girl-types think. You want the juicy boys. Oh look he’s a sensitive one, you can just tell. And him? Well he’s a dangerous loner, but you can tame him.

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AU lady here! And here's one for the next generation kids: "It was an accident, I swear. I didn't know you were there. I thought it was the enemy. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to shoot you" AU. Sorry, but, uh, fir the next gen.

Oh dear doll, this one is gonna hurt. Let’s go with Minute Ghost.

  • It was always Toinette’s role to get behind enemy lines and disrupt their formation. Hardly anyone flanked as far back as she did, for her ghost like body could get through places the rest of the kids simply couldn’t.
  • She was already on edge for the enemy, not for her teammates. Not for him. She had just slipped through the wall when the footsteps echos in the small hallway. Pulling the trigger on her triple barrel shotgun, the blast hits Barnaby right in the chest.
  • He falls, and Toinette can’t breathe. Her body is frozen, staring at his now bleeding form and struggling to comprehend what she’s just done. 
  • She hurt him. She hurt Barnaby, her cariño. She’s as horrible as they say she is. Bad blood can only come from bad people like her parents. 
  • She finally calls for help, dropping beside him. Blurting out apologies over and over while she tries to slow down the blood flow. He was so close, and his eyes barely hold to hers. Barnaby struggles, groaning in while trying to touch her arm.
  • Taro finally arrives, Rohan at his side where he takes Toinette aside while Taro sets to healing him. All the while, Toinette can’t stop talking, trying to right things.
  • “Barnaby, I didn’t mean to… I thought… The enemy… I didn’t…”
  • She tears away from Rohan, running as she tries to fight all the words echoing in her brain. About how bad her parents are, how she’ll only end up like that. She’s evil, that’s the only way she can be.
  • Alexandro only finds her after everyone has retreated. She’s curled up on herself, yelling at him to go away but trailing off when he doesn’t move.
  • “Am I only meant to be bad?”
  • Alexandro sits beside her, speaking softly, understanding that while one of his parents are currently at Talon, that doesn’t make a person inherently evil. 
  • “We chose our own destinies, Toinette. If you let others decide that for you, then that is what you become. Barnaby overextended, but he didn’t know you were there. Neither of you did, but he’s going to be alright. Taro is watching over him.”
  • Alexandro is the only one who can even begin to understand her situation, and she takes his words to heart. Slowly, but surely, getting back up and going with him to the airship. To where Barnaby waits, already holding out his hand when she returns. Her apologies filling the air but he instead teases about it, saying he knows now not to sneak up on her. 
  • She barely laughs, but he’s talking and breathing, and that’s all that matters.

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You know what’s beautiful?

It’s the fact that Viktor always always forgets the promises he makes to almost everyone. But the one drunken request from Yuuri during last year’s GPF banquet? He remembers. And Yuuri has no fucking idea about it.



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