50's sunglasses

Another night, Another fight.

Another night, another fight, that was something Diz would say alot. Mostly due to it’s painful truth… He swore, he killed at least one person every week sometimes one a day. He was just…So damn bad at restraining himself. This was a night like any other, but he was trying to take it easy at his local bar. He was drifting from place to place; he happened to be in the town of Carmina Hughes. Carmina was in the same bar, coincidentally. 

he sat there with a burger and fries on his plate, picking at it. He felt his head searing, But no desire to change. It was a very strange sensation… Like someone was only half evil, perhaps redeeming themselves. He had no idea, but it felt like hell in his head. 

He stood with a sigh to go and wash his face, and when his eyes passed upon Carmina’s face a pain shot through his head. ‘Must have been her’ he thought, staring at her for a second before moving on. He thought about asking her about herself as he washed his face, and when he glanced up at the mirror he was met with a surprise. 

The water was steaming off his face, and his eyes were glowing orange. He furrowed his brow, running a hand over his cheeks; They were red hot. “What the f-ck…” he grumbled to himself as another entered the restroom. He hurried, putting his sunglasses on to hide his eyes. He sighed, heading back to his table and rubbing his hands together to try and stop their shaking. 

He had the bartender get him an ice cold water, and he sipped on it to aid his head. He thought as he sipped, and decided to talk to the bot across the room. He looked like he walked out of a picture of the 50′s- A bouffant, sunglasses, leather jacket- Even a white shirt with a pocket on one side. He came up to her with an orange martini, “S’cuse me miss, I uh..I was wonderin’ if I could talk t’ you for a sec? I got ya drink, if that helps your decision.” He said, offering the glass to her.