50's style


Harry Styles Imagine for irwinsspizza  


Harry had invited you to the studio with him. You were really excited to see him do what he loved. When he sang you couldn’t help but dance along. He stopped singing and just smiled you. 

“ Whaaat” You giggled
“ You’re being very distracting, babe. “ He joked

You sat proper and for a while then when he started to sing you started dancing again. She just shook his head and continued singing. 



[Request] Tommy and Jasper Dooley

The Dooley Brothers do everything together, so it was only natural that when Tommy decided to move into his own apartment, his younger brother Jasper was right behind him.

To the anon who requested skater boy sims, I hope you like them! ♥

Shared CC: Skintone - Eye Colour - Eyebags - Eye Redness - Dimples - Eyebrows - SkateboardsTank TopsLace Up Trainers

Tommy’s CC: Hair - Ear Plugs - Jean Jacket - Black Trousers - White Boots - Short Sleeve Shirt - Shorts w/ Suspenders - Pyjama Bottoms w/ Undies - Black TeeTied Shirt - Swim Trunks 

Jasper’s CC: Hair - Multiple Earrings - Accessory Hoodie - Jeans - Panda Trainers - Black Vest w/ Long Sleeve Top - White Jumper - Short Joggers - Long Joggers - Baggy Tee

CAS Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZQ6Nmcsetk&feature=youtu.be

Find them on the Gallery via my Origin ID: LBakeryx

Thank you to all the CC creators ♥

Enjoy! x


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