50's nostalgia


Today I found several minutes to fix my old nes game console and even to play couple of games.
So I have got an idea to mention several of my most favourite here.
I really love “Hudson’s Adventure Island” (“ 高橋名人の冒険島”) series. The first part was really adorable, even though there were not the dino-like sweet monsters like in the further parts still the general atmosphere was great there. Tropical landscapes, jumping along the jungles and the steep slopes and fighting the foes with a classic stone made hummer of course.
“Super Mario Bros” (“スーパーマリオブラザーズ”) is somethong that doesn't really need any introduction. I think it’s one of the most famous video games ever. And it’s hard not to get fascinated by all these kingdoms with unusual creatures in them.
“Galaxian” (“ギャラクシアン”) is an all time classic in sci-fi genre. I hardly ever was able to finish 10-15 rounds of it. But this space adventure is something that can send you back in the beginning of the 80’s without any additional means.
“Zippy Race” (“ジッピーレース”) is probably less famous than three previous games I mentioned. But in fact it’s quite nice moto-racing simulator. In this game you are travelling across the USA. And I personally think that it conveys the spirit of an adventure… After all I would be super excited to explore american highways in the 80’s while being accompained by a steelhorse.