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One of our regulars a guy in his mid-50's,he's a nice guy and won't deal with rude customers shit,today a woman screamed at me because we didn't have the right donuts and the guy tells her "what's your problem,they work hard every day and then they have to deal with people like you who complain about the littlest things like not having sugar powdered donuts or not having some sort of coffee,you don't realize what's going on in people's lives so you better keep quiet" and the lady just left

Old White Men can and will ruin anything

I was running the cashier and drinks at the restaurant i work at and this mid/older 50′s looking guy walks up and orders a tecate 

since tecate is a mexican beer, I offered him a lime 

if you aren’t familiar with mexican beers or being mexican in general, limes go in that shit, they go in everything, fight me on this

and he says to me in a laughing way 

“No thanks, limes are for girls”


I Seriously Do (Scott McCall prompt)

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Request: 50, 100, and 117 with Scott please 💕 (also I feel very annoying with all these requests I just love your writing!)

50) “guys, he/her and I are just friends” “friends don’t fuck each other”
100) “don’t tempt me”
117) “you don’t love me, you love the idea of me”

Warning(s): fluff, bad words

“Scott! You here?” I called out as I walked into his house.

“Yeah! I’m up here” He yelled. I took my shoes off and walked up the stairs to see Scott walking out of the bathroom with his chest wet, meaning he finished showering.

Our relationship was pretty flirty, so we didn’t mind what the other would say. We also didn’t mind because we had slept together a few times.

“Don’t tempt me” I flirted and he blushed and quickly went to his room to dry off and put a shirt on.

“Oh, I dropped off some food for your mom at the hospital” I informed and Scott smiled.

“God, I love you” he stated and I raised an eyebrow, “You don’t love me, you love the idea of me” I joked and he shook his head. 

He came back out of his room, “Alright, let’s go before Stiles kills us for being late to dinner” he says as we walk out the door.

We met up with Stiles and saw Lydia was with him, “Hey Lydia” I greeted and she smiled.

We sat down and talked and ordered our food.

I was kind of spacing out when I heard my name, “Hm?” I look up.

“I was just asking Scott if you guys are dating and didn’t tell us” Lydia spoke.

Before I answered, Scott beat me to it, “Guys, her and I are just friends” and he looked at me and we both smiled.

 Stiles was looking at us, “Friends don’t fuck each other” Stiles stated.

Scott and I were flabbergasted, “Yeah, we know what you two have done a couple of times and I mean the way you guys look at each other says it all” Lydia added.

“You two just need to say you like each other, because Lydia and I are sick of seeing you two with heart eyes at each other constantly. Plus you two know you both return the feeling” Stiles pointed out.

“Okay, I like (Y/N)” “I like Scott” we both said in unison.

Stiles clapped, “Thank god! See, was that so hard? You two just needed a push”.

“Thank you Stiles and Lydia” Scott replied and he looked at me, “I meant what I said earlier, I seriously do love you” he said as he grabbed my hand.

“They’re holding hands under the table?” Stiles questioned, “They’re definitely holding hands under the table” Lydia answered.

“What would you two do without us?” Stiles asked.

So today, when I was at the grocery store after work, I witnessed a master class in how to compliment a total stranger in action. Every guy out there who has complained that it’s impossible to just give a compliment to a girl without being accused of being creepy – take note.

As I said, I was grocery shopping, and after a long day, I wasn’t up to talking to anyone and probably looked like shit. Right as I’m leaving the wine aisle with a much needed bottle of pinot, I hear someone say “excuse me” and I turn, expecting to be asked a question or told to get out of someone’s way.

Several feet away, outside my personal bubble, is an older guy, 50′s or 60′s (easily twice my age), who nods, points to his head, and says, “the blue in your hair looks good.” (I have a large streak of bright blue in my hair.)

The blue in your hair looks good.

Not, “I think it looks good.” Not “You look nice with blue in your hair.” No language at all acknowledging him, me, or any relationship there. Just stated it like an objective fact, focused on the unnatural color in my hair. A color that was very obviously something I had done deliberately, as a personal choice. 

I smiled (a real smile, not the tight-lipped one I usually do when I’m secretly hoping people will fuck off) and thanked him, and before the words were even fully out of my mouth he was turning and going back to his shopping. He walked away and that was it.

I repeat: he walked away.

He didn’t try to start a conversation. He didn’t try to engage me or expect anything in return. He just wanted to let me know my hair was cool, and then went back to his day. 

And you know what? It made me smile. I like my blue hair, and I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, but this guy went out of his way to let me know it looked good, for no other reason than he had the opportunity to say a nice thing to a stranger. And it wasn’t creepy at all! There was no focus on my body, on me as an object, on him and his judgements, on aspects of my appearance I can’t control; there was no expectation of transaction, no sense of entitlement or awkward overtures of socialization while I was trying to get my grocery shopping done. 

So yes, dudes, giving a compliment to a strange woman without being creepy is possible. Be like grocery store guy, though. Say something nice for the sheer sake of saying something nice, and then walk away. Your mission at that point is already accomplished. 

I really want someone to write a fic about a pre-teen trans vampire boy, and how excited he is to get his top surgery and all the new Packers he can pick from, because back in his century they didn’t have any of this crap, and even tho he was bitter at first for being turned, he is happy now that he is able to get this kinda stuff.

You could say it was worth waiting  67 years for this.

( Hey, he’s not that old, he’s only from the 50′s guys.)