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Jayne Mansfield + The Pink Palace 

Jayne Mansfield was a big star from the 50’s that loved to be in the spotlight, she understood publicity and was a sweet celebrity that treated the public with kindness more than anyone else! Everything in her was attractive - her body, her face, her style, her personality, and of course… her house!  In November 1957, Jayne purchased a 40-room Mediterranean style mansion at 10100 Sunset Boulevard in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. The home contained 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms along with a dining room, bar, library, and wine cellar. The estate also included a 3 bedroom staff suite and separate guest home. Jayne had the house painted pink, with cupids surrounded by pink fluorescent lights, pink furs in the bathrooms, a pink heart-shaped bathtub, and a fountain spurting pink champagne, and then dubbed it the “Pink Palace”. Her husband, Mickey Hargitay, a plumber and carpenter before getting into bodybuilding, built a pink heart-shaped swimming pool - The finishing touch at the bottom of the pool read “I love you Jaynie” in gold leaf mosaic. Jayne decorated the Pink Palace by writing to over 1,500 furniture and building suppliers and asking for free samples. She told the donors that they could then brag that their goods were in her extravagant mansion. The pitch worked - Jayne received over $150,000 ($1,259,538 in 2015 dollars) in free merchandise! In 1960, LIFE magazine photographed the mansion and published pictures of the rooms - Jayne was very cooperative with the press and let them to enjoy some drinks at her Pink Palace’s bar to take some pictures of her

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If TPTB finally write Destiel out in the glorious open and we get an on screen kiss who do you think would initiate? I used to think it would have to be Dean (since Cas doesn't even assume he belongs at the bunker and with them in general), but maybe this is the one scenario where Dean would be too much of a coward??

Well, seeing as they’ve both been tap dancing up to the line before backing up at the last second… 

*just a quick aside here to say that this metaphor, tap dancing up to the line before backing up at the last second, has given me a mental montage of all the metaphorical ways they’ve been backed up by the narrative, and it’s been highly entertaining yet equally frustrating. Imagine if you will, they tap dance RIGHT UP TO THAT LINE, but then…

  • One of those oversized novelty hooks yoinks one or both of them offstage (see Cas being pulled back to heaven, see Dean being manipulated into choosing some other emergency first, like Gadreel-in-Sam…)
  • One of them trips and falls off the edge of the stage
  • One of them twists and ankle and has to sit out the rest of the dance
  • One or both of them forget the steps and the whole routine falls apart
  • Suddenly the music stops and they stop dancing and are just left there awkwardly staring into the audience before shuffling offstage
  • The stage collapses under their feet
  • Someone else cuts in and messes up the whole routine (side-eyeing Lucifer, Amara, really everyone here…)

I mean, as a metaphor, it’s pretty accurate. They’ve been rehearsing this number for YEARS, but they’ve never been allowed to finish the dance.*

*second aside to note that I saw lizbob answered this exact same ask right here: http://elizabethrobertajones.tumblr.com/post/156118204063/if-tptb-finally-write-destiel-out-in-the-glorious so I’m gonna try and answer differently*

How do I think it could happen? I mean, other than the millions of ways a million fanfics have already put forth for our consideration?

*third aside to note that this is exactly the thinking behind the fanfic scavenger hunt… that there’s an infinite number of possibilities for ANY given scenario to happen, and the joy is in exploring as many of them as possible :D)

The way things are going in canon now, I think it would have to happen after Cas made his final decision about where he truly belongs (with the Winchesters, duh). There would be serious conversations between all three of them (especially including Sam), where Cas lays out the reasons for his choice. Dean will have already told Cas (again!) that he wants him to stay, while Sam probably told Cas that it had to be his choice.

Sam would reassure Cas that they are friends. Brothers, even. And then Dean would awkwardly clarify his awkward rambling from 11.23 that yeah, Cas is definitely family, even if it’s not exactly in a brotherly way…

More awkwardness would ensue.

Feelings would be confessed. Nothing would happen immediately because everyone would be to freaking stunned that they all finally stopped dancing but they’re still on stage.

Things would go on as normal for a bit (days? weeks?), with Dean and Cas spending more time together practicing that dance. Doing the hunting/normal life stuff, but sort-of-in-a-date-kind-of-way. (it takes Sam a while to really let go of his own tangle of feelings over this development, but eventually he accepts it and starts letting them do their own thing… Maybe he starts hunting more with Eileen to give them some space… *wink wink*)

Then one night they’ve been driving for hours on the way home from a hunt, and they stop for dinner at some stupid all-night diner. They’re relieved that hunt is over because fuck Dean’s getting to old to get thrown through doors like that… but in the harsh fluorescent light and the faded pastel pseudo-50′s decor of this run-down old diner, over a couple slices of warm pecan pie, dammit it’s all so funny now.

Cas not only makes some dumb joke about Dean getting thrown back into the closet, he fucking LAUGHS at it… like, really laughs. And it just knocks Dean over. He can’t freaking believe this is his life, and suddenly the whole fucking routine plays out start to finish in his mind, like watching his whole sad life flash before his eyes, and he just leans across the table and kisses the stupid grin right off Cas’s face.

And they’re both shocked into just blinking at each other again for a second, until Cas pulls out his wallet and tosses some cash down on the table without breaking eye contact. He glances around the diner, then grabs Dean’s hand and pulls him out to the car. Because of all the places or times this could’ve happened, it’s definitely not gonna happen in some deserted diner parking lot in the middle of Nebraska.

But it happens. And it doesn’t change anything.

Well, except it changes everything. Because they deserve it. Because they’re allowed to be happy. They get what it’s like settling down with another hunter, and that it’s not ALL just about doubling the bad stuff. It’s also about doubling the good stuff.

Okay somehow this turned into fanfic. Or at least something fanfic-adjacent. :P


Just as gentlemen prefer blondes, Marilyn favored white, white, white in the places she lived. In the early part of her career, when her home was more likely to be a hotel room than an apartment, she created her own atmosphere by hanging up her favorite pictures (works of art and portraits of her heroes and great men she admired). Reputedly, in 1951 she persuaded management at the Beverly Carlton Hotel to redecorate her room in burgundy, white, and gray. In later years, when she had the space, wherever she lived she took with her a large white piano to set on her deep white carpets in white-painted rooms.

Marilyn enthusiastically remodeled the country house she and Arthur Miller bought near Roxbury, Connecticut. She had dormer windows put in, raised the roof to make a room above the kitchen, and tended to interior decoration details. She had more ambitious plans too: In the late fifties she contacted famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, by then in his nineties, to draw up a blueprint for a new house on a hill opposite. 

Marilyn also worked with designer John Moore on redesigning her and Arthur’s New York home at East Fifty-Seventh Street, including covering several walls with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

The last place where Marilyn lived, Fifth Helena Drive, which was also the first home she ever owned, was a three-bedroom hacienda-type bungalow decorated with Mexican-style furnishings, many of which she bought on her 1962 trip to Mexico.

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.