50's chair

I got my hair done this morning.  The lady in the far right chair was chatting with her stylist, obviously upset about the election results.  Talking about shit she was dealing with on Facebook.  An older lady (older than me anyway, probably late 50′s) sat in the chair between us.  Many of the stylists and assistants were wearing safety pins.  So the lady in the middle chair turned to the lady in the far right chair (she must’ve been wearing a pin too though I couldn’t see it) and asked, “What’s with the safety pins?  Explain it to me.”

Explain it to me.  I thought that was so awesome.

When the lady in the middle chair got the gist of the safety pin idea she began to get really excited because she remembered a craft she made with safety pins years ago.  So she started Googling.  It took her no time to find a safety pin flag. 

Then the two of them got all excited and started swapping pictures and reminiscing about Girl Scout projects.  The lady in the far right immediately offered to make a Gay Pride flag pin for her stylist.  And it made my heart happy to hear these ladies talk about creating a safe space.