50's bathing suit

OK I hope it’s not creepy to say this but the fact that Taylor has kind of found her sexy is awesome.

Everyone kind of sees her as little Taylor Swift, with the 50’s bathing suits and potato sack dresses. But then the 1989 era arrived and she was like BAM! sexy. And no one was prepared for it! Like the 1989 costumes are so much sexier and form fitting that anything she’s ever worn.

I’m like 100% straight so I hope this doesn’t sound like hella creepy but it’s just like our baby is grown up! Like she is a grown woman and she’s letting the world know it! Plus she’s doing it on her terms. She’s found ways to be sexy that work for her. Which is rad and I’m stoked she’s empowered like that!

I mean that’s what it is. She’s not worried about people going “oh is Taylor Swift too sexy now” she’s just kind of going with it because she feels good! She’s so comfortable with herself and what she’s doing. Everything about that is inspiring.