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Best selling musicians of all time.

10. Whitney Houston

  • Album sales: 170-200 Million 
  • Years active: 1977-2012 
  • Best selling album: The Bodyguard, 45 Million copies sold. 

9. Celine Dion

  • Album sales:200+ Million 
  • Years active:1981-Present 
  • Best selling album: Falling Into You, 32 Million copies sold. 

8. Mariah Carey

  • Album sales:200+ Million 
  • Years active: 1988-Present 
  • Best selling album: Music Box, 32 Million copies sold. 

7. Pink Floyd

  • Album sales:250 Million 
  • Years active:1965-1996, 2014 
  • Best selling album: The Dark Side of The Moon, 50 Million copies sold. 

6. Led Zeppelin

  • Album sales: 250-300 Million 
  • Years active: 1968-1980 
  • Best selling album: Led Zeppelin IV, 37 Million copies sold. 

5. Elton John

  • Album sales: 300 Million 
  • Years active: 1964-Present 
  • Best selling album: Elton John’s Greatest Hits, 16 Million copies sold. 

4. Madonna

  • Album sales:300+ Million 
  • Years active:1979-Present 
  • Best selling album: The Immaculate Collection, 30 Million copies sold. 

3. Michael Jackson

  • Album sales:400 Million 
  • Years active: 1964-2009 
  • Best selling album:Thriller, 65 Million copies sold. *Highest Selling Album Of All Time* 

2. Elvis

  • Album sales:500-600 Million 
  • Years active: 1954-1977 
  • Best selling album:? 

1. The Beatles

  • Album sales:600+ Million 
  • Years active:1960-1970 
  • Best selling album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 32 Million copies sold. 

A lot of vintage beauty and makeup trends seem to only cover the 40′s, 50′s, and 60′s. The 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s are far less glamorized IMO in terms of fashion and beauty. While the 40′s, 50′s, and 60′s were peak glamour– I think that the 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s truly catered to the beauty of WOC. Not to mention that more starlets came out of those eras as opposed to the early half of the 20th century. But it doesn’t mean that WOC can’t rock 40′s makeup, a 50′s hairdo, and a 60′s outfit ;)

Aesthetic Blog Rates™

Would you look at that, it’s almost my one year anniversary on Tumblr! You guys wanna do some Blog Rates? I mean, I spent most of today drinking Diet Ginger-Ale in a stolen hotel fuzzy robe, so OBVIOUSLY I’m qualified. 


  • Send me the title of your favorite book or television show.   
  • Reblog, but only if you feel like it. I really can’t afford to be a fascist AND a fuzzy-robe wearer. 

How it works:

  • Send me an ask with your favorite media title (don’t forget to stipulate that it is for a blog rate or else I might mistake it for a moodboard request!) and I’ll select the aesthetic concepts that I think fit your blog’s archive and vibe the best.


Season: Fall / Spring / Summer / Winter 

Adjective: Graceful / Ethereal / Charming / Regal / Brilliant / Dreamy / Ravishing / Sultry / Decadent / Fearless / Affectionate / Satiny / Haunted / Curious 

Time Period: Medieval / Victorian / 20′s / 30′s / 40′s / 50′s / 60′s / 70′s / 80′s / 90′s / Modern / Space Age    

Shakespearean Play: Romeo & Juliet / Macbeth / Hamlet / A Midsommer Nights Dream /  Much Ado About Nothing 

Element: Fire / Earth / Water / Air

Greek Mythology: Zeus / Poseidon / Hades / Hera / Ares / Athena / Persephone / Demeter / Aphrodite / Nyx / Dionysus / Hermes / Apollo

Astrological Sign: Aries / Taurus / Gemini / Cancer / Leo / Virgo / Libra / Scorpio / Sagittarius / Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces 

anonymous asked:

How do you get past fear in moving forward and change in life, relationships, goals, failure.... how does one gain self confidence they lost in another person?

fear - it will always be there. always. it will be there waiting for you in your 30′s, 40′s, 50′s 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s & all the way up until you fuckin’ die. there’s no avoiding her. but where others see a stop sign, you must see a sign that says ‘proceed with caution’ (unless you’re drunk then run through that bitch). you have to keep going in spite of it. but how? you must give yourself permission to suck donkey ass in everything. and i mean everything. the more you try/do in life… the more (likely) you’re gonna fuck up & the more self-confidence will spring from those experiences. here’s the thing… my self-confidence didn’t come from reading & thinking about it. it came from participation. i don’t believe in passively watching life go by… i believe in being an active participant, a starter, a performer. the world’s a stage, you have to be the greatest performer you can be. just remember that life is one big experiment. the more experiments you run, the more results you’ll get… here is what i would do if i were in your shoes :

create a fake survey (make sure the questions are funny) and print out a bunch of them. go buy a few clipboards & pens & put them in your backpack and head down to your local mall. walk around and find the cutest girls and ask them if they’d be interested in taking your fake survey. tell them they have a chance to win a new iPhone 7 or something. this experiment will skyrocket your self-confidence. i know…. because i did something similar as a joke inside a japanese market to meet shy japanese girls a long time ago (back in 2000/1ish). one of the questions was, who would win in a fight: sailormoon or goku? i got quite a few giggles. anyhow, after running that experiment i was no longer shy of talking to foreign girls. it also helped me later down the road when i started promoting my own night at a lesbian club & helping other friends with their nightclubs. 

hope that helps. ~rob

p.s. if you do get a number, tell them it’s a fake survey but you’d be happy to call them back to invite them for free coffee or something. good luck