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Sorry, I think you misunderstood me. I meant Henry in the AU. He grew up in the same world as Emma but was ultimately strong enough to fight the Queen and to become a knight. Why would Emma be any different in that situation? Why was she so pathetically weak but he was strong?

I think you have a very superficial reading on Henry in the AU.  He tried to execute someone who had their hands out and wasn’t going to defend themselves.  That’s not brave.  I don’t think Henry in the AU is at all the figure you are assuming.


Sooooo Anabel now works for the International Police in Pokémon S/M and she looks a lot like Kirigiri in her DR3 outfit… and thus this was born XD

I love Anabel’s role in S/M and I can’t wait for those who haven’t played it yet or haven’t reached the post-game to meet her