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We used to play whatever kind of music we liked at my store (so long as it wasn't super inappropriate or had bad words). One day I didn't work an old person complained to my manager about the music, that it was suggestive and too inappropriate for kids. The song wasn't even bad! It just suggested a romantic encounter! So for a while we were playing 50s music, and I realized how suggestive THOSE songs were, but old people would come in and be like "THIS IS MY JAM" and start dancing to sex songs

The more things change the more they say the same. I wonder if the parents in the 50′s and 60′s complained about all the sex in the songs too. There was one my father loved that was a song by a guy claiming to be 18 trying to “hook up” a 16 year old girl. But I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. (I stopped listening to my parents version of oldies long before my generations music was considered oldies).



Lyrica’s oyajis! Daisuke’s quirk gives people an energy boost with contact from his padded palms (backslaps or high fives are the usual); Hibiki’s can calm people down with his singing voice (and make them happy to follow his orders to a degree if he sings them out). They combine to form Lyrica’s soothing+energizing vocal quirk!

“She wore orange - flaming orange - in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Now that’s a color almost nobody can carry off, and when I heard about it I was livid - ‘what are they trying to do to poor Marilyn?’ Jane Russell, next to Marilyn in that shipboard scene, wears classic black and looks great. That is, if you even look at her. Marilyn is gorgeous, like a glowing, palpitating orange flame, in that dress. How wrong I was!”
- Jack Cole