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  • Takeru: Hello?
  • Yusaku: Hey, Takeru. Kusanagi tried to get me to vandalize a police station again. Can I get a ride home?
  • Takeru: Sorry, man, I don't have a car.
  • Yusaku: What?! You picked me up from ballroom dance lessons last week!
  • Takeru: Yeah, but [indecipherable].
  • Yusaku: But—
  • Takeru: (to someone on his end) —where's the gun? Where's the gun?! I gotta go, man, this is getting real. Takeru out! (he hangs up)
  • Yusaku: (sigh) ...Good thing I wore my Heelies...

During mission:

Wade, pointing at Tony and Steve: Shaggy and Scooby, you check the upstairs.

Wade, pointing at Peter: Velma, you check the basement.

Tony: Who are you, Wade? Freddy?

Wade: Bitch, I’m Daphne.

Matthias: Every talk I have with you people gets more and more absurd! 

Kaz: You say ‘you people’ like you’re not part of the group. Well, I’ve got news for you, bud. You’re already on the Christmas card.

Signs as Thugisa's best lines
  • Aries: It's a big pool. How many bodies you think fit in here? I wanna say... a lot. Looks like a lot
  • Taurus: Look at him in his stupid glasses and his dumb outfit. I HAVE TO HAVE HIM!
  • Gemini: Whaddup sluts?! Guess who've just got out of prison!
  • Cancer: *sees Rei* *Miss New Booty starts playing in the distance* bitch you gonna me mine
  • Leo: *flirting attempt gets rejected* But you do admit that we are currently flirting?
  • Virgo: Ayo, homeboy looking like shark week, I ain't messing with that shit
  • Libra: Why he touching my man WHERE HE GO WITH MY MAN
  • Scorpio: Thanks for the life lesson, Boy Meets World, how is your repressed love life doing?
  • Sagittarius: Your ass just got looney tooned
  • Capricorn: Can't prove nothing if they all dead
  • Aquarius: Look at that majestic ass motherfucker. Like a dolphin or some shit. A dolphin with legs, and arms... And a jetpack
  • Pisces: Makoto I love you but you're dumb as hell
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How to Enter a Room as Explained by Batfam

Duke: the same way any sane person enters a room Either “hey everyone, what’s up?” Or “What’s new Scooby Doo?”

Dick: be friendly. Show em you’re hip. “Yo yo cool cats what’s the happs?”

Jason: i like the classic “WHAT’S UP SLUTS GUESS WHO JUST GOT OUT OF PRISON” or if I’m feeling fancy “SALUTATIONS MOTHERFUCKERS”

Tim: i start by saying “hello” then they say “what are you doing here?” I say “Don’t you recognize me? I’m Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, genius, and son of a billionaire!” And they say “yes of course but why are you in my house hiding in the fridge”

Steph: well you see i carry a confetti gun with me wherever i go

Cass: “hello… my… bitches”

Damian: “greetings, peasants” establishing dominance is the first step in gathering allies

Bnha ships as 50% off quotes

Izuocha - Provisional license nothing! I want that boy to be my bride!

Tododeku - Oh no… he’s hot when he’s sad!

Todomomo - But you do admit that we are currently flirting

Kiribaku - Kirishima is fighting his gay little heart out for you

Bakudeku - Bitch you gonna be mine

Kacchako - I wasn’t thinking about killing you

Tsuchako - It’s fine baby, if you get scared you can hold my hand

KiriKami - I was actually going to ask you what size color you wear, c’mon lemme get them digits baby

KamiJirou - Look at him in his stupid glasses and dumb outfit. I have to have him!

Momojirou - That honey from U.A. is here and I want to politely ask her if she wants to get rowdy in the back of my dad’s prius

The Signs as 50% Off Quotes

Aries: “This is it. This is the year I get my penis back from that dolphin who stole it”
Taurus: “Why he touchin’ my man! WHERE HE GOIN’ WITH MAH MAN!” 
Gemini:   “Oh no. I got a flashback boner”
Cancer:  “Swim team nothing! I want that boy to be my bride!”
Leo:  *Booty Booty Booty Booty rockin’ everywhere* “Bitch you gonna be mine”
Virgo:  “I’m sinning tonight!”
Libra: “Painting sure is fun. You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend.”
Scorpio: “What’s up sluts! Guess who just got out of prison!”
Sagittarius: “THEY’RE MY OSTRICHES!”
Capricorn:  “Do not be alarmed! I’m about to be hilarious!”
Aquarius:  “USURPER!!”
Pisces: “The loser has to commit… Swimpuku.”