50 years younger

Always Love You

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Rumlow kidnaps the reader as a trap to get Bucky back. Reader gets pretty banged up, but the avengers save her in time.

Word Count: 2331

Warnings: kidnapping, violence, angsty, mention of sexual abuse, torture, really fluffy ending

Notes: If any of the triggers set you off, please don’t read this. This is pretty long for a one-shot, but I didn’t want to cut out anything.

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“Bye Gerta, see you tomorrow!” You waved at the librarian, 80 years old and still kicking. “See you later dear. Tell hot buns that if he still wants that coffee, I’m always free.” Ever since you introduced Bucky to Gerta, it seemed as if she was 50 years younger. “I’ll send him your love.” You grabbed your bag, “Walk safely you here? Kindergarten class is coming tomorrow and I’m gonna need your energy boost.” She hands you your jacket, “I’ll be here bright and early.” With a final goodbye, you headed down the street to head home. Pulling out your phone, you sent a message to Bucky, ‘Heading home now. Do we need any groceries?’ A ding on your phone grabbed your attention. ‘Nope, all I need is for you to be here so we can finally celebrate. ;)’ It was your two year anniversary together and Bucky had something special planned. ‘You know I’ll always love you right?’ ‘And I’ll always love you. Be home in a few love.’ As you tucked your phone away you accidently bumped into someone, causing your bag to spill its contents on the pavement. 

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