50 years younger

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice

Most Tomarry Time Travel Fics; The Beginning:

It begins with Harry either accidentally (bc he’s Harry) or purposely finding a time turner. And then BAM! Into Diagon Alley where suddenly everyone’s dressed in a more… Older way than before. So Harry investigates and finds a news paper.

But oh no! What is this??? 

Harry is surprised!!! How-Wha- AHGG FFFFF

Oh! He recognises this time!1!1! Its- its- ITS RIDDLE’S TIME (+ a 50? years younger Dumbles)!

But! Since he’s Harry Potter, he mentally counts to 7 (the magic number! >:0) and stops flailing in the middle of a crowded area. He then… Thinks.

Woah!! So many options to choose from… After Harry goes through what he should do now, and gets his … Stuff… Prepared, he decides- “You know what, I’ll make the best of my situation and mess with everyone while I’m at it. I’m off!”

But oh no, that’s just the beginning.

I honestly don’t know anymore lol. These were supposed to be doodles but eh. It doesn’t matter though, because I’ll read those fics anyway. I enjoy the Time Travel cliches ;) 

Animals You Didn't Know Existed

1. The Dhole

The Dhole is a species of canid native to South and Southeast Asia. The dhole is a highly social animal, living in large clans which occasionally split up into small packs to hunt. It primarily preys on medium-sized ungulates, which it hunts by tiring them out in long chases, and kills by disemboweling them. Though fearful of humans, dhole packs are bold enough to attack large and dangerous animals such as wild boar, water buffalo, and even tigers.

2. The Babirusa 

Babirusa, meaning “Hog-deer”, are members of the pig family found in Wallacea, or specifically the Indonesian islands of Sulawesi, Togian, Sula and Buru. If a babirusa does not grind its tusks (achievable through regular activity), they will eventually keep growing so as to penetrate the animal’s own skull.

3. Pink Fairy Armadillo

The pink fairy armadillo is approximately 3.5-4.5 inches long, excluding the tail, and is pale rose or pink in color. It has the ability to bury itself completely in a matter of seconds if frightened. It is a nocturnal animal and it burrows small holes near ant colonies in dry soil, and feeds mainly on ants and ant larvae near its burrow. It uses large front claws to agitate the sand, allowing it to almost swim through the ground like it is water. It is torpedo-shaped, and has a shielded head and back.

4. The Fossa

The fossa is a cat-like, carnivorous mammal that is endemic to Madagascar. The fossa is the largest mammalian carnivore on the island of Madagascar and has been compared to a small cougar. It has semi-retractable claws and flexible ankles that allow it to climb up and down trees head-first, and also support jumping from tree to tree.

5. The Gerenuk

The gerenuk, also known as the Waller’s gazelle, is a long-necked species of antelope found in dry thorn bush scrub and desert in Eastern Africa. The word gerenuk comes from the Somali language, meaning “giraffe-necked”. Gerenuks have a relatively small head for their body, but their eyes and ears are proportionately large. Gerenuks seldom graze but browse on prickly bushes and trees, such as acacias. They can reach higher branches and twigs than other gazelles and antelope by standing erect on their rear legs and stretching their elongated necks.

6.Naked Mole Rat

This creature has a lot of characteristics that make it very important to human beings. For one it is resistant to cancer. They also live up to 28 years, which is unheard of in mammals of its size. It seemingly does not age much in those 28 years either. It remains “young, healthy and fully fertile for almost all its days, which for an elderly animal is equivalent to an 80-year-old woman having the biological make-up of someone 50 years younger.” The naked mole rat is used in both cancer research and the study of aging. Not only making it a bizarre creature, but an incredibly important creature as well.

7. Irrawaddy Dolphin 

The Irrawaddy dolphin is a species of oceanic dolphin found near sea coasts and in estuaries and rivers in parts of the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia. Genetically, the Irrawaddy dolphin is closely related to the killer whale.

8. Markhor

The markhor is a large species of wild goat that is found in northeastern Afghanistan and Pakistan. The species is classed by the IUCN as Endangered, as there are fewer than 2,500 mature individuals. The markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. While chewing the cud, a foam-like substance comes out of its mouth which drops on the ground and dries. This foam-like substance is sought after by the local people, who believe it is useful in extracting snake poison from snake bitten wounds.

9. Yeti Crab

Also known as the Kiwaidae, this crab is a type of marine decapod living at deep-sea hydrothermal vents and cold seeps. The animals are commonly referred to as “yeti crabs” because of their claws and legs, which are white and appear to be furry like the mythical yeti

10. Snub-Nosed Monkey

Snub-nosed monkeys live in various parts of Asia and get their name from the short stump of a nose on their round face. Snub-nosed monkeys inhabit mountain forests, in the winter moving into deeply secluded regions. They spend the majority of their life in the trees and live together in very large groups of up to 600 members. They have a large vocal repertoire, calling sometimes solo while at other times together in choir-like fashion.

11. The Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolf is the largest canid in South America, resembling a large fox with reddish fur. This mammal is found in open and semi-open habitats, especially grasslands with scattered bushes and trees throughout South America. The maned wolf is the tallest of the wild canids and it’s long legs are most likely an adaptation to the tall grasslands of its native habitat.

12. Southern Right Whale Dolphin

The southern right whale dolphin is a small and slender species of mammal found in cool waters of the southern hemisphere. They are fast active swimmers and have no visible teeth and no dorsal fin. They are very graceful and often move by leaping out of the water continuously

13. Southern Red Muntjac

Found in south Asia, it has soft, short, brownish or greyish hair and is omnivorous, feeding on grass, fruits, shoots, seeds, birds’ eggs as well as small animals. It sometimes even displays scavenging behavior, feeding on carrion. It gives calls similar to barking, usually upon sensing a predator. Males are extremely territorial and—despite their diminutive size—can be quite fierce. They will fight each other for territory using their antlers or their tusk-like upper canine teeth, and can even defend themselves against certain predators such as dogs.

14. Cyphonia Clavata 

It is a species of treehopper called Cyphonia Clavata that literally has an ant growing out of its head. Well not literally, the ant-like thing on its head is an appendage that hides the treehopper’s actual body from predators.

15. Sunda Colugo

Also known as The Sunda flying lemur, it is not actually a lemur and does not fly. Instead, it glides as it leaps among trees. It is strictly arboreal, is active at night, and feeds on soft plant parts such as young leaves, shoots, flowers, and fruits. The Sunda Coluga can be found throughout Southeast Asia in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore

16. Tufted Deer

The Tufted Deer is a small species of deer characterized by the prominent tuft of black hair on its forehead. It is a close relative of the muntjac, living somewhat further north over a wide area of central China. It is a timid animal, mainly solitary or found in pairs and prefers places with good cover, where it is well camouflaged.

17. Lamprey

Lampreys are a type of jawless fish that live mostly in coastal and fresh waters whose adults are characterized by a toothed, funnel-like sucking mouth. They attach themselves to fish and suck their blood. Lampreys have been around for nearly 300 millions years and their body structure has remained relatively unchanged.

18. Raccoon Dog

The Raccoon Dog, or Tanuki, is a canid indigenous to East Asia. The raccoon dog is named for its resemblance to the raccoon, to which it is not closely related. They are very good climbers and regularly climb trees.

19. The Patagonian Mara

The Patagonian Mara is a relatively large rodent found in parts of Argentina. This herbivorous, somewhat rabbit-like animal has distinctive long ears and long limbs and its hind limbs are longer and more muscular than its forelimbs.

20. The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher is found in forests and woodlands throughout most of the Amazon basin. They are about 6 ½ inches in length and like to dart out from branches to catch flying insects or pluck them from leaves. They build very large nests (sometimes up to 6 feet long) on a branches near water. The nest hangs over the water which makes it hard for predators to reach.

21. Zebra Duiker

The zebra duiker is a small antelope found in Ivory Coast and other parts of Africa. They have gold or red-brown coats with distinctive zebra-like stripes (hence the name) Their prong-like horns are about 4.5 cm long in males, and half that in females. They live in lowland rainforests and mostly eat leaves and fruit.

22. Star-Nosed Mole

The star-nosed mole is a small mole found in wet low areas of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. It is easily identified by the 11 pairs of pink fleshy appendages ringing its snout, which is used as a touch organ with more than 25,000 minute sensory receptors, known as Eimer’s organs, with which this hamster-sized mole feels its way around.


Our Executive Director’s daughter has been working/interning here for 4 or 5 years at this point.  Now that she’s graduated she’s been promoted to having a real position and desk of her own and no longer has to spend her days locked in a closet battling the scantron machine (though she was put in charge of training one of our other earnest 22 year old staff in how to use our ancient and terrifying scantron machine).

Anyway, the point is that now she’s part of a whole group of 22 year old women who work here, the rest of us are all trying to be super supportive of her creating a “new” identity where people don’t think of her as the boss’s daughter and most of them don’t even know that she’s the boss’s daughter.  It also means we value her many, many years of experience with our work while actively glossing over how she knows about shit we did 10 years ago…..and finally, most importantly, when talking about some wacky thing our org did in 2009, I felt it was inappropriate to ask, “So, it was hard enough dealing with your dad’s anarcho-primitivist stage as his employee and also someone who was not-not in her own anarcho-primitivist stage…but what was it like to go through middle school with your dad railing about apocalyptic climate change every day?”

Someday we will be at a work function that includes alcohol and I will ask this.  


Request: Can u do a sebastian stan and reader pregnant but reader is younger than sebastian and they only been dating for 6 months

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word count: 1,061

A/N: That moment when Seb is 15+ years older than you so all you can do is write stuff like this about him…

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You were currently curled up in a ball on your bathroom floor bawling your eyes out.

Why? You might ask:

You had discovered a little while ago that you were pregnant with Sebastian Stan’s child, which had been completely fine for a moment, until all the negative thoughts piled up in your mind.

It wasn’t like you guys had a one night stand, or that you didn’t love Sebastian, because god knows you loved him with all your life. In fact, you both loved each other very much and were in a committed relationship. So then what’s the problem?

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sesiidae  asked:

Hey Velvetto, do u think Regis or Dettlaff would have children one day? I don't have any headcanons about the two vampires starting a family together. Just wonder if Regis or Dettlaff have ever thought about getting children? Would be very interested in your opinion about that. Oh - and you're doing a very great job. A very, very great job. Thank's for your awesomeness. :)

Aw, thank you! The thing is, I kinda think Dettlaff might already have children.

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cryptid crewdles: the return

-beach bosses. 50-years-younger bosses (boss babies).
-umeko is a tsuchinoko and one of indrids daughters. shes a rascal
-3rd row ft. @whimsical-gay’s shithead vampire jachobin for the cryptid campaign im running in the future + his good pal chayo
-fresno nighttwins
-lesbian cryptid power couple jersey + bigfoot
-bray!! the beast of bray road. i havent posted a drawing of him ever. it took a while to figure out his design. he sucks as a person

After the latest episode of Samurai Jack

[Sees fandom getting worked up over Jashi being canon] So it’s okay for people to like same sex relationships on Tumblr but it’s NOT okay to ship two characters of the OPPOSITE SEX TOO!? Is it just me, or is Tumblr becoming more and more hetero phobic by the minute?

[Sees fandom saying it’s a fathar/daughter relationship gone incest] You DO realize Jack and Ashi AREN’T related and Ashi is Aku’s daughter and not Jack’s right?

[Sees fandom saying the age gap is too distant] You’re only HALF right. If Jack were physically 50 years older it would’ve been creepy, but Jack hasn’t aged and it’s pretty common in fiction for ageless characters to fall in love with others who’re 50+ years younger than them. (Rose Quartz anyone?) I mean it’s not like Jack knew Ashi when she was a kid you know, that’s when the ageless age gap would’ve been too far.

Always Love You

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Rumlow kidnaps the reader as a trap to get Bucky back. Reader gets pretty banged up, but the avengers save her in time.

Word Count: 2331

Warnings: kidnapping, violence, angsty, mention of sexual abuse, torture, really fluffy ending

Notes: If any of the triggers set you off, please don’t read this. This is pretty long for a one-shot, but I didn’t want to cut out anything.

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(GIF not mine credit to owners)

“Bye Gerta, see you tomorrow!” You waved at the librarian, 80 years old and still kicking. “See you later dear. Tell hot buns that if he still wants that coffee, I’m always free.” Ever since you introduced Bucky to Gerta, it seemed as if she was 50 years younger. “I’ll send him your love.” You grabbed your bag, “Walk safely you here? Kindergarten class is coming tomorrow and I’m gonna need your energy boost.” She hands you your jacket, “I’ll be here bright and early.” With a final goodbye, you headed down the street to head home. Pulling out your phone, you sent a message to Bucky, ‘Heading home now. Do we need any groceries?’ A ding on your phone grabbed your attention. ‘Nope, all I need is for you to be here so we can finally celebrate. ;)’ It was your two year anniversary together and Bucky had something special planned. ‘You know I’ll always love you right?’ ‘And I’ll always love you. Be home in a few love.’ As you tucked your phone away you accidently bumped into someone, causing your bag to spill its contents on the pavement. 

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Anna’s back and better than ever…. In the new SportsBild, Anna talks about overcoming exhaustion and depression.  But now, she feels 50 years younger!  Anna travels to Copper mountain on Friday and should be ready for Lake Louise in December.

Top 5 Ships You’ll Go Down With No Matter What.

I was tagged by @iammultitudes and I must admit that I have several(and I mean a fuck ton) of OTPs so this was a little difficult to categorize. But I’m doing it in order from abso-fav to okay-fav.

1. Harrymort/Tomarry.

Generally, I consider Tom Riddle and Voldemort to be two different people, but we need to realize that even when he made his first Horcrux, Tom called himself Voldemort. So in a way, all the Horcruxes are Tom Riddle and Voldemort. It’s a tricky mess, but I don’t mind using it to my benefit.

I can see the connection between Tom/Harry/Voldemort. One wrong move in Harry’s childhood could have created a second Tom Riddle. Easy. Despite their difficult pasts, I think that these two pairings can be very in depth and powerful and two people who could probably understand each other better than anyone else, would be good together. They have similarities, but can still remain as their own persons.

I like the closeness.

2. Johnlock.

A lot of people want to believe that Sherlock is either Asexual, or because ‘women aren’t his area’ he’s Homosexual. Or even Sherlock isn’t the kind of person who cares about gender if he hates chauvinists and supremacists, so he’s Pansexual. All are completely possible. Sherlock is Sherlock and I personally don’t think he cares for gender. Sex is sex. It doesn’t alarm him.

John has only ever stated that he ‘isn’t gay’. That leaves every other sexual orientation. I know that as a Pansexual, I wouldn’t want people to think I’m only interested in women because it removes every other gender as a option and if people in my city think I’m only into women, I’ve lost my chances with several thousand people. I think John could easily be any sexuality, just like Sherlock.

Besides those points, they’re just so good together! John barely has friends and Sherlock had never had someone to understand him fully and accept him. John stayed. How many people had Sherlock gone through before John? How many times did he stand outside 221 B waiting for a flatmate? We don’t know, but the Headcanons it brings up are enough to keep us enthralled.

Their friendship is cute and I love that it actually seems real. There is Chemistry between them. The ‘broken’ little army doctor with an adrenaline addiction and the danger living detective who is friendless and addicted to cocaine. They compliment each other. They giggle at crime scene for God’s sake!

As an OTP I don’t need them to be having hot and wild sex (though if they did it would be lovely!0 I just want them to be happy. They could stay friends, become slovers, enter a romance without sexual interest, whatever. Just. Be. Happy.

3. Hannigram.

This pairing is seriously fucked up and beautiful.

They’re both just so lonely. Both have these amazing minds and skills and no one else truly appreciates them. Both want someone to see them in their entirety and someone who wants to keep looking even knowing what they know.

It’s a twisted, obsessive and possessive love bordering on psychopathic. 

Cannibalism and murdering aside, much of the show is about talking and emotions. There is depth to every character especially Will and Hannibal.

These two make Romeo and Juliet look healthy. But it’s okay. They mutually agreed to ignore the annoying parts of one another to continue enjoying what they liked most! This isn’t some sick Stockholm Syndrome. Hannibal is just as enamored with Will as Will is with him. They’ve got each other. Will lured Hannibal in and Hannibal hunted Will down.

Drama, betrayal, fun, and sarcasm at its finest. Such detailed relationships are always fun to delve into. And as a person who ships a mass murderer and the kid he tried to murder who is at least 50 years younger than him, I don’t care about ‘he tried to kill him’ shit. So much more to a character than being a killer or a victim 

Sometimes, we hurt the ones who love us most and love the ones who hurt us most.

This holds very true for Hannigram.

4. Shizaya

I swear to God, the first time I watched Durarara, I thought they were flirting! Harsh words, insults, knives and soda machines being thrown between them and all that shit. I thought it was some kind of foreplay!

And then apparently they really hate each other and I was just.. ‘nope, nope, nope, nope, NOPE!’.

I can totally ship this!

I ship it!

5. NaruSasu/SasuNaru.

I have a lot of gay OTPs but I don’t necessarily care the gender of the two so long as they are together and happy.

I hated that Sasuke ended up with Sakura! She still knows next to nothing about him! Karin knew more about him and then ended up with a kid! I don’t even hate that he had a kid with Karin! He’s obviously attracted to the Uzumaki attitude.

Naruto understood Sauske on a level that no one else ever will. Naruto and Sasuke had this sort of relationship that was hard to explain to others. They fought and whined, and were so competitive, but they enjoyed each other’s presence.

Naruto was supportive. Naruto was determined to save Sasuke(even if he didn’t understand that Sasuke didn’t need saving). Naruto stuck by Sasuke till the end, even when Sasuke attacked him. Even when he insulted him. 

Sakura will never have that kind of closeness with Sasuke.

I just really like how well they go together.


Gaara/Sakura, Itachi/Naruto, Kakashi/Naruto, Zaro/Kaname, Ulquiorra/Orihime, Ichigo/Ulquiorra, Ichigo/Sosuke, Spacedogs, Johniarty, Snarry, Blarry, Harry/Luna, and many more.

I tag…

@isali3, @wwi-flying-ace, and @fernandothefox.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was just wondering, why do you ship Wanda/Steve? I don't mean this to be rude, or anything, I'm actually just really curious. Thanks, and have a great day! :)

This is kind of a big question. I’m not gonna lie. I don’t think you sound rude at all and I completely get people asking because it’s a ship that’s only been touched on a couple times in some “recent” runs (Avengers Disassembled, Uncanny, Captain America and the Falcon which is older but nonetheless) and then hinted at in some of the old comics. I’ve touched on this topic here, here, here… I think those are my tiny rants. But I’ll expand here a bit, now including some MCU things we know. Minor Age of Ultron spoilers and speculation below.

So in the comics, I think I covered that fairly well in my links. Wanda, always a bit all over the place, has canonically since early early comics, admired Steve and his abilities as a leader and his ability to be so…pulled together? I also remember reading somewhere a while back, I’ll look for it but honestly I don’t have the source right now, but that during one of the original old Avengers runs, Steve and Wanda were meant to end up together, but the run ended prematurely so it didn’t happen. So this didn’t come from thin air. They’ve always had this mutual respect and admiration for one another and their abilities. And, the biggest thing I addressed above, was that Steve has always been good and kind to this character who has made so many mistakes and honestly fucked up a lot. Even in a story like AvX, where they weren’t a couple, he was ready and willing to bring her back into the team after what she’d done when she came back to the mansion looking for forgiveness. Really, everyone was, but Steve was team leader. The reason she didn’t end up back with them? Because they left the final choice to that fucking asshole the Vision, who told her to go away (this is not a place for my Vision feelings and I sincerely hope to like him in the films because I do want to like him it’s just tough for me with how he’s treated Wanda). Honestly, so many people close to Wanda have screwed her over at one time or another, but not Steve. The only time really was in that book they did of basically AUs, and there was a high school AU and Steve and Wanda had been a couple but broke up. But like, of all the couples, guys. They paired them. Anyway. They’ve always acknowledged what their relationship is and had a great dynamic between them, teasing one another–and at one point, when Steve tries to push Wanda away romantically because of how much older he is, she first starts telling him how she isn’t a child like he might think, and says–and I quote–”Well, Captain, everyone is nearly 50 years younger than you, you will need to come to terms with that. And with this. Love is not convenient. Love is not orderly or logical. Love is where you find it.” Then they kiss. If that’s not reason enough man like that’s BEAUTIFUL. You can find a section of those panels here.

Now, comes the newer question. The MCU. Of course, I was shipping it in the MCU before there was much logic, because I had the comic ship under my belt with a dash of hope. Then they sat Chris and Lizzie next to each other at the San Diego Comic Con poster signings and I was an absolute disaster. My laptop wallpaper is still a photo of the two of them from that. But the more we learned about the twins and their new story, the more I kept thinking, hey. Maybe at least they’ll talk. Have a chat in the film. I thought that would be enough. But as we learn more, the more I think this is entirely possible. Wanda is from a torn up country in middle of nowhere Eastern Europe, called Sokovia (spelling is unsure, but that’s what Maria Hill called it). She was orphaned at ten and only had her best friend, her brother, as they likely lived poor and on the streets. They worked together to survive. They had each other, no matter what else. And they fought. You can see, they fought, they spoke up about the causes that meant something to them. And then, this man, a German scientist, gives them an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. To do more. To help their country and fight the people who wanted, as far as they were aware, to take everything they knew away from them. Does that sound like a familiar story to you? Steve Rogers, sickly, orphaned young, only had Bucky, survived because of each other, met with a German scientist to potentially do something more–Steve Rogers said it himself. And if that’s not “shared life experience”, man, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, because of her upbringing, there’s so much Wanda doesn’t know in MCU, about this world, about pop culture, silly things like that. Steve’s been there. He knows that. He can help her in so many ways. But she’s not useless, either. We’ve seen Wanda has a fight in her, a bit of sass, something that is so Steve, so like him. They’d just understand each other and get each other. And now, the more footage and stuff I see that has them talking (it looks like in terms of leadership and the twins they’re pitting Tony and Pietro and Steve and Wanda) and fighting side by side and talking to each other, the more I think that there’s a chance this could be real. 

And that, dear anon, is why I ship Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff.