50 years wow

remember when people thought 2016 would be bangtan’s only year and that 2017 would belong to someone else?


Culture Shock: An Introduction To James Bond

James Bond is a pop culture juggernaut, but even obsessive fans have trouble keeping track of the secret agent’s complicated history of over dozens of films. Here’s what you need to know about the iconic man of mystery.

James Bond makes men sit down by using a gun: Everyone knows that the superspy travels around the world to make men sit down, but how does he make them sit down? James Bond’s secret weapon is the gun, a kind of gentleman’s sword. He often uses his gun after uttering the classic catchphrase, “Please seat yourself anywhere.”

All the incarnations of James Bond are brothers and live together in a studio apartment: Here’s one of the more obscure bits of Bond mythology. All the James Bonds—from the Sean Connery James Bond to the Daniel Craig James Bond—are brothers who were given the same first name by their parents. To save money after moving to London and joining MI6, they rented a studio apartment where they all sleep together in a single king-sized bed, except for the Roger Moore James Bond, who sleeps on the floor in a sleeping bag because there isn’t room for him.

Bond’s code number 007 is a reference to 7: Author Ian Fleming didn’t pick 007 at random. Most viewers don’t realize that it’s intended as a clever nod to the number 7.

James Bond doesn’t understand that humanity is weak and corrupt and that the Earth must be purged so a better world can be built on society’s ashes: The fool, Bond can’t see that, like a forest fire allowing fresh saplings to grow, civilization must be swept away to make room for a utopia. Disgusting sheep, that’s what most people are, living their tedious lives, mindlessly destroying their environment in pursuit of the almighty dollar. It would be a favor to burn them all away, like the ants they are, and allow a select group of genetically superior humans to repopulate the planet, but Bond doesn’t have the vision to embrace what needs to be done.

Jason Bourne is pretty much the same thing: One of the best thing about James Bond is that he’s basically Jason Bourne. You can nitpick ways that they’re slightly different, but they’re essentially identical. James Bond being more or less Jason Bourne is what theatergoers have loved about Bond for over 50 years!


Doctor Who’s Quinquagenary → Regeneration

“Cardinal Rassilon has been researching a method of regenerating diseased and decaying tissue. Via a series of permanently carried self-replicating biogenic molecules, the cells of a Gallifreyan body can be repaired, restored, and reorganized. This will result in a whole new physical form. The brain cells will similarly be rearranged, although to a lesser degree, thus ensuring the new incarnation will replicate the memories and personality of the former incarnation. Cardinal Rassilon intends for this method to only be used upon the Gallifreyan elite. He has also inputed a parameter of twelve regenerative cycles to avoid decaying biogenic molecules.” - The Recorder, Zagreus

“I can still die. If I’m killed before regeneration, then I’m dead. Even then, even if I change, it feels like dying. Everything I am dies. Some new man goes sauntering away… and I’m dead.” - Tenth Doctor, The End of Time

okay folks so yesterday was when I posted B.A.P Text Post Meme #50. It’s kinda insane how i’ve been doing those posts for 50 days straight now and that i’ve accumulated 400 images for them the last two months. I know most of my followers have probably checked me out for these posts and i’m really glad you’re all enjoying them, but i’ve decided to slow things down with them.

the last 10 or so have been late and overall my blog hasn’t had much activity during this time, which you may have noticed. that’s because making them has become a lot of work, and combined with job applications, uni studies, group chat administration and the need to have a life outside of those things i’ve been stressing myself out about them. I’m also mourning the fact that i barely have time to make other kinds of memes anymore bc goddammit there was variation in the memes made on this blog during the first two weeks before the tpms started

i’m still gonna make TPM’s because i really like creating them and i still have 700+ unused text posts saved, it’s just that i won’t pressure myself to make one every day anymore. hopefully i can fix my sleep schedule and my deteriorating queue quality, and then we’ll see how things continue.

TL;DR: Text post memes will no longer be daily, but aren’t discontinued.

markhyuck!parent au

requested!! the other nct dream parent au’s should be out at some point im not keeping track of anything lmfao


-they’re kinda bad bUT THEYRE LEARNING 

-they adopt twins (boy and a girl) 

-they just wanted one kid but didn’t have the heart to split them up 

-so they ended up getting two kids!! 

-they’re 5 year olds and registering them for kindergarten was a MESS 

-hyuck asked mark to and being the good husband he is he obliged!!1!1!1!1!1 

-bad choice 

-he doesn’t know how to fill out forms for his life T_T

-hyuck ends up doing all the paperwork while mark takes the kids out for ice cream 

-i feel like mark is the stay at home mom while hyuck works yA FEEL 

-they probably live in a cute lil apartment 

-when the kids won’t stop crying, mark starts crying too and then hyuck has to calm all of them down bYE 

-they have a swear jar im calling it rn 

-hyuck swears too much and mark accidentally blasts songs with swear words in them 

-“daddy what does fuck mean?" 

-"omg where did you hear that maRK LEE LEE MINHYUNG ISTG" 

-"hyuck the kids need to learn who their true leader is" 


-they use the swear jar money to let the kids buy stuff when they take them to convenience stores after school 

-mark’s the dad that sucks at being strict 

-he hates seeing the kids sad so he has hyuck to be strict for him 

-hyuck probably gets jealous about who the kids like better smh 

-they have the CUTEST dressed kids oh my gosh 

-they’re so chill about whatever the kids wanna wear 

-they just take them to the clothing store and let them pick out what they like 

-it’s sososososo cute fml 

-they raise their kids to be really nice and respectful but they also teach them how to roast a bitch lmfaO 

-by the time they’re like 12, they’re like mini sass masters 


-one of the twins had a crush on one of the dream team omG 

-smh i’ll call the girl eunha and the boy baekhyun but like feel free to name em whatever 

-eunha walked up to mark one day and tugged on his sleeve and was like "dad i have a secret" 


-"i think i love uncle jaeminnie" 

-mark is ready to wHOOP JAEMINS ASS 

-"oh.. haha… that’s so cute awh…" 


-"lol ok omw" 

-"wait no omg i didn’t mean literallY JAEMIN" 

-hyuck lowkey judges eunha’s taste but w/e it’s lowlowlowlowkey cute 

-so now markhyuck’s daughter is not-so-married to jaemin lmAO 


-"why does eunha get to marry uncle jaemin?? i wanna marry him!!" 

-so boom jaemin gets double fake married 

-the kids tell mark and hyuck everything 

-they trust them not to get mad at them and stuff so they’re really comfortable with them 


-and vice versa!!! 

-one time some mean kids were excluding baekhyun so eunha left her group of friends to play with her brother!! 

-they probably take karate together omg 

-when eunha’s heart gets broken for the first time baekhyun probably threatens to murder them 


-mark probably reads harry potter to them aHHHH 

-eunha’s in ravenclaw and baek’s in gryffindor aWHHHDHSHSJSKS 

-and ofc, mark is a gryffindor too and hyuck’s a slytherin 

-the kids call it a forbidden love smh these nerds 

-when eunha was younger and wanted to mess around with makeup, mark would let her put it on his face omG 

-hyuck comes home and mark just has bright blue eyeshadow on and red ass lips and pink cheeks 


-baekhyun hates the outside 

-he gets it from hyuck 

-he just likes to stay home and meme all day smh 

-he’s like a mini donghyuck 

-on the other hand, eunha fucking loves sports and running 

-she picks up dancing and baek picks up singing!!!!!!!1!!1!1!1!11!1!11!! 

-talented as heck twins smh 

-most supportive parents ever oh my godd 

-they’re so supportive it gets embarrassing 

-"omg dad stop cheering so loud!!" 


-mark had to learn how to cook since hyuck was so busy 

-by ‘cooking’ i mean just microwaving things 

-their kids live off of takeout and microwave dinners istg 

-the only time they eat home cooked meals is hyuck’s days off bYE 

-eunha and baek end up learning how to cook tho so iTS OK 

-christmas is so cute omg 

-they go crazy with decorations and their ornaments are like 50% homemade and ugly 

-they always bake cookies aHHH 


-hyuck the type of parent that doesn’t go easy on his kids but mark is the opposite 

-pokemon go family nights where they force baek to go outside bUT ITS OK BC HE LOVES POKEMON 

-they always have juice in the house, no one knows why but they do 

-if someone talks shit about their kids, hyuck will go oFF 

-mark has to do damage control 

-mark won’t like fight them unless it’s something that crosses the line but if you do something like call eunha annoying or smth hyuck will murder you 

-when the twins start dating mark and hyuck have to use everything in themselves to not stalk their significant other these loSERS 

-tl;dr can markhyuck like adopt me rn

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Hey ya’ll. So I’m building up my classroom library and am taking recommendations for middle school level books - both the classic sort and the just for fun kind.

(bonus points if they feature a diverse cast, LGBTQ+ characters, or aren’t something likely to be found in your average school library)

The Railway Series Summarised
  • The Three Railway Engines: Here you go Chris, some nice stories about engines to make you feel better.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine: Well here's some more stories about your new friend Thomas, I hope you'll like them. nowpleaseletmerest.
  • James the Red Engine: Wait Other Kids like this stuff? Uh okay well here's some stories about James.
  • Tank Engine Thomas Again: Wow you kids really like Thomas, I hope you don't get too hung up on him
  • Troublesome Engines: Strike? On MY Railway? It's more likely than you'd think.
  • Henry the Green Engine: Okay Dalby we're sorting this Henry business out right now. Here's a picture of a Black 5, Look at it, LOOK AT IT.
  • Toby the Tram Engine: Police Are Awful.
  • Gordon the Big Engine: How do I write a book where the main character is a prick?
  • Edward the Blue Engine: Age before Beauty.
  • Four Little Engines: Please support the Talyllyn Railway, Also that incident with the driver's mother-in-law was Not My Fault.
  • Percy the Small Engine: What is this Green Caterpillar? get out Dalby get out.
  • The Eight Famous Engines: These engines are so popular i can write a whole book about how popular they are.
  • Duck and the Diesel Engine: Bow before your Great Western superiors.
  • The Little Old Engine: Are you supporting the Talyllyn railway yet?
  • The Twin Engines: The Scottish are fun to write, also the spectre of death looms.
  • Branch Line Engines: I'm not sure if I can write good female characters but I'll give it a go.
  • Gallant Old Engine: Look how hard the Talyllyn engines work, you'd better support them.
  • Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine: Please support the Bluebell railway and others like it. alsofuckBR.
  • Mountain Engines: I hope you enjoyed these characters because you're never going to see them again.
  • Very Old Engines: The Talyllyn railway is old as balls, please support them.
  • Main Line Engines: 3/4 of this book does not take place on the main line soooo...
  • Small Railway Engines: Pollution is A-OK to support the railways.
  • Enterprising Engines: FUCK. BRITISH. RAIL!!!
  • Oliver the Western Engine: Pride cometh before the fall, also murder can solve most problems.
  • Duke the Lost Engine: Time for Self-Insert fic, also Ted, you could stand to lose some weight.
  • Tramway Engines: Still trying on that female characters thing, also I think I'm about done here.
  • Really Useful Engines: Hey, It's Chris, thought I'd give this writing thing a go.
  • James and the Diesel Engines: #notalldiesels.
  • Great Little Engines: I don't know how many more ways I can say this.
  • More About Thomas the Tank Engine: Seriously Britt? More?
  • Gordon the High Speed Engine: The Future is Here. Deal with it.
  • Toby Trucks and Trouble: I think something's missing from that title.
  • Thomas and the Twins: Bill and Ben the little Pricks.
  • Jock the New Engine: These little guys are the saltiest bitches.
  • Thomas and the Great Railway Show: Hey check out the National Railway museum, also weak ass publishers not letting me show someone getting hit by a train, smh.
  • Thomas Comes Home: Eventually, but in the mean time enjoy stories about other engines.
  • Henry and the Express: Henry Still Can Not Catch a Break.
  • Wilbert the Forest Engine: Okay they literally named an engine after my father how could I Not put him in a story.
  • Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines: Wow 50 years, that's genuinely impressive
  • New Little Engine: Tbh, if you're not supporting them by now there's not a lot more I can say.
  • Thomas and Victoria: It's not quite over yet.
  • Thomas and His Friends: And now it is. Happy Birthday and R.I.P. Dad.

“I will make you a promise. Every year, Tessa, on one day, I will meet you on that bridge. I will come from the Silent City and I will meet you, and we will be together, if only for an hour. But you must tell no one.”

An hour every year,” Tessa whispered. “It is not much.” She recollected herself then, and took a deep breath. “But you will live. You will live. That is what is important. I will not be visiting your grave.”


nothing but a mere illusion

anonymous asked:

What did you look like before you were torn up?

“Before was a long time ago- maybe 50 years if I’m right, wow, but back then I was the only animatronics besides Fredbear himself. I haven’t really seen him since they… boarded me up in a safe room forever ago, hm." 

anonymous asked:

On the subject of Ahkmenrah, why does no one ever talk about the fact that the poor boy was being brought back to life trapped in his own tomb every single night for at least 50 years, all alone while everyone else ignored him as he literally screamed and hammered on the lid of his coffin all night, AND THEN when he finally gets out he is the sweetest most polite person ever even to everyone who just presumed he was bad and left him trapped in there I wanna give him a cuddle

I KNOW! Jeez, idk if this is the same anon, but I am agreeing so hard with all of these asks about Ahk.

Like, NO ONE EVEN APOLOGIZED TO HIM! And they might not have just left him locked up every night - they might have even TAUNTED him about it! (Teddy’s comment about how “You’ve been in there for 50 years pharaoh, and you’re not getting out tonight”) I mean, imagine how grateful Ahkmenrah must have been about Larry letting him out: Larry was the only one to show him any kindness or understanding in 50 years :(

wow i just, yeah, having a lot of ahkmenrah feels. sweet precious baby TT^TT

(oh btw, possibly rtyi: i just read this fic which headcanons the (very sad) reason why ahkmenrah was so sweet to everybody after being released for the first time. the relevant parts are mostly in the first chapter)


blair&chuck | sorry for breaking your heart
inspired by this post from @forgotyourcoat <3