50 years of time and space

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Get the latest on women making history at NASA, our Juno mission, the Curiosity rover and move!

1. Women at NASA Making History, Creating the Future

Throughout Women’s History Month, we’ve been presenting profiles of the women who are leading the way in deep space exploration.

+ Meet some of them

2. Juno and the Giant

Our Juno spacecraft made its fifth close flyby over giant Jupiter’s mysterious cloud tops.

+ See the latest from the King of Planets

3. When the Road Gets Rough, the Tough Keep Rolling

A routine check of the aluminum wheels on our Curiosity Mars rover has found two small breaks on the rover’s left middle wheel tread–the latest sign of wear and tear as the rover continues its journey, now approaching the 10-mile (16 kilometer) mark. But there’s no sign the robotic geologist won’t keep roving right through its ongoing mission.

+ Get the full report

4. What Do Mars and Dinosaurs Have in Common?

Our research reveals that volcanic activity at the giant Martian volcano Arsia Mons ceased about 50 million years ago, around the time of Earth’s Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction, when large numbers of plant and animal species (including dinosaurs) went extinct. However, there’s no reason to think the two events were more than a cosmic coincidence.

+ Learn how scientists pieced together the past

5. A Comet in Commotion

Images returned from the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission indicate that during its most recent trip through the inner solar system, the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was a very active place – full of growing fractures, collapsing cliffs and massive rolling boulders.

+ See the many faces of Comet #67P

6. Next Generation Space Robot is Ingenious, Versatile–and Cute

The next rovers to explore another planet might bring along a scout. The Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Robot (PUFFER) in development at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was inspired by origami. Its lightweight design is capable of flattening itself, tucking in its wheels and crawling into places rovers can’t fit.


7. Shadowy Dawn

According to data from our Dawn mission to Ceres, shadowed craters on the dwarf planet may be linked to the history of how the small world has been tilted over time by the gravity of planets like Jupiter.

+ Find out how understanding “cycles of obliquity” might solve solar system mysteries

8. On Orbit and Online

We’re developing a  long-term technology demonstration project of what could become the high-speed internet of the sky. The Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) will help engineers understand the best ways to operate laser communications systems, which could enable much higher data rates for connections between spacecraft and Earth, such as scientific data downlink and astronaut communications.

+ See how it will work

9. A Big Role for Small Sats in Deep Space Exploration

We selected 10 studies to develop mission concepts using CubeSats and other kinds of very small satellites to investigate Venus, Earth’s moon, asteroids, Mars and the outer planets. “These small but mighty satellites have the potential to enable transformational science,” said Jim Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division.

+ Get the small details

10. Rings Around the Red Planet?

It’s possible that one of our closest neighbors had rings at one point – and may have them again someday. At least, that’s the theory put forth by NASA-funded scientists at Purdue University.

+ See more details about the once and future rings of Mars

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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The Great Carina Nebula : A jewel of the southern sky, the Great Carina Nebula, also known as NGC 3372, spans over 300 light-years, one of our galaxys largest star forming regions. Like the smaller, more northerly Great Orion Nebula, the Carina Nebula is easily visible to the unaided eye, though at a distance of 7,500 light-years it is some 5 times farther away. This gorgeous telescopic close-up reveals remarkable details of the regions central glowing filaments of interstellar gas and obscuring cosmic dust clouds. The field of view is over 50 light-years across. The Carina Nebula is home to young, extremely massive stars, including the stars of open cluster Trumpler 14 . While Eta Carinae itself maybe on the verge of a supernova explosion, X-ray images indicate that the Great Carina Nebula has been a veritable supernova factory. via NASA


i’m the secret santa for @twentyeightisalie who wanted bones doctoring so, how about bones delivering them gorn octuplets who came out biting and their proud n happy parents

ok so gorns usually have fellow gorn be their doctors, especially for something as personal as this, but there was an emergency and bones was the only option. it took him an hour or two to get the couple to trust him and no small amount of effort to get those babies safe and sound. they’re very durable and energetic so its pretty normal to have them naked n crawling everywhere after birth. he’s also their favorite doctor (and the family occasionally comms him from time to time).

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I like how Carl and Ted are a constant throughout 25-30 years of Scooby Doo

Carl the Animator: “Aw yeah, outside the time-space continuum! We’re eternal, baby!”

Ted the Animator: “It’s the best part of being illustrative, non-corporeal contextual framing devices.”

Carl the Animator: “…whatever that means, I’m guessing it translates to ‘we’re totally awesome.’”

Ted the Animator: “Plus, what with that concept art Colin’s sister did of us, we even look like we could be from any decade.”

Carl the Animator: “Speak for yourself, Mr. ‘50s Magazine Ad Model. She drew me like a total 2017 hipster.”

Ted the Animator: “With a lab coat.”

Carl the Animator:Naturally with a lab coat.”

Ted the Animator: “Inevitably with the lab coat.”

Carl the Animator: “If anyone ever draws their own fanart of us, I don’t care if it’s in cubism… if they neglect the lab coat, they’re on the naughty list.

Ted the Animator: “That’s what pushes it over the edge, eh?”

Carl the Animator: “Yes. Not remembering the lab coat… or using Comic Sans. I will not be depicted near Comic Sans.”

Ted the Animator: “…y’know, if I remember correctly, this ask started out on a topic other than ‘Carl talks about himself.’”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, what can I say, I like talking about myself. I’m kind of awesome and all.”

Ted the Animator: “Can you quantify how awesome?”

Carl the Animator: “…as awesome as Comic Sans isn’t.”

Ted the Animator: “You and your font vendettas.”

the thought ‘oh my god, I’m old’ probably passes through Viktor’s head on a semi regular basis, like when it takes more moisturizer than usual to cover the expanse of his forehead or when he’s trapped in a car listening to Yurio’s favorite band of the moment and is this even music???

but what about when he complains about his aching joints during practice and it occurs to Yuuri for the first time, ‘he’s getting older.’ Four years never seemed significant when it was the difference between 23 and 27. But what about 66 and 70 or 76 and 80?  

Nervous late night Google searches reveal that men are at a higher risk for prostate cancer at 50, heart disease at 45. 45! It’s such a small number, and Yuuri doesn’t know the medical history of Viktor’s family which is concerning. He tries to skate around the issue for a while (it’s what he’s best at, after all), but Viktor can’t not notice how his husband has started staring into space for worryingly long intervals or how he’s traded out the contents of their liquor cabinet for red wine. 

Viktor finally intervenes when Yuuri cries over their wedding photos and tries to feed Viktor a plate of broccoli for dinner in the same night. It doesn’t take much persuading (just a hand on Yuuri’s hip and a kiss to his nape with a whispered, “what’s on your mind, my love?”) before Yuuri confesses his worries in a teary, snotty, messy deluge of unintelligible hiccupped whines and slurred words.   

Viktor holds Yuuri in his lap–stroking his hand through his hair–and reminds him that he’s still young, is in very good health, and freak accidents aside, just wants to spend whatever time he’s allotted living happily with the love of his life. 

“How could my heart ever be unhealthy when I have you in it?” Viktor asks, kissing the glistening trail of wetness of Yuuri’s cheek.

“Oh my god,” Yuuri sniffles and chokes on a soggy giggle. “You’re so cheesy.”

“But not so cheesy as to be unhealthy.” Viktor laughs along with Yuuri.

“What started all this, anyway?” He asks when Yuuri’s breathing has returned to a normal rate. ‘Please god don’t let it be my hair.’ “Was it my hair?”

“Vitya,” Yuuri’s tone is scolding. He smiles cheekily and ruffles his fingers through Viktor’s hair, squealing when Viktor grabs him by the waist and wrestles him down on the couch.

Viktor stares into Yuuri’s face–swollen-eyed but beautiful–and feels so very in love. He leans down and pecks Yuuri on the nose. “But seriously, Yura, is it my–”

His words are lost in a kiss, and that’s okay. 

He has plenty of time to ask. 


Ask Ethan: Why Was The Universe Dark For So Long?

“One thing I wonder though is why did the dark ages last hundreds of millions of years? I would have expected an order of magnitude smaller, or more.”

There’s a troubling puzzle when it comes to the Universe: the so-called ‘dark ages’ don’t come to an end until 550 million years after the Big Bang. But this is a big problem when you consider that we’ve already imaged a galaxy from when the Universe was only 400 million years old, and that we fully anticipate the first stars to form when the Universe is only 50-100 million years old. So what’s with all the darkness, then? And how do we expect the James Webb Space Telescope to see back to the very first galaxies? The answer lies in two parts. First, even though you have stars, the Universe is still filled with neutral atoms, which block visible and ultraviolet light. We need to ionize those atoms in order to have a transparent Universe, and that takes lots of time. But the second key is that the Universe, even with neutral atoms, is quite transparent to other wavelengths of light, like infrared light. And that’s where an observatory like James Webb is going to be looking!

The Universe was dark for so long because it doesn’t just need light, it needs for all the light-blocking material to disappear. But we’re going to overcome that obstacle in less than two years anyway, and that’s something we should all be excited about!

Cosmic Rays: Space Messengers

We only know 4% of what the universe is made up of. Can we also know what lies beyond our galaxy … and if there are undiscovered forms of matter? Luckily, we have space messengers — cosmic rays — that bring us physical data from parts of the cosmos beyond our reach. 

Cosmic rays were first discovered in 1912 by Victor Hess when he set out to explore variations in the atmosphere’s level of radiation, which had been thought to emanate from the Earth’s crust. By taking measurements on board a flying balloon during an eclipse, Hess demonstrated both that the radiation actually increased at greater altitudes and that the sun could not be its source. The startling conclusion was that it wasn’t coming from anywhere within the Earth’s atmosphere but from outer space. Our universe is composed of many astronomical objects. Billions of stars of all sizes, black holes, active galactic nuclei, astroids, planets and more. 

During violent disturbances, such as a large star exploding into a supernova, billions of particles are emitted into space. Although they are called rays, cosmic rays consist of these high energy particles rather than the photons that make up light rays. What makes cosmic rays useful as messengers is that they carry the traces of their origins. By studying the frequency with which different particles occur, scientists are able to determine the relative abundance of elements, such as hydrogen and helium, within the universe. But cosmic rays may provide even more fascinating information about the fabric of the universe itself. 

An experiment called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, A.M.S., has recently been installed on board the International Space Station, containing several detectors that can separately measure a cosmic ray particle’s velocity, trajectory, radiation, mass and energy, as well as whether the particle is matter or antimatter. While the two are normally indistinguishable, their opposite charges enable them to be detected with the help of a magnet. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is currently measuring 50 million particles per day with information about each particle being sent in real time from the space station to the A.M.S. control room at CERN. Over the upcoming months and years, it’s expected to yield both amazing and useful information about antimatter, the possible existence of dark matter, and even possible ways to mitigate the effects of cosmic radiation on space travel.

As we stay tuned for new discoveries, look to the sky on a clear night, and you may see the International Space Station, where the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer receives the tiny messengers that carry cosmic secrets.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How cosmic rays help us understand the universe - Veronica Bindi

Animation by TED-Ed / Jeremiah Dickey

You guys ready for a new au?

  • Aizawa never really set out to be a teacher. Hell, he doesn’t even like kids! (As is made abundantly clear when, in his first year of working at UA, he ends up expelling a grand total of 154 students before year’s end). But he has a deep respect for principal Nedzu, so when he had asked Aizawa to be a temporary teacher until Nedzu could find a replacement, Aizawa couldn’t say no.
  • Then, he meets Izuku and his classmates, and it all goes downhill from there. They’re rowdy and have too much energy and can’t follow instructions to save their lives, but they’re also brilliantly intelligent and quick on the uptake. They’re all good kids, and he is deeply proud of them.
    • (All except the purple menace, who actually ends up being expelled halfway through 1st year, and is replaced by Shinsou Hitoshi, so it all works out in the end.)
  • Aizawa guides them as their homeroom teacher for all three of their years at UA. He watches them grow into strong, confident young heroes, and he expects them to do great things with their lives. So when 7 of them (Izuku, Iida, Uraraka, Tokoyami, Shinsou, Ojiro, and strangely enough Todoroki) approach him one day after summer break (3rd year) asking him for advice about starting a joint hero agency after graduation, he knows better than to underestimate them.
  • He helps them work out the logistics, helps put them in contact with likeminded management and support students. He helps them find a building for their headquarters, and even invests a good chunk of his savings to get them started (despite his kids’ repeated objections that he doesn’t need to). He works so hard to help make sure his kids get off to a good start, and when Izuku approaches him one day, stuttering and tripping over his own words and looking so much more like that shy little first year that had walked into his class a few years ago, and when this kid he almost expelled looks him in the eye and asks if he would be willing to work work with their agency and continue to help guide them in the future, Aizawa doesn’t even have to think about it.
  • Aizawa never set out to be a teacher, but there’s nothing he would rather do than continue to help raise his kids into the heroes he knows they can be some day.
  • They start off small. With a total staff of just 20 people (including Aizawa, All Might and their kids), they don’t expect to get anywhere fast. They couldn’t have been more wrong.
  • Izuku and his group had gathered quite the following over their years at UA thanks to their outstanding performances at the sports festivals, and with the former number 1 hero backing their cause, their support is far from small.
  • On top of that, after three years of growing and learning together, the kids work together seamlessly, like extensions of the same organism.
  • The pros of working as a team quickly begin to show themselves as well. Hatsume’s information gather skills are second to none, and with such a wide pool of quirks to choose from, they never find themselves stuck in a situation of having to wait for someone with a more advantageous quirk against a villain.
  • In that first year, most of the money they make from capturing villains goes towards expanding their agency, and it’s all worth it in the end. By the time April rolls around again, they’ve grown exponentially. They have their own building now, instead of having to share a cramped little office space, and their staff of 20 has grown to 50.
  • The Alliance has gained a massive amount of public support by now, and Izuku and his friends are some of the most popular heroes out there. But they’re also starting to get a little overworked. Their information gathering is just a bit too efficient, and they don’t have enough heroes to cover every incident they learn about. Not to mention having to earn enough money to pay not only their support and management staff, but to support themselves as well. And then, in their moment of greatest need, it happens.
  • Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu, and Jirou get in touch with Izuku (the face and official leader of their group - Aizawa may be the brains behind everything, but as always he prefers to lay low and avoid the media), requesting to join The Alliance.
  • The girls had been working as sidekicks at the same pro hero agency since graduation, but after a year of being nothing more than glorified servants, they had decided to take a risk and accept the offer Izuku and the others had made them in 3rd year.
  • They’re welcomed with open arms.
  • As time passes, more and more heroes begin to join their roster, and the National Hero Alliance (NHA) continues to grow by the day.
  • Kaminari and Shouji join just three months after the girls do, and another five months after that, Satou, Kouda, and Hagakure show up on Izuku’s doorstep as well, with sheepish smiles and hopeful eyes. Izuku doesn’t have the heart to turn them down (not that he wanted to in the first place).
  • Mina, Sero, and Aoyama take a bit longer, but 7 months later, they end up joining as well.
  • Finally, it’s just Kirishima and Bakugou missing from their old class. Kirishima probably would have joined up with them even before Yaoyorozu’s group had, but he refuses to leave Bakugou’s side, and Bakugou is, of course, as stubborn as ever.
  • But Bakugou had grown, in his time at UA. His ego has deflated quite a bit, and he’s left most of his ill feelings towards Izuku in the past. He’s grown to see the boy as a worthy rival and maybe even something of a friend. But it takes him a while, to willingly agree to acknowledge Izuku as his boss. But in the end, Bakugou and Kirishima end up joining the NHA as well.
  • After that, the new members trickle in much much slower. Not because there’s a lack of candidates, of course. With all the success the NHA has had in the few short years it’s existed, there are several heroes clamouring to become a part of it. But Izuku and Aizawa are both wary about who they let in. With the rest of their classmates it had been easy, having spent three years living and learning together, but the rest is much harder.
  • They continue to grow, though, and within the decade, the face of Japanese heroics has changed drastically.
  • The NHA is still considered a private entity, but it has been recognized by the government, and has a massive amount of influence in the Heroics Industry. The vast majority of pro heroes are registered with the NHA (and those that aren’t quickly find how difficult it is to stay afloat with the NHA as competition.)
  • Within 3 decades, the NHA becomes the IHA - the International Hero Alliance, with branches in all the most powerful countries in the world.
  • The hero Deku rises in fame equal to his father and predecessor, All Might, and will one day surpass him to become known as the greatest hero of all time.

Roman Naumachiae

Naumachia (detail), an imaginative recreation by Ulpiano Checa

A naumachia was a mimic sea battle that oftentook place in a constructed basin. These entertainments also took place in flooded amphitheatres. The opposing sides were prisoners of war or convicts, who fought until one side was destroyed.

The earliest naumachia recorded (46 bc) represented an engagement between the Egyptian and Tyrian fleets and was given by Julius Caesar on an artificial lake that was constructed by him in the Campus Martius. In 2 bc Augustus staged a naumachia between Athenians and Persians in a basin newly constructed on the right bank of the Tiber at Rome. In the naumachia arranged by Claudius on Lake Fucino in ad 52, 100 ships and 19,000 men participated.

The introduction of new technologies initially led to an increased number of naumachia. The first three naumachia were spaced about 50 years apart; the following six, most of which took place in amphitheatres, occurred in a space of 30 years. Less costly in material and human terms, they could afford to be staged more frequently. Less grandiose, they became a feature of the games, but could not be considered exceptional. The iconography bears witness to this. Of some twenty representations of a naumachia in Roman art, nearly all are of the Fourth Style, of the time of Nero and the Flavian dynasty.

After the Flavian period, naumachiae disappear from the texts almost completely. Apart from a mention in the Augustan History, a late source of limited reliability, only the town records (fastia) of Ostia tells us that in 109 Trajan inaugurated a naumachia basin.

A later version of the naumachia was practiced in indoor theatres, such as London’s Sadler’s Wells, during the 19th century. A tank was constructed in the pit and stalls areas, and real boats were used for the purpose.


Videographer tries to rethink astrovideography and timelapse with some amazing work. I’ll let them explain in their caption below:

You are lying on a blanket on a clear summer night and gazing at the dark starry sky. You are trying to spot the big dipper, Andromeda, or maybe Orion. However you are noticing strange bright patches aligned in a band across the night sky and realize they are not stars: it is our home town, our own galaxy, the milky way. That’s how all star-gazing experiences, hobbies, but also the history of astronomy began: from naked eye observations thousands of years ago, to the finest and biggest telescopes today, capable of unravelling the most intriguing secrets of the universe. As the hobby or science grows and evolves, we always want to go deeper and zoom in. You are now seeing not only our galaxy, but billions of them!
> With the first opus of the short film series ‘Galaxies’, I wanted to experiment and take the astro-timelapse technique to the next level. There are a lot of sumptuous short films and very technical time-lapses featuring the milky way, but I found very little variation in this field. Most of the time they show a wide-angle view of the milky way, albeit majestic, rising or setting against various foregrounds. This is the reason why I wanted to rethink the whole process, find different angles, get more detail. Why not zoom in? Why not consider other deep-sky objects like other galaxies? Why not show our very space home address and neighborhood in a very different way?

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Mt. Etna has been erupting for hundreds of thousands of years. Located in Sicily, Italy, the volcano produces lava fountains over one kilometer high. Mt. Etna is not only one of the most active volcanoes on Earth, it is one of the largest, measuring over 50 kilometers at its base and rising nearly 3 kilometers high!! Pictured in mid-March, a spectacular lava plume erupts upwards, dangerous molten volcanic bombs fly off to the sides, while hot lava flows down the volcano’s exterior. The Earth’s rotation is discernable on this carefully time, moon-lit, long duration image as star trails. 

Image Credit & Copyright: Dario Giannobile

Clues/Hints from Taylor that TS6 is space related

1) The social media “blackout” which is was happens during an eclipse (which happens to be this Monday)
2)taylor has been wearing stars and spaced themed clothing including but not limited to:
-star flash tattoos
-star/galaxy dress (with zayn and gigi)
-star sneakers
3) TS Now has a lot of stars and space themed items in promos for new episodes
4) she sent a signed copy of 1989 to space
5) On her tumblr a fan decoded the color schemes, all of which are space related
6)it is rumored she will be both at/preforming at the VMAS which are space themed this year
7)A while a go, Scott Borchetta posted a clock with the quote, “you can’t recycle wasted time” -unknown, the clock reads 2:50 which is, in NYC, the height of the eclipse
8) a fan spotted scott swift in Taylor’s NY apartment which means she is most likely in new york.
9) this means she could be going on GMA which is filmed from New York
10)on the ANOY publishing site there have been (i believe) two songs with taylor’s name associated with them, one being a collaboration with ed. (he was also seen leaving her NY apartment awhile back)
11) on her apple music there was a documentary about how space and music connect yet had no mention of her name
12) karlie kloss posted about SIO before it was released and recently posted about the eclipse
13) it is scheduled for Taylor to be on in 13 days (since blackout)
14) the guitar she’s been using recently has stars on it
15) kesha posted that she was collaborating with a special grammy winning artist with 13 space related emojis. (this could be taylor)
16) *rumor* on taylor’s website (which is for now black) has special help ours if you need support (ex: you purchased items before the blackout) these special hours only go till monday (the eclipse/possible release day)
17) COMPLETE RUMOR: it is said new music is coming week of 21-25
-There is a lot of good evidence toward this theory and i will update this list as we find out more-

Space is Scary as Fuck - A Movie List

One of my favorite subgenres of film is Space Horror, where protagonists are typically up against some frightening foe ALONG WITH ALL THE TERRIFYING STUFF NORMAL SPACE HAS, like extreme conditions, no oxygen, big rocks, etc. Since many people may not be familiar with some of the better movies in this genre and might have some free time on their hands, here’s a list of my Top Five favorites.

  1. Event Horizon (1997) - A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned… with someone or something new on board. Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill.
  2. Sunshine (2007) - A team of astronauts are sent to re-ignite the dying sun 50 years into the future. Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans.
  3. Europa Report (2013) - An international crew of astronauts undertakes a privately funded mission to search for life on Jupiter’s fourth largest moon. Christian Camargo, Embeth Davidtz.
  4. Sphere* (1998) - A spaceship is discovered under three hundred years’ worth of coral growth at the bottom of the ocean. [*Not technically in space, but trust me.] Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson.
  5. Pitch Black (2000) - A prisoner transport ship and its crew are marooned on a planet full of bloodthirsty creatures that only come out to feast at night. Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell.

Above: Cillian Murphy in “Sunshine.”

Popular Yogships in a Nutshell:

Xephmadia: 99% Fluff and Teencast. Not much NSFW here. Also one of the few canon ships.

Honeyphos: A little more NSFW, but nothing to be ashamed about. The original Yogship, the one that has stuck through the years.

Sjips: sexsexsex sex in the sipsco compound sex in the pool sex in space sexsexsex (also a lot of teencast and cute fluff, but that’s not important)

InTheLittleDream: The sweetest ship you will ever find. I’m still trying to get all my cavities filled. Officially canon.

Rythna: The Rythna sub-fandom has been gaining strength since the Yoglabs conspiracies began circulating. Fics are often fluffy and yet dark stories of two broken people trying to help each other. Sometimes it also turns into some hardcore kinky shit.

Xephna: Another ancient ship that dates back to the Tekkit times. Shippers find immense joy in the fact that they are both avid scientists.

Zoethian: By far the largest and most dedicated collection of fan content of all the Yogships. Even those who have not watched Blackrock can’t deny the fact that the mage and his apprentice were made for each other.

SoTotallyLittlewood: A lesser-known ship that started as a brOTP but quickly turned (dare I say blossomed?) into something more.

Hatsome: Most popular OT3, even bigger than the Xephos+Honeydew+Lalna OT3. Hatfilms is inseparable to the Hatters.

Troffy: Though I’m no expert, I can confirm that Troffy is generally accepted by Hatters everywhere.

Lalnasounds: A new ship that became popular from the Apprentice series.

Ridgephos: Strange fics and art about two vaguely bossy boys, one of which can fly.

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What are the some of the best WIPs nowadays?

Here are the Top 5 WIPs on FFN that have been updated in the past month:

Jealousy by rainsrabbleM, currently 19 chapters - “If I’ve harmed her?” He seethed, snaking into Harry’s space, his voice dropping to a menacing hiss. “She comes to me crying and you have the nerve to question how I’ve treated her?”

Blood Traitor by Zalia - M, currently 89 chapters - Draco Malfoy has been living a lie to protect the girl he loves. He has inherited the Veela gene and on his next birthday he will become the first male Veela for three hundred years. Canon, (except the epilogue of HPDH).

One Step at a Time by IcyPanther - T, currently 50 chapters - Sequel to Parenting Class - With the class now over, sixth year is back to normal… well, as normal as it gets at Hogwarts when Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are now friends. However, amidst new friendships and romances, a dark prophecy is quickly unraveling that could spell the end of the world. Safe to say, the rest of the year will be anything but normal.

The Eagle’s Nest by HeartOfAspen - M, currently 56 chapters - AU, The Golden Trio’s eighth year at Hogwarts is thrown into upheaval when Headmistress McGonagall orders a re-sorting of all students to promote inter-house unity. But when the Hat sends Hermione to Ravenclaw with Draco - and without Harry or Ron - how will she cope? Dramione is always the answer. Storyline includes alchemy, post-War issues, and lemony goodness (eventually). WIP

Simply Irrefutable by bookworm1993 - T, currently 17 chapters - Sequel to Simply Irresistible Draco and Hermione as parents tell their story to their children of that year after the war and how they healed each other with some potions explosions and a developing friendship that led to an irrefutable love then heartbreak that led them to where they are now.


The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America
More than 3,500 stores are expected to close in the next couple of months.
By Hayley Peterson

“According to many analysts, the retail apocalypse has been a long time coming in the US, where stores per capita far outnumber that of any other country.

The US has 23.5 square feet of retail space per person, compared with 16.4 square feet in Canada and 11.1 square feet in Australia, the next two countries with the most retail space per capita, according to a Morningstar Credit Ratings report from October.

Visits to shopping malls have been declining for years with the rise of e-commerce and titanic shifts in how shoppers spend their money. Visits declined by 50% between 2010 and 2013, according to the real-estate research firm Cushman & Wakefield.”

Fukigen na Mononokean Ch. 50

Lots of iiiinteresting implications this chapter… What’s your theory~?

This chapter did give me a little more trouble than usual, so I encourage you take a look at the official English release when it comes out, preferably on Crunchyroll if you’re able!

The newest chapter can be read on the official website by clicking the yellow button labeled 読む!

Fukigen na Mononokean Chapter 50 – Black Reaper

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I just saw Hidden Figures and let me just say if you are free at any point in time in the near future please go see this movie. The representation for black women in this movie is absolutely astounding and uplifting, especially if you are a young black woman like I am. I’m disappointed I and many other people are only just now hearing that black women helped put men in space and on the moon through a movie over 50 years after the fact but I’m very grateful that we are at least hearing it-and seeing it- be portrayed in such an artistic, meaningful, and powerful way.