50 watts

William Mortensen, Human Relations - 1932 “Hatred is frequently the emotion that lies behind grotesque art… These were the days when stocks were stopping dividends, when lives of thrift and industry were being wiped out by the foreclosing of mortgages and the closing of banks, when Japan was carving herself a large slice of China. Everywhere there was the spirit of ‘Take what you can, and to hell with your neighbor.’ Those who were strong seemed to be, in sheer wantonness, gouging the eyes of humanity.” – Mortensen

mjolknir  asked:

do u have any recommendations if i want to *clears throat* vape

uhe not really I’m still a beginner but start at 3mg strength juice if you’re a non/casual smoker and like a good mod costs $50-$80 and like 30-50 watts for beginning