CHANYEOL & Punch ‘Stay With Me’ MV Hits 50 Million Views on YouTube! Is the Most Watched OST MV of All-Time!

EXO’s Chanyeol & Punch’s ‘Stay With Me’ Music Video hits 50 Million views on YouTube!

‘Stay With Me’ becomes the Most Watched Korean OST Music Video of all-time! Followed by Chen & Punch’s ‘Everytime’ respectively at 46 Million.

Congratulations Chanyeol & Punch!

Watch the ‘Stay With Me’ MV Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcKR0LPwoYs


So since my last post regarding my store I’ve gotten 50 views, three favorites but 0 orders. I’ve applied for 7 different jobs at different places and haven’t gotten any responses back so I really really REALLY need to start getting paying customers soon.

The prices are still
$5 for rings
$7 for necklaces
$12 for earring and necklace sets

And I have a refurbished 5x5 3 drawer jewelry box that will be listed soon for $15

I can NOT afford to make my prices any lower.

View of a woman posing in a 1957 Dodge Custom Royal sedan. Label on sleeve: “Chrysler Corporation, Dodge, 1957.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library
look......just being honest

I’ve been monitoring the latest Quinlan update. To be clear, I didn’t read it, I just monitored it. It may have gotten like 50 views, it may have gotten like 5 extra kudos–but there’s not a single comment. That should be telling enough for you. I’m not being mean, I’m being honest. I’m trying to prove a point. I feel bad for you because you’re just wasting your time. Focus on FA and C and just get it done for fuck’s sake.

…I see.


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Art prompts/cool things to sketch part one

1. Mermaids 

2. your otp, person A is a lost traveller, person B is a spirit trying to lure them 

3. eyes with landscapes in the iris 

4. your best friend 

5. your family as vampires/the addams family 

6. pastel goth au 

7. a magic forest

8. a drawing of anything, but only using 2-3 colours 

9. one half of your otp dying in the others arms 

10. a pet

11. how someone would look if they lived in the 18th century 

12. steampunk au 

13. dancing in the rain 

14. a mermaid sitting on a rock in the ocean while a storm rages 

15. fairies 

16. the reunion of people who haven’t seen each other in a long time 

17. otp at christmas 

18.otp at halloween 

19. What the star signs would look like in human form 

20. a bride with a bouquet of wildflowers 

21. pirates 

22. yourself in the world of your favourite book 

23. a summery portrait of someone grinning 

24. a perfect place

25. ghosts 

26. coffee shop au 

27. an argument 

28. 80′s fashion 

29. silhouettes and sunsets 

30. its raining and your otp have to share a one person umbrella 

31. beach walks 

32. space 

33. what your pet would look like as a human 

34. classic characters (such as oliver twist) in modern day clothing 

35. punk! 

36. blocks of colour and how they blend

37. a pretty spot in your neighbourhood 

38. what the inside of your mind looks like 

39. autumn leaves 

40. copy from an old polaroid picture 

41. top in each others clothes

42. angel/human relationships 

43. gay anything 

44. hands 

45. your favourite flower 

46. a masked ball 

47. do a blind drawing, then fix the mistakes with a different colour

48. cacti 

49. happy place 

50. view from inside as it rains 

Shout out to writers invested in rarepairs!!!

Shout out to writers dedicating time and effort to writing long ass rarepair fics that will only get maybe 50 views on AO3!!!

Shout out to writers who post their fics in the rarepair tag on Tumblr and are the only ones in the tag/get little to no notes on their content!!!

You’re all amazing and your writing is wonderful and I love you lots and lots!!!