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whenever i’m leaving a conversation i say “bi” to remind and tell people i am bisexual. for some reason this has not been working very well and most people think i’m straight despite my reminders. however, they do sometimes praise me and say “good bi” in response.

Hey everyone! Sorry for lack of updates on development lately, but we’re finally back with some rather important announcements! (TL;DR at the end if you don’t like reading my rambley wall of text.)

Do you guys want the good news or the bad news first?

Well, I’m going to assume you want the bad news first. Better to get it out of the way, right? :D

As you guys may be able to guess from the above picture, we’ve decided that the 7 characters above will form the full cast of the main characters. Yes, that means that unfortunately, our never-really-announced 7th love interest, Hood, will be cut from the final game. In conclusion, you’ll be able to romance 6 guys in the full game: Beau, Ellis, Mer, Nicholl, Snow and Zel. Each route will feature around 50-60k words, so that’s still a grand total of 300k+ word count, which should be more than enough time you guys need to get tired of Charming (I hope not, though!).

More bad news! The reason why we’re cutting Hood is because our character artist, Elzee, will unfortunately be unable to continue drawing for us :( Since we want the main characters to be consistent in art style, we have decided to drop Hood instead of having our new character artist draw Hood and try to imitate Elzee’s style. We’re obviously very sad about this as well, but Elzee has done an amazing amount of work for us gratuitously, and we are so grateful to her for everything <3

Hold back your tears! On to the good news!

We have already found a new character artist, who will be in charge of doing all the sprites for the remaining side characters of the game (current rough estimate is around 10). She is LiD’s CG artist, Greenace, who also happens to be a great friend of mine who’s in Ebullience Games with me. We are super grateful to her for offering her help! She’ll be doing her best to imitate Elzee’s style as best as she can.

Last piece of good news: As we have Greenace helping us out on sprites now, that means development should go much faster. So we’re hoping this will mean that Lads in Distress full version will be completed sooner than expected. :D In fact, we’re preliminarily setting July 1 as the release date for our updated demo, which will contain the new common route (with all the love interests) as well as scene 1 or 2 of each route.

As Greenace’s also the solo artist for our first commercial otome, she does have a ton of work, so please note that July 1 is only a preliminary estimated date. We will be working towards meeting this deadline, but if there are any delays, we hope you’ll understand. >_< We will keep you guys updated!

Our plans for the future after the demo release will be finishing each route one at a time to send out for beta testing. Based on our current progress for each route, it looks like Zel’s route may be finished first. We will be recruiting for beta testers here when the time comes, so keep an eye out for the applications!

TL;DR/Quick Summary:

  • Hood’s no longer going to be a character in the full game.
  • There’ll be 6 total love interests in LiD: Beau, Ellis, Mer, Nicholl, Snow and Zel.
  • Elzee will no longer be drawing sprites for us, and Greenace, our current CG artist, will cover the side character sprites.
  • Hopefully development will go faster since Greenace is super fast at drawing.
  • Updated demo expected this summer, earliest on July 1.
  • Will be doing route by route beta testing afterwards.

That’s it for now! Will keep you guys updated :D Thanks for all the support! It means a lot to us that you’re still looking forward to LiD even after all this time! ^_^ <3

PS: Come join us on our Discord server! We have a Lads in Distress channel for LiD fans, and we’d love to meet and talk to all of you! <3 (Oh, we give early updates and spoilers too ;) )

Seeker, Chaser, Keeper

Words: 59k  ◆  Chapters: 19  ◆  Status: Complete
Read here
Author: VivacissimoVoce
Star Rating: ★★★

Summary: Rumor has it that a wealthy investor is starting up a brand new professional Quidditch team and he’s looking for players. Harry and Draco both want to make the team, but there can be only one Seeker. Will competing for the position bring them closer or drive them further apart?

Thoughts: I can honestly not get enough of the Quidditch trope! I just love, love, love stories where either Harry or Draco (or better, both!) play Quidditch professionally. 

As the summary says, an investor is looking to start up a professional Quidditch team and he’s scouting for players. Of course, Harry and Draco both try and go for Seeker. That’s all I’m saying! Will Harry and Draco both get on the team, or will one of them be left without? Who knows? You’ll have to read to find out :)

But okay the chemistry between Harry and Draco in this story is amazing and there’s so many warm and fuzzy scenes that just make you want to snuggle into a big, cosy blanket and smile

I enjoyed every single moment of the story and this review has made me want to read it all over again!

Title: Call It A Knight
Name: @aerle and @saltychihuahua
Character focus/Pairing(s): Marco/Ace, Shanks/Benn Beckman
Rating: PG-13 
Word count: ~50k
Warnings: Canon typical violence/mild gore, violence, blood, implied sexual content, minor character death
Summary: Shanks can never really get over the vanishing of his prince, and Ace thinks robbing knights is a good idea. Knight!AU

Story: Fanfic.net | AO3

Young doctor SD 🏥🔥

Undergrad: 4 years ➡️ 22 years old

Med school: 4 years ➡️ 26 years old

Residency: 3-7 years depending on specialty ➡️ AT LEAST 29 years old

Fellowship (optional): additional 1-4 years

🎉💰 Attending physician 🎉💰

US medical residents receive a salary - $50-60K/year depending on site and specialty. Don’t let your hot 28 year old SD tell you otherwise.

new high school geritapan fic!!

i’m trying to judge interest for a geritapan fic around 50-60k words, so please interact w/ this post (like, reblog, or comment) if you would read + support a geritapan high school/crime au! i’ve had this idea for about 2 years now, but i want to be sure people will read + critique my writing before i devote a lot of time to it.

Title: Why being caught in a Casual Loop is best to be avoided I
Name: LittleRuky
Character focus: The Strawhat pirates
Rating: PG
Word count: 51,123
Warnings: foul language, OCs, AU
Summary: The Strawhats know that it’s not in Luffy’s nature to refuse an adventure, but they should have never let their easy-going captain call the shots when said adventure gets handed to them on a decidedly too shady platter - even by their standards. Getting stranded in the Void Century with only Robin as a sort-of-guide and means of communication, they have no other choice but to get to the bottom of the the reason they’ve been sent there in the first place and then maybe get to ask the most important question - Why them? But first they have to arrive in the so-called Capital and try to survive a global scale military conflict that has shaped the world as they know it. All the while having to deal with a couple of very crazy ancestors. 

Fanfiction.net | Tumblr

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What are some other long Doctor!Cas fics that you like?

These are my most favorite doc!cas fics that i’ve read so far. One of them was taken down however if you message me I can send you a PDF/EPUB via email <3 This got a lot longer that I thought lol

Good Things Do Happen – Dr. Sexy Edition (110k, doc!cas, patient!dean) |Dean has hit rock-bottom when he wakes up from a coma after causing an accident while driving drunk. He doesn’t see that it’s rock-bottom, though. He believes he’s still in free-fall because the darkness that has killed John Winchester and has almost claimed Dean’s life, too, is all he can see.
But then Dr. Novak steps into his life, a guiding light in Dean’s darkest hour, and no one can blame him if he notices just how attractive the doctor is. If it only weren’t for the problem that he’s falling hard for this man, which will most certainly lead to a broken heart and more whiskey. Because that’s what happens when a washed up drunk like Dean Winchester falls for a doctor who is sexier than Dr. Sexy. Or isn’t it?
Then there are also Dr. Novak’s brother Gabriel, who isn’t ashamed of watching Dr. Sexy, and Balthazar, who has a tendency to blurt out the most inappropriate comments at the most inopportune times. And of course don’t forget the issue of family. Because Sammy is in Stanford and better off without Dean. And Dean is happy for him, he really is, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still hurt. Or that it doesn’t have to be dealt with if Dean really wants to take up the fight and heal. (fav)

Dean Goes to the Doctor (21k words, doctor!cas, bartender!dean) | When Dean wakes up one morning feeling like he swallowed razor blades and his skin is on fire he figures he’d deal with it, but when he coughs up blood he makes the reluctant decision to head in to see his doctor, except his doctor has retired. The new doctor that has taken over his practice is the one and only Castiel Novak, and Dean finds the new doctor more interesting than he wants to, and somehow this doctor gets Dean to come in again. Shortly after meeting the new doctor he gets injured on the job and lands himself in the hospital in need of surgery. The handsome doctor comes to see him and sweet fluffiness ensues. (fav)

Nothing to Moan About (12k words, doc!cas, doc!dean) | Doctors Dean and Castiel don’t get along, before tragedy forces mostly Castiel to reevaluate.

Unfold Your Love (35k, doc!cas, cop!dean) | This is the story of how a cop and an ER doc meet and fall in love.

Salvation (99k, doc!cas, veteran!dean) | Dean is an honorably discharged marine who lives in celibacy because celibacy is better than the alternative.Castiel is a well renowned doctor who has suffered through enough death for a lifetime.Before all this, Dean and Castiel were “the real thing”, according to everyone around them. Then life happened and they were screwed out of everything.Now, ten years later, Dean and Cas see each other again and they have to face everything holding them apart.

Heartburn (52k, doc!cas, nurse!dean) | Dean Winchester, a certified Burn RN, is one of the most dedicated employees the St. Devic Hospital has and today is no different. But when his patient expectantly goes into cardiac arrest and needs to be transferred to the heart hospital floor under the care of one Doctor Novak, Dean can’t help but feel his patient isn’t the only one who’s going to have to get his heart under control.

Finding His Voice (50-60k, psychiatrist!cas, patient!dean) | Castiel had seen many patients come and go in his years as a psychiatrist, but none of them were quite like Dean Winchester. The background story that came along with the silent,surly patient horrified even him, and as he struggled to get Dean to accept and trust him, the damaged man proved to be brighter and more beautiful than anyone could ever have imagined. (fav) ((the latest (longer) doc!cas fic i’ve read, its absolutely incredible, misha (well their version of him) is even in it :3))

These aren’t doc!cas however they’re nurse!cas/nurse!dean/doc!dean but they’re also very good! 

Any Little Heartbreak (76k words, nurse!cas, surgeon!dean)Dean Winchester knows everything there is to know about the human heart.Well.Anatomically speaking. (fav)

Preacher Comfort (42k words, nurse!dean, priest!cas) | Dean Winchester works as a nurse at an after-hours medical clinic. He’s a champion at what he does, but for him, professionalism has its pitfalls: good-looking patients make him flustered. Luckily, his fly-by-night infatuation evaporates within minutes, since most patients only swing by once. Castiel (fondly known as Bee Sting Guy around the clinic) is one of those iniquitously handsome fellows – and he keeps coming back. He’s also a Catholic priest, 94% asexual, and in need of the tender love that happens to be Dean’s speciality.

Scale from One to Ten (14k words, nurse!dean, patient!cas)Dean’s a nurse, Castiel is one of his patients.“They removed my appendix through my belly button.“ "They sure did. On a scale from one to ten, how is your pain?”

Vital Signs (67k words, nurse!dean, patient!cas) | The nurse grinned again and it did something odd to Castiel’s stomach. Too many Lucky Charms, he rationalized. Lucky Charms and pain meds don’t mix.“I’m Dean. And I’ll be your nurse this evenin’.”

While You Were Sleeping (15k, nurse!cas, patient!dean) | The one where Castiel is a nurse and most definitely does not have a crush on his patient. His patient who may or may not be in a coma. Nope. No way. Okay, maybe a little? It was all Sam’s fault, really.And to think, he used to be so professional.

It’s Only Love We’re Falling In (18k, nurse!cas) | Castiel is a nurse. Dean isn’t a very pleasant person. Castiel and Dean don’t get along at first, then, naturally, like in most romantic comedies, things happen. Like unwillingly falling in love.

Happy reading!!! :D

Title: The Collection
Name: GemmaRose and subtlyimpulsive
Character focus/Pairing(s): zoro/sanji, nami/vivi, usopp/nami/sanji
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and violence
Word count: 50k
Warnings: violence, blood,
Summary: What’s a pirate to do when kidnapped into an alternate dimension along with alternate versions of their nakama? Get back home, of course! But nothing is ever so straightforward when the Straw Hats are involved.

Story | Artwork

someone just made a really neat suggestion on ff about inspiring myself to become a published author. they basically said that alot of writers dont think they could ever really make the book, but they said that i have 50, 60k long fics. so they said when i have extra money and time, i should make a book. one single ‘published’ book to have in my own house so i can hold a physical thing that I wrote. i could never sell it or give it to someone else, but i think having one for myself would be really inspiring. i dunno how i’d even do that though tbh. 

I always find it so hilarious when people try to came at Taylor saying that she only has special guests at her shows to “increase her sales because she obviously can’t sell out these 50-60k stadiums on her own.” I’m always like what are you even talking about. These people always seem to disregard the fact that tickets for the shows were sold MONTHS in advance and even if they weren’t it’s not like the people attending the shows even know that they might get a special guest. That’s why it’s always a surprise and you can’t predict when and who it’s gonna be. Taylor doesn’t do it at all the shows and these people honestly just seem bitter to me because of any of them did their homework before trying to “shade” Taylor, they would know that she’s been selling out stadiums on her own for YEARS and the reason she does the special guest thing is to surprise the audience and appreciate the other artists music not to depend on the artist to increase her sales. Taylor doesn’t have to share a stage with anyone in order to put on an amazing show. The people who pay to go to those shows don’t go for the possible special guests. They go because Taylor is an amazing and talented performer and it’s really cool to see her live. The entire thing is just completely ridiculous and it’s just a bunch of random people who know nothing looking for reasons to hate on Taylor because there’s nothing else they can say.

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i'm going on a long drive/road trip to week-long family reunion. can you rec a couple of fics i could read on both drives/while there? any ships but n*rry and niam is fine!

I like reading mostly anything! Things with a bout of humor in them are already great(: As for length, preferably nothing over 50-60k unless you REALLY think it’s worth the read! And Larry is 100% okay with me! Thank you so much, btw!

alrighty! here are some medium length hl fics that i’ve read (or reread) and enjoyed recently. hope they’re ok :) have fun at the reunion!

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