50 shekels

Why I hate Christianity

— They are stupid. They actually believe they can speak to “God”
— They pick what parts of the Bible they want to follow instead of the whole book
— They oppose others while they still think they’re good people
— They judge people and they say that they don’t
— They believe that “God” would forgive your sins
— Many Christians are Republicans supporters
— They don’t stay with certain values
— The oppose women
— Sex crimes happen more often in religious communities
— If a rapist rapes a women, he has to pay the father 50 Shekels of Silver, and she has to be the wife of the rapist
— The Bible is pro-slavery in both Old and New Testament
— Rich people can’t go to “Heaven”
— They hate homosexuals and anyone not straight
— You can’t eat pork or any pig meat
— Christianity controls the masses
— Christianity literally caused almost every war that humanity has faced
— It’s full of stolen material from older religions
— Nothing is spiritual about this religion
— Christianity and communism present themselves as brotherhood programs, promoting equality, goodwill, and a better way of life, but upon closer examination of their real doctrines, this is nothing more than come along and beneath the surface, murder, terror, mass murder, forced indoctrination, and keeping populace ignorant and bulwark of these programs
— The Bible approves rape, enslavement, murder, pillaging, and threats of external torture and damnation

— If someone isn’t Christian, he and all his valuables must be destroyed by Christianity followers

—If you learned anything at all, don’t be Christian