50 shades of why


Saw this in the 42nd street (Times Square) subway station today and almost wept with pride

Like srsly what even is people’s obsession with these 50 shades of shit business I’ve read better smut by 15 yr old virgins

*cough* make a wattpad account *cough*

the thing that really fucks me up about people defending 50 shades is that even after you shoot down all their arguments of it being a non-abusive relationship, their last argument is that the third book explains why Christian Grey is like that. Like their argument is literally that his backstory excuses his abusive behavior. The fact that people think this is a good argument is fucked up. Fuck this book and fuck this movie.


It’s not beautiful, it’s not romantic, it normalizes intimate partner violence and even portrays it as romantic and erotic.. To all of you people who say “it was consensual” “they had safe words” etc. CONSENT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS NOT ABUSE!! GET THAT IN YOUR HEADS