50 shades of why

idea for those of you who want to hate-watch 50 shades of grey:

pay for tickets to a different movie, then go to 50 shades

every ticket you buy for a different movie gives a few bucks to people who deserve it. every time you watch 50 shades without paying for a ticket, you steal about $1 from EL James.  doesn’t that sound fun?

also. please don’t actually pay for 50 shades.

under any circumstances.

you know how we’re getting a wonder woman movie, and maybe a black widow movie, and more female-headlined films in general? that’s because Frozen and Catching Fire did so well at the box office.

do you know what happens if 50 shades does well at the box office because shit-tons of angry people are hate-watching it? 

we get more terrible abusive bdsm movies

I’m really kind of disgusted by the 50 Shades of Grey movie? Like what the actual fuck. People really got together and said “Okay, lets spend millions of dollars on a giant fuck you to the bdsm lifestyle and create the most disrespectful misrepresentation of any sexual relationship ever, all the while basically condoning abusive relationships!” Seriously, like I know fanfic writers who could do a more respectable job than that. And have more suitable actors play the roles, too.