50 shades of why

I don’t understand when people respond to character criticisms by defending that character within the context of the show/book, while completely ignoring that the piece of art is fictional and writers are responsible for the decisions that character makes.

No, Wonder Woman does not dress in revealing clothes so she can “fly better/honor her heritage/fight comfortably.” She dresses in revealing clothes because that’s how the artist drew her.

No, the Doctor does not sexually assault a woman because he doesn’t understand human culture, he does it because that’s what the script tells him to do.

No, Bella Swan is not attracted to unhealthy relationships because her parents got divorced and she never got attention as a kid, she’s attracted to creepy dudes because the author wrote her romantic interests to be creepy.

No, female characters on Supernatural do not get killed off because they were demons/angels/blonde, they get killed off because the writers killed them off. 

Stop defending problematic aspects of art by pointing out how a character fits in a universe when that universe has been created by someone to intentionally include these problematic elements. 

idea for those of you who want to hate-watch 50 shades of grey:

pay for tickets to a different movie, then go to 50 shades

every ticket you buy for a different movie gives a few bucks to people who deserve it. every time you watch 50 shades without paying for a ticket, you steal about $1 from EL James.  doesn’t that sound fun?

also. please don’t actually pay for 50 shades.

under any circumstances.

you know how we’re getting a wonder woman movie, and maybe a black widow movie, and more female-headlined films in general? that’s because Frozen and Catching Fire did so well at the box office.

do you know what happens if 50 shades does well at the box office because shit-tons of angry people are hate-watching it? 

we get more terrible abusive bdsm movies