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Ain’t Much of a Grammar Lesson

Okay, y’all, I’ve been seeing a lot of misuse of the misuse of the English language. In particular, the gorgeous Southern-ism, “ain’t.” Supernatural writers, I’m looking at you extra special! :D If you’re gonna use my native dialectic and colloquialisms to ruin proper English, in the way of Dean Winchester and co., please take some of this to heart:

Ain’t ain’t a catch-all contraction. Even the most Deep South country folk don’t even use it all the time, even when appropriate.

Anyway, here are the generals which it replaces:

Is not
Are not
Am not
Has not
Have not


“I ain’t (am not) reading that 50 Shades shit.”

“No, we ain’t (have not) ever been there before.”

“That ain’t (is not) gonna work.”

Now, people can get tripped up by the above, because it’s a picky rule, but ain’t, is usually not used to replace:

Haven’t we
Have we not


“Ain’t we (haven’t we) done this before?”

“Ain’t we (haven’t we) talked about this?”

Those is incorrect. If you’re still trying to remain colloquial, your character would be more likely to say, “we done this before, right?”

In fact, I’d suggest when in doubt, avoid the use of “ain’t” in a question. That’s often where people screw up the usage most.

In conclusion:

If you’re not a regular user of the word “ain’t,” err on the side of less is more. Most people don’t use it to replace every instance where it’s possible. People tend to use it more when there aren’t a lot of hard consonants in the sentence, it’s being spoken quickly, and/or short sentences, like the above examples.

Of course, these aren’t absolute rules of usage, naturally. It’s a colloquialism, and like all colloquialisms, can be extremely difficult to perfect, even for native American English speakers whose dialect doesn’t feature it in its normal lexicon.

As always, keep up the practice! If you have any questions, my ask box is always open! :D


50 Shades of Robbie // 50 Shades of Grey x Sportarobbie Edit

So the first edit of the year… has to be Sportarobbie. What? I’m now in the fandom so why not!

Also… made this cuz I was given permission to watch 50 shades darker prior when I made this so… here we are

Dear people sending hate or rude ass comments on anon.

Let me offer you some free advise..
“Talk less….smile more….fools who often run there mouths off wind up sad”

Look if you think a writer is shit, that’s on you. No one is forcing you to read that particular writers story. I have writers in other fandoms i don’t like, i just scroll past the fic, easy. It takes so much more un needed energy to go to their inbox and send rude comments. Like we write in our free time, its not like we are publishing hamilton fanfic books *cough 50 shades cough*. we write cause its fun and helps us expand our minds and writing abilities, for some its there way of continuing to learn english.

What i am saying is, take aaron burrs advise to alexander
“Talk less…smile more”
By that i mean, just scroll past those writers you don’t like…simple….

Spread love not hate. If you are a hamilton fan you know the words by lin.
“Love is love is love is love is love”
Remember those when you want to send rude shit.
Cause guys
“Love make the world go round”
-cheynne out ✌