50 shades of tom hiddleston

lokis-ice-queen asked for Thomas Grey :D I hope I did OK love. 

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if you want on or off this list send me a message :)

This Valentines Day Instead of Seeing 50 Shades of Grey, celebrate it by watching Tom Hiddleston Movie/Shows.

Here is a list of all roles out so far:

Muppets Most Wanted

The Pirate Fairy
Jaguar: Rendezvous
Thor: The Dark World
Out of Darkness
Only Lovers Left Alive
Family Guy (TV Series) Statue Griffin- No Country Club for Old Men (2013) … Statue Griffin (voice) 2012
Robot Chicken (TV Series) Suess Narrator / Killer Robot #1- Butchered in Burbank (2012) … Suess Narrator / Killer Robot #1 (voice) 2012
Friend Request Pending 
Stars in Shorts
The Hollow Crown
Out of Time
The Avengers
War Horse
The Deep Blue Sea
Midnight in Paris
Thor: God of Thunder (Video Game) Loki (voice) 2011
Wallander (TV Series) Magnus Martinsson / Martinsson- The Fifth Woman (2010) … Magnus Martinsson- The Man Who Smiled (2010) … Magnus Martinsson- Faceless Killers (2010) … Magnus Martinsson- One Step Behind (2008) … Martinsson- Firewall (2008) … MartinssonShow all 6 episodes 2009
Darwin’s Secret Notebooks (TV Movie documentary) Charles Darwin (voice) 2009
Cranford (TV Series) William Buxton- Return to Cranford: Part Two - October 1844 (2009) … William Buxton- Return to Cranford: Part One - August 1844 (2009) … William Buxton 2008
Miss Austen Regrets (TV Movie) Mr. John Plumptre 2006-2007
Suburban Shootout (TV Series) Bill Hazledine- Daz Is Dead/Bring Me the Head of Joyce Hazeldine (2007) … Bill Hazledine- In It for the Wild Life/Fight Club (2007) … Bill Hazledine- Nutcracker Suite/8 Inches Uncut (2007) … Bill Hazledine- What Do I Hear for Rod Stewart’s Thong? (2006) … Bill Hazledine- Let the Binging Commence (2006) … Bill HazledineShow all 9 episodes 2007
Casualty (TV Series) Chris Vaughan- The Killing Floor (2007) … Chris Vaughan 2007
Victoria Cross Heroes (TV Series documentary) Capt John ‘Jack’ Randle- The Modern Age (2006) … Capt John 'Jack’ Randle 2006
Galápagos (TV Mini-Series documentary) Charles Darwin- Islands That Changed the World (2006) … Charles Darwin (voice) 2005
A Waste of Shame: The Mystery of Shakespeare and His Sonnets (TV Movie) John Hall 2002
The Gathering Storm (TV Movie) Randolph Churchill 2001
Armadillo (TV Series) Toby Sherrifmuir- Episode #1.3 (2001) … Toby Sherrifmuir 2001
Conspiracy (TV Movie) Phone Operator 2001
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (TV Movie) Lord


“Give me love and all your hate. Tell me lies in 50 shades”