50 shades of jay

anonymous asked:

I love how you act like people dont complain and fight against awful music, books, and tv shows and everyone's efforts are concentrated on fanfiction. People protested against 50 shades' abuse disguised as bdsm, against jay-z antisemitism, against the walking dead killing off poc. We don't need to get to know a person to discern if they didn't mean racist tropes. And our communities should not turn a closed eye to these things in our stories because of artistic freedom. We have to do better.

But you’re not doing better.

The difference between the internet and the real world is that there is still more anonymity in your online life. Like what you’re doing anon. I don’t know who you are. You could be a teenager, you could be an adult. You could be a woman, or a man, or even non-binary. You could be gay, or lesbian, or asexual. You could even be a sex offender, I don’t know. The difference between protesting Fifty Shades of Gray is that you know a name and face. Can you say the same for fanfiction writers?

And it’s the same for me. Accuse me all you want, but by your definition of justice I’m pretty clean. I don’t write smut, I’ve only drawn a few characters naked and that was mostly for anatomy practice - besides that, my art is safe for work.

But again, unless I tell you things, you don’t know me. You don’t know my sexuality or family life or even how I look like. You don’t know my problems or privileges. If you judge me by just my fics and art it would be laughable. Judge me by my actions and my opinions, not the fictional worlds I create.

Though I know you think I’m an asshole anyways, but at least it’s not based on a stupid reason like my Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics, right?