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Not gonna lie... I read Satisfaction Brought It Back because you suggested it... You are so right... It's great... And not just for the smut... Great plot and character development... Some great twists... Then combine that with corporate espionage and the fact that almost everyone from the show is SUPER kinky, and you've got a Grade A masterpiece that tops 50 Shades of Crap any and every day... Thanks for the A+ recc!!! :D

This has been a public service announcement. ;)


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How do you feel about Les Amis in high school, Elise? And do you have any favorite headcanons for a high school au? (Also, have a wonderful, beautiful day! ^ - ^ )

It’s strange but I’m keener on them being the TEACHERS?! Like :

  • Enjolras : The economics/political studies teacher who gets into long passionate rants about his subjects and spends an hour on the impact of the crisis to create awareness
  • Grantaire : The arts and crafts teacher who’s pretty liberal and let’s the students follow their flow and make noise (to annoy/get the attention of Marx’s fanboy in the next room
  • Combeferre : The history/geography teacher who waits all year long for the chapter on Napoleon just so that he can WRECK the man
  • Courfeyrac : Literally the coolest monitor you’ve ever seen. Being on detention with him is a delight and he always wants to hear the hottest and latest gossip
  • Joly : Biology teacher. Banned the frogs thing. Puns his way through the year. Brings live ducklings to class
  • Bossuet : French teacher who makes private jokes and innuendos in French that no one understands. Everybody loves him. Student say touching his bald head before an exam is good luck
  • Feuilly : Technology teacher, yes this is a thing. Teaches the kids how to make lamps, electic nutcrackers and shit. They call him MacGyver. He’s also very perceptive of the students who go through difficult stuff and tries to help them as much as he can
  • Bahorel : PE teacher. Roughless with fuckboys. Will always accept the “I’m on my peiod” excuse cause he’s cool like that. Will give extra laps to those smug kids just to assert his authority once and for all
  • Jehan : English teacher. They have like a love affair with Shakespeare and Wordsworth and they will declaim poetry out of the blue. Also : very creative grading system from 50 Shades of Grey to Harry Potter
  • Marius : Teaches Spanish and German, is super busy all the time, begins a sentence in English and finishes it in francospanish.

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There are girls in my HIGH SCHOOL, in my own grade, who are going to see "50 Shades of Grey" and it really alarms me because they laugh and say "oh it looks like a romcom!" Or "I'm just seeing as a joke!" I don't want to come across as acting superior or like I'm being a parent towards them, but how can I explain to them that it's a bad movie? I just get so tongue-tied with words when I'm on the spot. Thanks!

You should tell them about all the problems with the film. Christian Grey is abusive, a stalker, a safe-word ignorer, he forces Ana into situations where she is uncomfortable and when she expresses those feelings ignores them. Ask them why they think a use is so sexy…
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ellen degeneres everyone.